Soul Quest Orlando – Tips on Running a Business

I run a record store here in Orlando and we are just about to enter into our 3rd year in business. The last three years have been very challenging and most importantly I have learned so much. Soul Quest Orlando has taken its toll on me  but I am just so happy that after many years of dreaming about this, I finally took the plunge and did it. I had no prior business experience and so this was a stumbling block for me at times. Nonetheless we have done well so far and we are even turning a profit! If you have dreams of setting up a business then here are some tips based on my own personal experience.

Pick A Passion

Honestly there were some days, weeks and months where I was all too aware that if I didn’t have a passion for this business then there was absolutely no way I would have put in the work that I did. For this reason my first tip for you is to start a business based on something that you love. Don’t get into business for the money, that will come later, pick something which you enjoy doing and go after that, this will keep you hungry and it will ensure that you love what you do.

Don’t Expect An Easy Ride

Mistakes will happen, errors will be made and money will be lost, you have to just accept that you are going to be in for a rough ride when you get into business. Nobody knows how to perfectly launch a business and the truth is that the only way that you are going to survive and thrive in the future is if you make these mistakes and learn from them. I am still learning every day of course but there are things that happened in the first year of the business which I took great lessons from.

Invest in Marketing

No matter how much capital you have to throw at marketing I would recommend that you do it as it will yield more business and more visibility for your business. I made the mistake of thinking that we couldn’t afford any marketing and it was only in year 2 that we decided to invest, after seeing the success which this brought I have really kicked myself for not doing it sooner. Once you get your business off the ground, spend whatever you can to tell the world about it.

Be Strong

I wanted to create really cool atmosphere in the store which is why in the first year I wasn’t really strong with my staff. Unfortunately however when you give people an inch they will take a mile and this is what started happening to me. It is great if you can be nice to people but don’t let them take you for a ride, this is a business after all and that should come before everything else.

Reputation Management Consultant Reviews – How Rep Management Consultant Fix Your Online Reputation

Every business should give a great amount of focus to the quality and status of their online reputation. Even if you have a business which doesn’t operate online it is absolutely crucial that you pay attention to this metric. There are more and more people who use the internet to find the goods and services which they need, and if your company has a poor reputation you are going to be losing money by way of lost sales. It is for this reason why many companies use a rep management service and if you see the reputation management consultant reviews you will see just how happy their clients are with the service. Let’s take a look at what these companies focus on when it comes to fixing your online reputation.

Social Media

 The content which is on your social media channels should represent the values and the ethics of the business. This is not a place for controversial content or bad jokes, and this is what often gets many businesses in trouble. A rep management company will ensure that the content on your social media profiles falls in line with you business and they will also find the best time to post and the best content which will get maximum engagement.


Your company website should be SEO optimized and it should also feature positive and sharable content about your business. The key is to create content which brings value to the reader and inspires them to share your business on their own social media pages. A well designed and high quality content website will act as the foundation for everything that you do online, this is your shop window.

Negative Content

If there is negative content which features high up the search rankings for keywords that pertain to your business then this can be very damaging and it is something which everyone will see when they search for your business. This content cannot be deleted, that isn’t how the internet works, but it can be hidden through the creation of high ranking positive content. A rep management company will use their contacts and their expertise to ensure that positive content about your business ranks high up the search engine, so that this is what people see when they search for your business online.

Review Sites

One place where reputations can be won and lost is on review sites and it is vital that your business is aware of what is being said. The rep management company will set up alerts so that you know when a review is left, and they will also teach you best practices when it comes to negative reviews. A negative review can be turned into a positive opportunity if you reply in the right way. You need to know exactly what is being said about your business in order to continue to increase your online reputation.

Scott Tominaga – Why Your Business Needs a Financial Advisor

One of the most common questions which we are asked here, specifically business questions, is what can the role of a financial advisor play in a business? Whether a financial advisor is necessary? And when should a business hire a financial advisor? To help us answer those burning questions we have consulted with one of the best in the business, Mr. Scott Tominaga. Scott has been supporting business throughout his career and he was most excited to contribute to giving you some answers around why your business needs a financial advisor.

The first thing to mention is that on the third question of when a company should hire a financial advisor, Scott’s response was ‘as soon as the company can afford one;. His reasoning for that can be explained by looking at what a financial advisor can bring to a business.


For someone to make financial decision about their own company they need tome able to completely remove any emotion and base their decision on fact and logic. This however is almost impossible if the business is your own, as your heart will always be factored into the decision making process. A financial advisor on the other hand will deal in nothing more than numbers and probabilities when making a financial decision, which is why they are great to have on board.


