Desertec Initiative

The Top Emerging Mega Trends In The Middle Eastern Business World

The Middle Eastern region of the world is currently experiencing an unprecedented explosion of commercial activity, the likes of which have rarely been seen in recent years. Some of these trends are bound to affect not only the region, but ultimately the world, in the coming decades. It’s an excellent idea to get acquainted with a few of these emerging mega trends so as to be fully prepared for the major effect some of them are going to have on international commerce and culture.

An Explosion Of Basic Infrastructure Development In The Middle Eastern Region

To begin with, an explosion of basic infrastructure development is radically reshaping the Middle Eastern region in the most basic and self evident manner. Many of the leading economic authorities in the region, such as Fahad Al Rajaan among many others, are helping to bankroll and supervise this massive explosion in infrastructure development, which includes such trends as the building of airports, high speed railways, private and state banks, food storage facilities, highways, and other important projects.

The Demand For Infrastructure Involves Global Cooperation

The demand for basic infrastructure has reached such a point that many companies in the Middle East are reaching out to their peers in the global community for financial and material assistance in the realization of these crucially important projects. As a result, the basis for mutual cooperation and economic gain is stronger than ever between the Middle Eastern corporations and their international compatriots. 

An Increased Export Of Electrical Resources Is Projected

An increased export of electrical resources is projected to take place in the very near future. The countries of Europe are set to begin importing a projected 20 percent of their total consumption of electricity from various companies in the Middle Eastern region. Such a development means a massive increase in the power and influence of regional corporations all throughout the Middle East, with a very significant percentage of energy exchange involving the use of renewable resources. 

The Need For Clean And Renewable Energy Is An Emerging Trend

A newly created non profit organization, known as the Desertec Initiative, is already hard at work to provide electrical and other environmentally friendly power sources to the world. At the moment, European nations are scheduled to receive some 15 percent of the total amount of clean electrical power that is generated from this massive project. This is only one of several energy providing projects that could radically reshape the face of international power consumption in the coming decade.

The Increasing Prevalence Of Social Media In Business Networking 

Another major trend that is taking place in the Middle Eastern region is the increasing prevalence of social media interaction, both personal and commercial. As of 2015, over 75 percent of the population of the Middle East is already using some form of social media, whether this be Facebook, Twitter, or other networks. 

The increased presence of Middle Eastern businesses and individual entrepreneurs on social media networks will facilitate an increased amount of global cooperation, on a scale that is just now beginning to be realized. Of all the trends that can be forecast by the continuing linkage of communicative possibilities between the various companies doing business all over the world, this is perhaps the most important of them all.

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