Opening a Pizza Parlor: Décor and Designs for Saucy Success

If you’ve decided to open up a pizza place, you’re likely focused on your menu and perfecting your pizza pies–the sauce, crust, and all the ingredients. Yet, it’s also important to plan out your parlor and its design as it will help market your food offerings. It should also be welcoming so that it attracts people to eat there. With the following tips, you can put together an exciting design plan that is sure to complement your delicious fare.



Pizza is one of those foods that is conducive to parties and get-togethers so you’ll want to ensure that you have space for larger groups. Many families enjoy going out together for pizza so you’ll need to ensure you have tables that can be easily grouped to accommodate the needs of your visitors. When selecting a home for your pizza parlor, be sure that your dining room is of an adequate size so that you won’t have to turn people away who are hungry for your pizza.



Heavy tables that are difficult to move might prove difficult in a pizza parlor because your wait staff will need to move them on a regular basis to accommodate those larger parties. Even so, you’ll need to choose sturdy restaurant table bases that can hold your table tops in place. You can choose any table-top design, but it’s best to choose materials that are durable and easy to clean. You’ll want to ensure that your furnishings hold up month after month so you don’t have to invest your pizza profits into new tables and chairs.

Decorative Theme


Many pizzerias choose to reflect pizza’s origins by decorating Italian style. Classic pizzerias of yesteryear featured wooden tables with red and white checkerboard tablecloths and wall art that that showed a map of Italy or major Italian landmarks. However, today, many new pizza parlors reflect a wide array of decorative styles. To keep things simple, you might wish to base your decorative plan on a color scheme or a decorative style like industrial chic. It’s a good idea to do some research to see how other businesses have designed their family-friendly restaurant settings.



While the basis of your pizza parlor is the necessarily going to be your food, tables and chairs, and service, you can enhance your customers’ dining experience by offering extras like a game area, which is often popular with kids. A pizza parlor in Washington DC actually features ping-pong dining tables for gamers who enjoy sparing before their food arrives. Your pizzeria might also feature a first-rate bar or a great wine selection. You can weave these ideas into your overall plan.

If you are in the planning stages of your new pizza parlor, be sure to keep these ideas in mind. Great pizza is always an easy sell, so if your pizza is delicious, you’re half way to a successful launch. Your space can complement your cuisine, so be sure to take your time so you can achieve the ideal design for your setting.

Marquis Fore is part of a team involved in multiple retail outlet openings. He likes to pass on his ideas and insights online and writes for a number of business and specialist websites.

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