When you hire a financial advisor you are not just getting their services, but also their little black book of contacts. Don’t underestimate how many people a financial advisor knows, or how much they can help you with what you need. Let’s say that you are looking for new premises, fresh investment or even a good deal on a mortgage, your financial advisor will be able to put you in touch with someone who can help you with what you need.

Avoid Failure

Did you know that less than 50% of all businesses will make it past year 5? The most common reason for the failure of these businesses is poor financial management and decision making. The accountants will of course deal with the incomings and outgoings of your business but it is the financial advisor who will help you to shape your financial plan going forward. You can avoid exposing yourself too much, you can make smart financial plans for growth and ultimately you can have someone on hand who will be able to spot danger and steer you away from it.

Good Advice

The clue really is in the title with this job role, financial advisors are able to give you great advice which can really help you to reach the levels of growth and success which you are looking for. These men and women only have their client’s in mind when they are offering advice and once they get to know you and your business they will be able to serve you to the best of their ability.

Don’t delay, get yourself a financial advisor as soon as you can.


Why invest in business education according to Kelly Curia-Schmidt?

Business education is not just for the business executives in Wall Street or the CEO of some major multinational corporation. It is a field of study that applies to every area of life. It doesn’t have to be studied academically or professionally to be applicable. The whole process of human interaction is business in one form or another. There are numerous definitions of the concept of business derived from many schools of thought. For some, it is an organization where people work together. For others, it is an organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities. Yet others define it is as an organization or economic system where goods and services are provided and exchanged for money. These are all correct and a common character of all these definitions is interaction and exchange. If you offer a product or service that provides satisfaction to a user, you are in business. Whether on a large scale of small scale, learning about business and understanding its basic principles are very important and makes all the difference in whether a person will be successful in any sector or industry.

The applicability of business knowledge in every industry and personal endeavor

The goal of every industry and enterprise is to make a profit. This is primarily what business enables them to do. It fosters conditions that allow for relationships to be established and favorable exchange to take place. But that is not all there is to business. As earlier stated, business knowledge, basic or advanced, applies in every industry and sector imaginable and professionals like Kelly Curia-Schmidt outline reasons why this is so.

  • Communication is the foundation upon which any successful business is built and Effective communication is a very vital and necessary skill relevant to all industries. The success of any business depends largely on its ability to clearly and effectively explain and market its products and services to customers. It also helps fosters good working relationships between coworkers which further promotes productivity.
  • A good understanding of business also helps in understanding human needs and consumer behavior thus ensuring optimum projection of resources toward profitable areas of investments.
  • Business basics also involve identifying a need or problem and providing services that solve these problems and being rewarded for it, a skill relevant to all industries.
  • Yet another valuable skill a good understanding of business brings that is useful and applicable in any industry is the honing of branding, presentation, marketing and sales skills. Every industry has a product or service it offers to prospective customers in exchange for profit but no matter how good a product is, improper application of these skills will cause it to go unnoticed. Every industry needs people who are skilled in these areas.
  • Business knowledge also aides in developing and sustaining sound financial management skills. The main idea of business is to provide customer satisfaction and make money but an understanding of financial management is what will keep that business afloat. These principles also apply not just to business and industries but even to personal life.
  • It also prepares one to easily adapt to constantly changing economies and the conditions of the market. The mutability of the market makes that one, whether seasoned or amateur, should anticipate change, adapt to it and be visionary enough to see opportunities even in a crisis.

Why proper research is necessary when looking into any business venture 

All of this boils down to being knowledgeable and well informed about certain things. General knowledge provides an advantage such that no matter the place or situation, one is able to be relevant and contribute as the situation requires. This is the value of research and information. It is foolishness to embark on any venture ignorant and uninformed. The result is guaranteed failure. Wisdom demands that proper research on that area is conducted. It enables one to understand the field or industry he intends to venture into and forms the foundation for a successful career ahead.


No knowledge is wasted. Learning about business is not just for those with a suit and tie aspiration. Life is all about relationships and exchange of services to meet our needs and business is the channel through which we are able to satisfy these needs while being rewarded ourselves. It is made of principles that apply to every sector and industry as far as the economy is concerned. Even our personal lives need the wisdom of business principles to run smoothly.

Brennan & Clark LLC – What Are The Advantages of Working With a Debt Collection Agency?

