Low Quality Content is Bad for Search Engine Optimization

Google itself said it best in a statement about search engine optimization—it’s not the use of SEO tricks, but the quality of your website content that truly counts. That’s why search result rankings aren’t really mostly about technical stuff, although those things are still part of the SEO equation. Rather, Google is trying hard to assess the quality and relevance of your content in regards to the keywords used by the search users.

So how do you know that your content isn’t as high quality as it ought to be? While the quality level may seem ambiguous, you can use various monitoring tools to check for yourself whether visitors to your site regard your content as high quality. Here are some signs that your website has low-quality content:

1) The webpage doesn’t load quickly. This is perhaps the most critical sign of them all. Many Internet users today have no patience for slow-loading web pages, and that’s especially true for mobile users. This is the main reason why many website visitors cancel a visit and click to go back. If you have the best content to offer, it’s no good if your intended audience has to wait for it to show on the screen. So the first thing you need to do is to make sure that your web pages load quickly.

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2) Too many ads show up on your website. It’s annoying for Internet users to have to click every so often when you have a popup ad covering the entire screen. Even having too many ads included in your website can be somewhat irksome. Mobile users with their smaller smartphone screens are particularly angered by ads since they don’t have the screen real estate to accommodate them. These people would rather have their screen filled with the info they’re looking, and not the ads you want to foist on them.

3) Your text features too many spelling and grammatical mistakes. It’s incredibly jarring for people to read your blog posts, articles, and other texts and then see a spelling or grammar error. It smacks of amateurism, or perhaps an attitude that you just don’t care about the people who are reading your content. People can assume that you’re not a native speaker (and therefore suspect) as well.

So you either need to proof your articles carefully, or you can at least use reliable grammar and spelling checkers to go over your content. You need to take the time to do this, or else your brand reputation will undoubtedly suffer. How can people consider you an authority on the subjects they want to know about when you can’t spell simple words correctly?

4) You’re employing the wrong reading level. You have to tailor the writing style of your web pages to the mindset of your intended readers. It’s one thing to adopt a more scholarly tone or feature a technically detailed article when you have an older and more experienced audience. But you have to tone it down to a friendlier tone with simpler words when you wish to talk to the general public, especially the younger set.

5) Your web pages have lots of broken links. Whenever people click on a link on your site, and it leads nowhere, it gives the impression that you’ve abandoned your website. At the very least, you don’t care about the site as well as you should. That tends to make your audience not care as well.

6) You have too much wrong information. When you’re dealing with subjects and topics where fans know a lot of the details, you can’t risk featuring erroneous information. Not only will you fail to look like an authority on the subject, but you may be seen as a poser and a joke.

There’s more to SEO than these simple mistakes that you can correct yourself. But they’re a good start. Get rid of these, and you can help make sure you’re doing your part for your website SEO.



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