Significance of the treasury management cloud for the corporate treasurer

The need for harnessing the benefits of the treasury management cloud has become even more important owing to globalization. Due to the phenomenon of globalization, the corporate houses have extended their tentacles to different overseas markets and expanded their operations to facilitate their global presence. As such, the challenges faced include operating business in different global environment, breaking language barriers, functioning as per local laws, and dealing with complex overseas taxation issues to streamline the working of the company. All these important activities require precision and above all judicious planning. As such, cloud based treasury management solutions have become popular and are much sought after. And a global company does not mind in investing in this kind of arrangement.

Importance of thetreasury management cloud

Given below are points that will justify why this solution is popular and adopting it makes sense.

  • Better cash management –A cloud based treasury management solution will help a company to handle the logistics of cash flow better aside from highlighting the essential aspects of cash requirement forecasts. It makes the cash management system centralized without the need for the presence of individuals in the country of operations across the globe. Depending on the requirement, the cash flow can be adjusted for investments or any other financial activity.

  • Real time cash flow information – One of the most important benefits of implementing a cloud based treasury solution is that you can manage cash flow in real time as you can view the manner in which the funds are being used for various financial activities and transactions of the company.

  • Minimize risk involved –A corporate treasurer can minimize risks involved in carrying out operations outside the country. For instance, there are upheavals in the markets. Sometimes, the markets are volatile, sometimes bearish. This has direct impact on the forex exchange rate, liquidity in the market, and valuation of assets and securities of the company. And it won’t be wrong to say that all these upheavals will impact the cash flow of the company in a manner which might not be desirable. Implementing cloud based treasury system takes care of these risks. Not only that with regards to global risk exposure, the risk is minimized greatly as the system enables global visibility of assets and securities of the company and their performance.

  • Prevention of fraudulent financial activities –Since overseas operations means your company’s financial transactions take place under different geographical terrains and laws, it is essential that these transactions ought to take place in accordance to the local laws. Moreover, it is not always possible to keep track of the transactions without a centralized monitoring system. With the help of these cloud based treasury systems, this problem can be addressed to a great extent.

Having said about the various benefits of implementing such a system, an important aspect that ought to be kept in mind is that no two companies will require the same solution. Just as the mode of operation differs from one company to another, so will the solutions.

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