There are tens of thousands of people around the country who are in debt issues and for anyone who is facing a mountain of debt which they cannot get out from under, it can be a truly difficult time in their lives. Piling debts result in pressure, stress, difficulties at home, difficulties at work and it can feel as though there is no way out. Contrary to what many think, a debt collection agency can be your ticket to debt freedom, as long as you work with them. We spoke to the team at Brennan & Clark to find out how working with companies like them, can help all involved.

How Debt Collection Works

The premise of a debt collection company is actually very simple, they buy bad debt from banks and lending institutions for a fraction of the overall cost of the debt. The banks love it because writing off a small portion of the debt is cheaper than chasing the unpaid debt, and the agencies are then able to work with debtors to help them get paid up.

Facing Up

When you get calls or communication from debt collection agencies it is vital that you take the call or respond to the letter. Some people make the mistake of burying their heads in the sand assuming that this will somehow work, it won’t. People think that debt collection agencies are monsters who are going to take three home from underneath them, the irony is that severe action like that is taken when they cannot get in touch with debtors, or debtors don’t pay. Face up to what you owe and speak to the agency.

What an Agency Can Offer

Despite the reputation that they have, debt collection agencies are actually there to help you, they don’t want your debt outstanding any longer than you do, so they will help. Debt collection agencies can work with you to put together a sensible payment plan based on your current financial situation. These companies won’t charge interest on your debt, because they are not extending you credit, they are just seeking to get a debt payment back.  The ore open and honest that you are, the more that they will be able to help you get on the road to debt freedom, which is what everyone wants at the end of the day.

Failure to Comply

These companies are not to be messed with, if you do what you have agreed then everything will be fine, if you have notified them of a change of situation then they will support. If however you have a deal in place which you renege on, they do have the power to go and get a court order and start taking possessions away. If you have car finance then they can take it, if you have used your home as collateral then they can take it. Nobody wants it to come to this, much less the debt collection agency, so it really is in your best interests to work with them and get your debt resolved as soon as possible.

Etargetmedia Reviews and How Email Marketing Helped My Business

I have had my own vegan restaurant and store for over 20 years now in Florida, since way before veganism became as widespread as it is at the moment. Honestly I never got into business to make real money, I wanted to have a business which I cared about and one which would bring enough cash in to keep my family going. About 6 years ago more vegan restaurants popped up here in Florida and I began to lose customers, and money.

I had never spent money on real marketing before so I knew that it was time to change that. My son had read some of the etargetmedia reviews online and suggested that I give the company a try. These guys specialize in targeted email marketing, and for a small investment they have completely turned my business around, and here is how email marketing helped.

Bringing Back

The first step was to try and bring previous customers back into my business, those who had since gone elsewhere. I was able to target these customers and write personalized emails which would really talk to them. I saw a he benefit from this and my old customers began to drip back through the doors. Many of them actually thought that I was no longer in the restaurant game, which just goes to show what a lack of marketing can actually do.

Brand Growth

Something which I was very keen to do was to build a brand rather than just a business, with the idea being to be competitive with the franchises which had opened up nearby. Email marketing became a great way for me to do this as through the process of doing this, you are planting seeds in the minds of the customers. For example let’s say you send an email to prospective customer, inly they don’t click on the email and they don’t bother coming to your store. Then let’s say one day they are in the area looking for something to eat and bang, they see you, it feels familiar so they come in. This has happened to me so many times and then you hear the customer say ‘I’ve seen your emails’ at this moment you know that targeted email marketing is helping you to grow yourself as a brand.

Driving Sales

Ultimately my sales have increased massively since I invested in email marketing and that is because I am able to speak directly to my target market. I am not putting up a billboard which may or may not be seen by my target customers, I am speaking their language and I am directly contacting them in a very personal way. This results in a bigger brand, more business visibility and ultimately it leads to more interest in your business and more cash coming in as well.

If you haven’t tried targeted email marketing then it is something which I would strongly recommend.

Tips for Making Money With a Liquidation Business

All across the country, entrepreneurs are making money in liquidations and returns. Not their own liquidations and returns, of course: These businessmen and women are buying up pallets full of products from massive but inefficient giants such as Amazon and Walmart. The neglected goods get new life as retail products in these smaller operations, which sell everything from like-new products and in-box returns to open-box products and B-stock items.

It can be great money. With such a cost-effective source of inventory, these businesses can afford to compete with the notoriously low prices offered by the companies that sold these pallets off on the cheap in the first place. But just because a liquidation business can be very profitable doesn’t mean that it will be. Here are some tips for getting things right.

