Looking Back at Air Compressor Designs

An air compressor is a helpful device used to supply power to a number of machinery. It has been used as a power transmitter in many types of construction equipment. It is actually considered as one of the break-through inventions that greatly help companies manage their machines nowadays. However, the air compressor goes a long way back. In fact, its design has changed significantly over the years.

The Vacuum Pump

A German physicist named Otto Von Guericke invented an air pump in 1650 and experimented on how to utilize air pressure. His experiment paved the way of further studies regarding air compression. In 1762, the “blowing cylinder”, the first compressor, was invented. It has a total weight of 14.5 pounds in every square inch. It was then improved by using water jets to cool down the temperature of the cylinders. It was at this time that the importance of controlling the temperature in the compressors to produce efficient results was realized.

The Pneumatics Tubes

The idea of using compressed air in construction works was not introduced until 1857 in the Swiss Alps. On both ends of the tunnel, compressors were used to distribute compressed air from one end to another. The transferring of compressed air from point A to point B led to the invention of these pneumatic tubes in 1901. The pneumatic tubes allow the air to travel without losing the power.

The Piston Compressor

As the people’s demands eventually required melting of gold, copper, and many more, the need for a more powerful air compressor was highly needed. Atlas Copco, a successful and reputable air compressor manufacturer, has begun supplying air compressor as early as 1901. In 1904, Atlas Copco introduced its own piston compressor design. The piston compressor was improved by David Roos in the hope of creating a compressor that was both efficient and lightweight.

It was around 1933 that the air compressor was successfully made portable by Herman Pyk and John Munck. It was at this time that the compressors could be carried and used in every corner of the site.

The Screw Compressor

In 1955, the first screw compressor was successfully built by Alf Lysholm and Patrick Danielsson. Five years before that, the Atlas Copco has experimented in oil-free air. It was only three years later, after the invention of screw compressor, that it was made oil-free. The oil-free screw compressor was made successful by Iwan Akerman.

The Portable Compressor

Since then, the Atlas Copco has become more successful in the industry and proceeded in producing more innovations in construction works. Atlas Copco is also the one responsible for the portable compressor, another type of oil-free compressor built in 1967. Because of its success, this particular invention became the standard compression product of its kind.

The Compressor with Variable Speed Drive

The latest compressor design was built in 1994 with the aim of saving more energy than other variable speed drive technology. There is no need to ask yourself, “What’s the best compressor for me? This variable speed drive compressor is definitely the ultimate choice. Its benefits include low power cost, low power surges, and constant pressure. However, just like the other types of machinery, it is sensitive to too much heat and moisture; therefore, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance.


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