Key Benefits of Cloud Archiving Your Emails

If an organization is to be successful, they have to effectively and safely manage their electronic correspondence in the long term. Most communications, nowadays, regardless of how large an organization is, are performed using electronic systems. Unfortunately, this also means receiving a lot of spam messages and other unwanted messages. To top it off, businesses have to be able to comply with eDiscovery requests by law. One way to achieve all of this is through proper email archiving solutions. Let’s take a look at its key benefits.

  1. You Can Search Quickly, Hence Productivity Will Be Increased

In the past, if you were to receive an eDiscovery request, or other such type of request, it would mean a staff member would have to go down to the archives and sift through page upon page of information, reading one disk after another. Now, all you have to do is type a few keywords into your search option, and the system will find it for you.

  1. You Will Be Compliant with all Relevant Laws

Numerous laws now exist about eDiscovery requests that all businesses have to be compliant with. Good email archiving solutions are fully compliant. This means that, should you face legal action, you can always access the relevant correspondence.

  1. IT Costs Will Be Lower

Before the cloud, IT departments had to spend a huge amount of their budget on storage, retrieval processes, complex backup systems, and more. Today, however, they can spend their budget on actually developing the IT infrastructure, because the email storage is kept on the cloud. The cost of email archiving is peanuts compared to the cost of having your IT department hold responsibility over it.

  1. You Can Quickly Restore Your Data

Most agree that one of the greatest benefits of email archiving is that you can restore your data very quickly. In fact, it takes just a few seconds to put something back where it was. You can do that whether you archived by accident, or whether things have changed and you simply want it back.

  1. Your Mail Servers Won’t Be Overloaded

This is another very important issue. Because your system manages every email that comes in, it also ensures you don’t get flooded with spam email anymore. This is very good for the overall quality of your server.

  1. You Are Protected Against Information Loss

If you don’t store your data on the cloud, there is always a chance that something will go horribly wrong. For instance, a natural disaster could destroy your backup source. Or a clumsy employee could spill their coffee on their computer. Either way your data will be lost forever. By using a cloud based service, no matter what you do to your machines, the information will still be readily available.

  1. Your Data Will Be 100% Secure

By using email archiving solutions, your data will no longer be stored on a local server, but rather by an external provider. This means that the responsibility for safety and security lies with them, something that they are very good at.

What to Expect from High Quality Business Software

Business often spend millions of dollars managing and perfecting their IT infrastructure, focusing on both hardware and software. However, unless they also have the best possible types of business software installed, none of this infrastructure is valuable in any way. Did you know that research firm Gartner, with support of Infor CEO, Charles Phillip, has shown that companies will spend a total of $114.4 billion on business application software in 2016? This is a 10.2% rise since 2010, and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

Every business that experiences, or wants to experience, high growth will at some point struggle with determining which type of system they need to use in order to be able to manage this sustained growth. It is vital that they properly plan to find an integrated software system that helps them to manage their overall business. Unfortunately, however, most businesses continue to focus most strongly on revenue acceleration instead. The consequence of this is that, once a company does achieve the projected growth, they have a wealth of different applications running that don’t collaborate with each other. This makes the overall business process wholly inefficient, and they have to spend thousands in trying to find ways to integrate the various pieces of software. It is very important, therefore, to have a greater understanding of business systems first, thereby avoiding individual silos that cannot work together.

How Siloed Systems Are Constructed

If a company experiences rapid growth, it often becomes burdened with complex landscape of different applications. When a business first starts, they often start with a single focus: their accounting software. Their bookkeeping has to be properly managed first, after all.

After that, they start to think of ways to get more customers into their businesses. Usually, they will acquire yet another system for this, which will be a customer management system. As the business grows, they will add a customer support system, an order management system, an inventory management system, and a fulfillment system. Plus, everybody will usually work with their own spreadsheets to cross reference things. In a properly running business, however, all of these elements have to work together and this is impossible if many different systems are being used.

This siloed process becomes even worse with further growth. Companies will start to open new offices, and will effectively start the process again. They may, at that point, add even more systems, such as financial consolidation, recurring billing, and ecommerce integration. Interestingly, proper integration is even more important here, because these elements link to the financial viability of your business. The worst siloed businesses actually have applications for every individual vendor, while at the same time building their own spreadsheets and applications.

If a business continues to evolve in this manner, their architecture will be so complex that collaborative working becomes impossible. In the long term, this will hold the company back quite a bit, stopping the growth in its tracks. People become less productive, less flexible, and less engaged in the business. This is why it is so important to have properly integrated business software in place from the word go.

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