Make a plan

Liquidation businesses are popular and, in many cases, successful. But they’re not foolproof, and they’re not things to consider lightly. If you’re going to start a business, then you need a real business plan. You need to do a lot of math, move some money around, and perhaps get a business loan. You need to consider the legal structure of your business, tax implications, and more. Protect yourself from the dangers of the small business world. You want to be able to enjoy the fruits of your ambition without risking too much in the event of failure.

Partner with the right suppliers

Your business is only as good as the products it sells. Great stuff can be had on the cheap from big box stores and massive ecommerce retailers such as Walmart and Amazon, but how can you know that you’re getting the good stuff? You can’t. You’ll have to rely on the intermediaries that Walmart and Amazon use to sell off their pallets of liquidations and returns products. Make sure that you work with trustworthy suppliers of liquidation goods.

Specialize and do your research

You can get all kinds of goods on liquidations and returns pallets. But with so many different products, how will you sell everything for a fair price? It will be nearly impossible: You’re sure to misprice something, resulting in a loss of profit or inventory that simply won’t sell.

You won’t be able to learn the fair market price of every product you could possible get in a liquidation auction. But you can become familiar with a market segment. That could mean electronics, for example, or perhaps something even more specific, such as electronics accessories (cases, carriers, peripherals, and so on).

With a focus in mind, you can snap up goods that suit your category and become familiar with resale prices, popularity, and trends within the business space. If you work hard and specialize, you’ll soon have much more knowledge to draw on as you seek to make your business more efficient and more profitable.

Expand carefully

If you work hard and make decent profits, you may find yourself able to afford more inventory at once. That could expand your profits — as long as you stay effective and efficient. What’s not going to be good for your profits, though, is unsold inventory or expensive, ineffective employees.

Growing too fast can be deadly for businesses, but smart choices can give you sustainable growth and make you a huge success. So expand carefully: Make sure that you have the personal and financial bandwidth to invest in extra storage, employees, and other solutions.
You may find that enterprise software makes sense as your business grows. Digital voice solutions can help your business’ network stay connected and make it easier to reach partners and potential customers. Software solutions for call center QA can ensure that your customer service is on point. Your business may even change its focus over time — which is fine, as long as it remains profitable.

Sheikh Saud Leads Rich Business Diversity in Ras Al Khaimah

One of the best places to do business in the 21st century is located near the northeastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, and it is part of the United Arab Emirates. Ras Al Khaimhah has a trading history dating back thousands of years, but it was not particularly known as a business hub, at least not until Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi decided that the time had come to turn things around. These days, the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) is widely considered to be one of the most inviting places for doing business in the Middle East, and this is an achievement that can be directly attributed to Sheikh Saud leader of RAK.

In the 1970s, when Sheikh Saud was pursuing his higher education goals in Lebanon and the United States, the economy of the United Arab Emirates was strongly focused on oil production. Despite the two oil crises of the decade, the economic climate was favorable for the UAE, but there were concerns about heavy dependence on extraction and refinery operations. After obtaining degrees in political science and economics from the University of Michigan, Sheikh Saud returned to Ras Al Khaimah with the intention of promoting business development, initially at the municipal level and later across the Emirate. There was a strong motivation in this regard: years of exploration failed to find significant oil reservoirs under the fertile RAK lands, and Sheikh Saud became convinced that business diversity would be the key to future economic success.

The RAKEZ was established by royal decree for the purpose of augmenting the operations of existing free trade zones in Ras Al Khaimah as well as the RAK Investment Authority, which date back to 2005. The RAKEZ is spread across many of the 960 square miles of the Emirate, and in less than two decades it has managed to attract more than 10,000 companies from around the world. Whereas the RAK Free Trade Zones were founded with materials research and heavy industrial applications in mind, the RAKEZ expands to media, science, technology, education, finance, manufacturing, and dozens of other sectors. Whereas Dubai is heavily focused on technology and finance, the scope of business taking place in the RAKEZ is far more diverse.

To get an idea of the variety of economic activities generated by the RAKEZ, here’s a quick rundown of some of the companies recognized as being outstanding business operations in 2017:

Marmalade Fish

Founded in 2015, is a strategic business consultancy firm that focuses on coaching, leadership, and facilitation. The main objective of Marmalade Fish is to enable clients to turn their business operations into responsible companies for the improvement of their communities.


As the world’s premier manufacturer of armored vehicles, the STREIT Group provides solutions for military, law enforcement, security, marine, and private industries.

