Simple Professional Business Texting Etiquette Rules

Business texting is one of the ways to get the word out about your company. You can inform both your existing and potential clients what you are up to. Be it new products, services, discounts, and offers. And by using business texting, your recipients get first-hand information, in the shortest time possible. Another advantage is that you get fast feedback that will help you make the necessary changes to better your business.

Well, as simple as it may seem, a lot of companies have fallen short of this service because of not sticking to professionalism. The line between professional and casual is very thin, and a few people have failed. And so to avoid this eventuality, follow the following tips for business texting  to keep growing.

  1. Text Professionally

This part should definitely go without saying, but it cannot be emphasized enough. First, you do not just text anyone but one that you have already established a formal relationship with. Secondly, the kind of language you chose to use must be official keeping away from slang and other jargon. This will eliminate all possibilities of a sensitive client getting offended or not understanding. Keep away from mother tongues as well. Instead, use official languages such as English that most people understand.

  • Observe Timing

You must only send texts out during working hours and only when the client is available. This is to avoid scenarios that the client will brush them off. Additionally, consider texting when the recipient is otherwise not very busy that they will ignore your text. The best times to send them out are during tea breaks and lunch breaks when they have their phones at hand.

  • Keep It Brief

This point cannot be stressed enough. No one has the time to go through two or three paragraph-long messages. Keeping it brief and straight to the point is probably the best way to go about it. Use easy to understand language and in the shortest length as possible. Involve only the relevant information and avoid giving too much info as well.

  • Know When To Call

To avoid being annoying and the eventuality of someone blocking your number, know when to call. As an agent doing a follow-up, be sure to call a client who has shown a bit of interest to your text. Then and only then will you be in a better position to engage the client. Cold calls are an option, but most times, they are unsuccessful. Just like texting times, call during breaks so that your client will be free.

  • Reply ASAP

Once you have sent a text out to a client and they have responded, do not waste time and reply promptly. This will create confidence and strengthen your relationship. It assures them that you are there to serve them, which is an advantage to you and your company.

  • Sign Off Respectfully

Lastly, while you finish off your text, end with a respectful way. Thank them for their time and assure them that if they have any question that they should contact you.  Avoid using dominant language, but instead, use a polite and friendly tone.