Make An Impact: What your car says about your business

A high-end car makes an instant impression. Most of us are aware of branding, even if subconsciously, and the connection is often immediate. If you see a Mercedes Tri-Star or a Porsche coat of arms, you instantly know the quality and quite possibly the price bracket of the car. In almost all other luxury industries – for example clothing or handbags – it is possible to create a pretty convincing fake. However, with a car what you see is what you get. Playing on this association is a great way to create a first impression in business. Conversely, with cars of real quality, all of the logos and other branding could be removed and most of us would still recognise the make straightaway.

First Impressions
Cars are often regarded as status symbols, but in business, a quality car is seen more as a reflection of the standards held by the company. If a business involves transporting customers or clients the quality of the vehicle can make a key first impression. It goes without saying that the car you choose will depend on the kind of impression you want to make, which in turn depends on the nature of your business. Some great advice about what car to buy can be found here.


Environmental Message
The Toyota Prius is the go-to car to project the message that your company is environmentally aware. Of course, it’s important that this clear statement of intent is backed up with an ethical business model. Being accused of hypocrisy is never a positive thing in business. The Prius wears its eco-friendly badge with pride, and is instantly recognisable.

Pure Class
If you wish to project pure class and unsurpassed quality, you won’t go far wrong with the new Mercedes-Benz CLA. This car packs a lot of muscle behind its deceptively compact exterior and its sleek design makes an instant impact. Alternatively, for a real demonstration of class, invest in a Mercedes S-Class, one of the most luxurious cars on the market today. For extreme comfort and pure luxury, this car is hard to beat.

For those looking to make a quirky design statement, a zippy Fiat 500 makes an excellent choice. Available in a wide range of fashionable colours; this is a car with real flair. Retro, endearing and possessing real Italian charm, this car is a breath of fresh air and instantly projects a fun, young image – a fashion statement on wheels.

Your choice of car really can help you project an impression of your business. Brand association is a strong tool. Just think how it is seared into our subconscious to associate black London cabs with safety, reliability and a knowledgeable driver, or a Mini with retro charm and great design. Equally, there are several makes which shall remain nameless that wear their unreliable reputations like a badge of (dis)honour. Putting some thought into the image you wish to project by your choice of vehicle really can reap rewards. If cars are part of the public face of your company, be sure that the make you choose will drive your business forward.

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