Thunder Road Pizza and Grill

By virtue of being a major international business hub, the RAKEZ attracts many executives and employees who were raised on pizza and other delicacies of Italian-American cuisine. Thunder Road is an American-style diner and market that offers authentic Italian-American dishes and ingredients. What stands out about this company, aside from its delicious recipes, is that its B2C approach was founded on a B2B strategy; in essence, Thunder Road realized that thousands of foreigners working in the RAKEZ would like to get a taste of home, and this is something that other companies are starting to realize. For the most part, RAKEZ workers earn nice salaries that leave them with disposable income that can be spent at places such as Thunder Road.

Mabani Steel

From pre-engineered buildings to rolled steel structures and from metal building accessories to custom aluminum designs, Mabani Steel has provided materials to complete more than 3,000 projects in 70 countries. Some of the most impressive projects where Mabani Steel has been installed include the Dragon City shopping center of Bahrain and the Al Nakheel Mall of Iraq.

Fit On Click

This is a “New Economy” company that started doing business in 2014. Fit on Click began as an online fitness platform to promote exercise and healthy living in the UAE, but it has expanded to providing corporate fitness programs and matching personal trainers to individuals in various countries.

Effective ways to break into the forex market

The global forex market is simply huge – open 24 hours a day, five days per week, with a daily trading volume of around $5tn, it is one that many people invest in now. Simple to understand and easy to get into, it is certainly one of the more interesting investment options out there right now.

Trading on the FX market may also be a great idea if you run your own business within Canada. Many Canadian businesses do well but often struggle with using any profits effectively to grow further. Putting them all in a bank savings account is safe but might not give a decent level of return over time. To help combat this, why not think about using some of your spare business profits to invest in forex?

If you have not been involved with this market before though, you may wonder how to go about it. If this is the case, then read on for some great FX tips that should help.

Do your research first

A great first tip is simply to find out more about the FX market and how to trade on it. Knowledge really is power for any Canadian traders, and this is true when it will be your own business’s money at risk. Take the time to read online articles or a few good print books for beginners. These will tell you all you need to know and help you find out more about key concepts such as reading currency charts, money management, and how to set stop loss levels.

Choose the right broker

Another great idea is taking your time to select the right online broker. These are the people who place trades on the market for you and help you to manage your portfolio online. There are lots of them about though and not all are legit! It is generally a good idea to check out online reviews of any broker you are thinking of using and also sticking with well-known names. eToro and FxProare brokers that many businesses trust to trade with, and it is names like this that are worth sticking with.

Draw up a trading plan

The great thing about drawing up a trading plan is that it will help you to profit more in the long term and also save you time when trading. As a busy entrepreneur, you are unlikely to have time to spend hours on FX trading each day. Having a plan written down to follow when you do have a few spare minutes will make it all much quicker. In addition, it will stop you making bad trading calls and give you an edge in the market to work from. To find out the different strategies you could use or examples of trading plans, head online.

Breaking into forex is not hard

The good news for any businessperson in Canada looking to enter the FX market is that it is comparatively easy. As long as you have a little starting capital, a computer and an internet connection, you are all set to go. With the right approach, it could be a lucrative way to put some of your business profits to work.

Interested in Bringing in More Traffic to Your Website?

Everybody has a website nowadays. There is a good chance that your own mom has her own website for some reason. It seems to be the “in thing” to do at the moment for individuals as it is a place to share your thoughts and dreams with others. Or perhaps you have a website for business reasons and want to drum up some extra income. Whatever the case, you probably would like to see more traffic to your site than you are currently getting right now. In this day and age, if you don’t have enough eyes on your website, then it basically is a waste of time that you should cut ties with. However, don’t give up quite yet! Here are some ideas you may use to bring in more traffic to your site.

Have Frequent Updates

There is nothing worse than getting really excited because you just found an interesting website that you like to read over now and then, but then you discover the last update that was made to it was like three years ago. If you want others to visit your site, you need to keep it current. Write a weekly blog and switch out the pictures now and then. It won’t take much time to do and it will let others know that the site is a priority in your life.

Let the Public Contact You

If you are lucky enough to have others digging your website, then give them a way to reach out to you. You don’t have to put down your home address or anything silly like that. However, you could have your email on the website and perhaps a contact form as well that they could fill out.

Allow Comments and Reviews

Social media is everywhere! Sites like YouTube and even Amazon are considered social media as it allows others to share their views and thoughts with the world. There is no reason you can’t do this on your website.

Lastly, Maybe the Web Host Is the Problem

Does your website often crash for no apparent reason? Is your home page constantly taking too long to load? You only have a few seconds to gain interest on your site and if it is not loading up quickly, you are losing the public. Perhaps it is time to make a change. You could receive great support with a web hosting in Canada that will ensure your website is operating at full speed.

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