Co-owner Lawrence Kenwright

How to Offer a Unique Customer Experience

Companies across the world are competing with each other on a daily basis to be the best in their industry. Not only does the internet allow people across the globe to access all sorts of information, but it has also resulted in the rise of millions of online businesses, which allows people to shop and spend on a much grander scale.
It is therefore more vital than ever to stand out from the crowd. You have to offer something different if you want to compete; otherwise, you might just find you will become lost amongst the crowd.

How to Stand Out
So, you know you need to stand out, but how? Go away and look at your industry. Not your company, your entire industry. What’s it missing? What are your competitors doing that you could do better? Use their services, spot their flaws and make the change. By identifying where others are going wrong, you can find what you need to do to become the most attractive option.

Find Your Idea
Take a look at the Liverpool hotel company, Signature Living. Co-owner Lawrence Kenwright spotted a gap in the market following two bad hotel experiences. He wanted to provide unrivalled experiences that didn’t come with any hidden extras – and he also identified a need for group accommodation.
Hotels were created so people could enjoy a break together, but all the hotels in city were splitting their guests away from each other – and so he decided to create large group accommodation in Liverpool, and he hasn’t looked back since. From one small hotel company that opened in 2008 has gone on to offer 4 Signature Living hotels, the Titanic-themed hotel 30 James Street and the Bill Shankly inspired hotel The Shankly Hotel. This is in addition to multiple bars, restaurants, a spa, office space and more. It only takes one small idea to create a fantastic business.

Market Your Business
If you’ve found a gap in the market that you’re happy to fill, it’s time to market your brand and services. There’s no point offering an amazing USP if you can’t shout about it. So many good companies have failed in the past because they failed to advertise, or even engage with their customers. Marketing can be as big as a TV or print campaign, or as small as advertising on Facebook or offering great deals and competitions. Showcase your products and encourage others to talk about them both online and in person. You never know, it could be your marketing campaign that makes you different.

Your company will never reach its full potential if you offer the same services as everyone else – and it could also result in your business failing as a result. Yes, doing something different can be risk, but taking a chance could result in much bigger rewards. You just have to have confidence in your business model; the rest is up to you.

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