Reviewing the Sack Race With Bogoljub Karic

In anticipation of the upcoming Premier League season we are going to focus today not on which team will win the league, nor who will be relegated, but rather on the manager’s who will be the first in the crosshairs of their owners this season. The sack race is always an interesting one, especially in this day and age of owners looking for instant success, and who have twitchy trigger fingers. We have seen throughout the years that no manager is safe, Ranieri and Mourinho can attest to that, Premier League victory even prevents some from keeping their jobs. I am joined today by Bogoljub Karic, and here are our predictions as to who will be the first to get the chop in this coming season.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

The temporary hiring of the Manchester United legend was certainly the right decision but handing him a long term contract is a gamble which United have taken, that is unlikely to pay off. Furthermore Solskjaer now has even more pressure on his shoulders after United have backed him heavily in the transfer window, to the tune of almost £200 million. We don’t think that Ole has what it takes to bring this calamitous team together, despite the massive amount of talent which he has, and we expect him to be gone by Christmas.

David Wilder

Sheffield United did extremely well to get themselves out of the Championship and into the Premier League and their manager David Wilder should be given huge plaudits for doing so. Unfortunately however this is a team which just concedes too many goals and this is something which we think will continue into this coming campaign. Wilder is not a bad manager by any stretch of the imagination but as the team continues to lose games, the owners will do what all owners do with a newly promoted side, switch the manager in a vain attempt to save their season and maintain their status in the top division.

Marco Silva

Marco Silva showed great ability during his time at Hull City, he was then given the Watford position where in truth he hardly pulled up any trees, before jumping to Everton at the first opportunity. Silva however has been found out, he has been backed heavily by the Everton board, who traditionally were a frugal club, yet hasn’t given them the value for money which they have come to expect. Everton have the easiest run of fixtures in the first 2 months of the season, if Silva’s Everton don’t perform well, he could be out on his ear.

Steve Bruce

Mike Ashley has turned Newcastle into a circus of a club and this is why new manager Steve Bruce will be under pressure from the word go. Bruce has been backed in the transfer window, which only adds more pressure to the position. Newcastle will be in a relegation battle this year and we don’t think that Ashley will let Bruce stay the course.

Who is your money on?