The Facts and Figures Related to Property Guardianship in the UK You should know about

The concept of becoming a property guardian has ballooned in recent years, and when you study the industry, it’s really not hard to understand why this is so. On the one hand, house or property owners get a very good deal: their property (often otherwise abandoned and not properly maintained) is taken care of and the tenant does indeed pay a small amount of rent (so there’s passive income). On the other hand, there are great advantages for the guardian – there’s lower rent and whilst there are various responsibilities, those with a goal benefit enormously. However, what’s really the deal with property guardianship? For those who are interested, here are the facts and figures related to property guardianship in the UK you should know about.

Why prospective guardians are attracted

It’s simple, really: it’s very cheap rent. Often the rent is only a fraction of what you would otherwise pay if the property were indeed to be let on the modern market. Not only are there perks when it comes to cheap rent, property guardians often report a drastic decrease in monthly expenses simply because by being a property guardian, they don’t have the opportunity to spend too much of their income. To put it bluntly, property guardians usually don’t live like kings, but they are able to put a lot of their monthly income into a proper savings account.

What guardians do

Property guardians are not really expected to ‘guard’ the property – they don’t always confront potential burglars or potential vandals. In fact, they are often discouraged to do so. Their main value lies in the fact that they are renting, and hence, assure that the property is not vacant. The owner of the property can easily prosecute anyone who commits breaking and entering, trespasses, or vandalises without prior permission. Often live in guardians also do maintenance and minor repairs, or report on necessary points of attention.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages to the property owner are that they have someone to keep an eye on the property and receive a small amount of compensation in return. The advantage to the guardian is cheap rent. The disadvantages? Hardly any from the owner’s point of view – a sober lifestyle from the guardian’s side.

For those who are still wondering whether or not they should become a property guardian, it helps to remember the following things: you need to have a goal – a specific purpose for entering the property guardianship scheme. There are indeed a lot of advantages for the guardian and the property owner; but there are some disadvantages as well, so it’s important to consider and weigh both against each other. It’s often a good deal, and it works. That’s proven. But it’s important both parties understand what they’re getting into.

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Know the Pros of Working as Litigator

Before getting into as litigator professional, one needs to understand the exact meaning of litigation. The profession deals with legal method of settling the controversies or disputes among people and organizations. In the process, the case is brought before a court of law to make it suitable to hear the case.

There are professional lawyers and litigators who have successfully taken this profession as career and are leading state cases. Jonathan Bunge is a litigator partner in Kirkland of Chicago. Over the years, he has tired over 30 cases and handled state & federal cases successfully.

There are different areas in litigations, and one such is civil litigation which is also known as Sport of Kings. Civil lawsuit is basically the suit that falls outside the scope of criminal realm. The civil lawsuit encompasses diverse areas like personal injury, wrongful death, employment law and others.

This litigation area is largely practiced by law clerks, attorneys and legal support staff. Moreover, it is the highest paying legal practice area among other law career.

Let us now check the litigation pros that should be known:

  • It’s rewarding to assist clients: During the course of litigation case, it is obvious that litigator becomes close to client. Clients keep in touch with the litigator regarding the progress and other information. This certainly helps both the parties to stay connected for long term.
  • Its pays of well: Attorneys who are specializing in civil litigation are paid well compared to other attorneys. In addition to the fees, they are also offered with compensation and other perks.
  • Diverse Work: While working on a certain case, litigator comes across general understanding about different process, rules and standard deadlines that are important to know. On certain days, the litigator may also perform duties including advising clients and researching on documents needed for the work.
  • Best Profession during recession: According to the study by National Center for State Courts, it is found that during recession the litigation profession was in rise and more number of cases were filed. This certainly shows that the profession has a great future.
  • Gives Opportunity for Trail Experience: One of the best things about this profession is you get the experience of working under courtroom, which attorneys and paralegals may take long time to get in. They advise clients and develop case strategies in the courtroom.
  • A transferable Career Option: Litigation offers a career switch option as it helps to hone diverse skills. These skills can be used in others of laws and legal options. The profession also helps in expanding general knowledge of researching and communication area.

Mastering into this profession depends on how the individual takes it seriously. Litigator can find it hard to get into the profession, as the competition in the field in increasing. So seeking advice from experts will be great help.

Understanding Fleet Fuel Cards

Having fleet fuel cards is the newest way you can easily manage your fleet. Gone are the days when you need to manually account receipts and compute the amount you need to reimburse to your employees. With this system, you gain control of your fleet’s expenses you never knew you could have.

If you haven’t heard of fleet fuel cards yet, then chances are your company is losing money on the traditional fleet fuel system.

Fleet fuel cards offer lots of perks and benefits for both you and your employees. But before indulging into the details on what it can do for your company, you should first know what fleet fuel cards are.

What are fleet fuel cards?

Fleet fuel card, such as that offered by Motorpass, is a type of card issued to your fleet employees, particularly drivers, to use for purchasing fuel and other fleet-related transactions. They are available in many different forms, from brand-exclusive to nationwide fuel coverage.

They also vary in who may use them, and what vehicles can they use them for, from driver-specific cards, to vehicle-specific cards, or if you want, you can have both.

Fleet fuel card also includes automated systems designed to provide information on your fleet’s activities, expenses, and efficiency.

What can it do for my company?

A fleet fuel card can bring a lot of advantages, not only to the company itself, but also to fleet managers, drivers, and the back office. Through a fleet fuel card system:

  1. Fleet managers/administrators could monitor and control real-time transactions through online fleet management tools. They are provided with state-of-the-art management software that they can use to manage fleet’s expenses. They would also get access to each driver’s transactions and other important information, which means they could account off-road fuel purchases and costs. They would get fuel efficiency reports, which they can use to improve the inefficient use of fuel.

  2. Your fleet drivers don’t have to pay for company fuel out of their own pocket. On top of that, since most fleet card companies offer nationwide coverage, they wouldn’t have to track a specific fuel station. They also don’t have to find the fuel station offering the lowest cost as fleet card companies like Motorpass partnered with fuel stations to give discounts to their fleet fuel card users. Fleet fuel cards are also very simple to use, so implementing them to your company requires little to no training at all.

  3. Back office support also benefits from a fleet fuel card system as they no longer have to manually track fuel receipts as the system already do this for them. They also no longer have to interpret the data as easy-to-read reports are automatically generated. All of these benefits also reduce time spent by the back office on manually generating all of these information, thus increasing their efficiency.

Implementing a fleet fuel card system in your company should be considered an investment that continues to give back. With all of the benefits it could add to your company, it’s more of a cost reduction than an additional expense.

Business Opportunities and Perks in The UAE

Mention in conversation the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the small Persian Gulf country of around 9 million people perched between giant neighbours Saudi Arabia to the west and south and Oman to the east, and you’ll likely think of Dubai, the dynamic city famed for its man-made islands, plush hotels and extraordinary shopping malls, where the tallest free-standing structure in the world, the incredible Burj Khalifa, climbs over 2,700 feet into the sky. Continue reading…

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