How You Can Benefit from Training Online

You are in charge of your destiny, and that includes your career. This means that you have to be proactive, and even aggressive, when it comes to make sure you can reach your destiny. One way to achieve this is by completing corporate training, which will give you the transferable skills that you can apply to a variety of different jobs. There are many benefits to taking online corporate training, including that the training is relevant and affordable, and that you may receive a certificate on completion Read more [...]

Key Benefits of Cloud Archiving Your Emails

If an organization is to be successful, they have to effectively and safely manage their electronic correspondence in the long term. Most communications, nowadays, regardless of how large an organization is, are performed using electronic systems. Unfortunately, this also means receiving a lot of spam messages and other unwanted messages. To top it off, businesses have to be able to comply with eDiscovery requests by law. One way to achieve all of this is through proper email archiving solutions. Read more [...]

How to Make Sure Your Innovation Process Is Sustainable

Installing a crowdsourcing platform in your organization is just one step towards making your organization grow and become successful. The other step, however, is understanding that the journey is long and, perhaps, costly. It is an investment, however, and one that is likely to pay off, but you have to be realistic about that. Additionally, once you have put innovation and crowdsourcing platforms in place, you must also ensure that the process becomes sustainable. Sustainability, in this context, Read more [...]

How to Become a CEO

As far as professions go, the idea of becoming a CEO is one that would excite many of us, earning huge salaries as the head of a corporation or company, making big decisions each day that affect the lives of many, earning respect in the industry and having the power to make change are the reasons that so many people wish to become a CEO. The career path to becoming a successful CEO like Patrick Imbardelli however, is not easy, it will take a great deal of hard work, a touch of luck and a strong Read more [...]

4 Vital questions to ask before hiring an AdWords consultant for your company

Managing a website which is highly ranked might seem to be a full-time job for a company and it is often a demanding job. Perhaps this is the biggest reason behind so many companies hiring professionals who can take care of website management while you take care of all the other business values. Google AdWords, to be more particular, can be indeed time-consuming, more so if you’re not pretty acquainted with the platform and its ways. To make matters worse, if you have already set up an account Read more [...]


“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela. This quote embodies the importance of language both in our personal and professional lives. In an organization, effective communication skills are extremely valuable. Both verbal and non-verbal communication strategies are continuously honed to achieve solution and success for the company. In lieu of globalization, companies should also focus Read more [...]

Understanding the Key to Successful Leadership

For a long time, it was believed that the key to being a successful leader was to have authority. More and more, however, people are starting to understand that successful leaders are influencers, not dictators. That being said, authority is also very important. Take Charles Phillips, Infor CEO and Marissa Mayer, of Yahoo!, master & mistress of their business respectively. Nobody could possibly say that they do not have authority, but they are also influencers. The Key to Successful Leadership What Read more [...]

The Top Emerging Mega Trends In The Middle Eastern Business World

The Middle Eastern region of the world is currently experiencing an unprecedented explosion of commercial activity, the likes of which have rarely been seen in recent years. Some of these trends are bound to affect not only the region, but ultimately the world, in the coming decades. It's an excellent idea to get acquainted with a few of these emerging mega trends so as to be fully prepared for the major effect some of them are going to have on international commerce and culture. An Explosion Of Read more [...]

Good Innovation Management Is Key to the Success of a Small Business

No matter what size your business is, you must focus on innovation. Yet, too many still think that innovation is just about applying research and development or new technologies. In fact, however, it is about far more than that. It is about thinking outside of the box, being more cost efficient and really staying ahead of the competition. A Definition of Innovation Innovation for business was first defined in 1985 by Drucker. It was stated then that it was a method for entrepreneurs to find Read more [...]

Embrace the social media to boost your business’ ROI – Smart ways to stay afloat

It is universally acknowledged by all businessmen that social media is an increasingly vital tactic in the marketing strategies of the companies and in fact there are big shot companies that manage social media as a totally different activity. If you have a business of your own and you are wondering about the tactics that you should employ in order to multiply your monthly returns, you’re perhaps forgetting about embracing the social media. We all know that marketing is an integral part of a commercial Read more [...]