Looking At The Skills That Great Leaders Have

The World is filled with fantastic leaders, great people who have the power to engage, inspire and teach others. Not everyone is born with the gifts that great leaders like Ram Chary possess and even less manage to find the path to use the skills which they have been given.

Those who have strong leadership skills are generally given better opportunities, they can find the highest paid and most powerful jobs and they can carve out chances in life for themselves more frequently than those who do not possess such qualities. Let’s take a look then at just what kind of qualities leaders, and more importantly, great leaders, possess and how it sets them apart from the rest of us.


Far and away one of the strongest attributes that great leaders have is the sheer level of drive and commitment which they have. In order for a leader to succeed and to create a successful team below them, they need to be the most committed people in the building and all of the great leaders possess a quality which means that they will constantly give 100% in everything that they do and strive for greatness at all times.


It is near impossible to be a great leader without possessing great communication skills. A leader needs to be able to get their message across loud and clear and the only way in which they can do this is to be able to communicate well with people of all levels and abilities. It is not just in the talking where leaders can be great, they also need to know how to listen. Listening is an incredibly important part of being a leader, they need to listen to problems and concerns, feedback and also to listen to great ideas.


Good leaders need to have a real confidence about them and a strength in their convictions. There will be times when a leader needs to convince people of something or to take a stand, this can only be done with high levels of confidence and there is not a leader out there who lacks in this department. Confidence is something that can be gained over the years but the truly great leaders possess this from the beginning and they have a strong natural and overriding confidence that borders between arrogance and humility.


 One of the most admirable qualities that great leaders have is their ability to keep going and keep striving in the face of despair. This persistence is unrelenting and no matter what set backs great leaders suffer, they keep pushing on in the face of it. Having the persistence to constantly keep going is something that is in-built and is a tough attribute to learn if you do not have it. The trick is to stay strong, stay confident and keep your eyes on the goals which you have set for yourself and for your team, this is what the best leaders do.

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