What are the common threads behind successful startups?

These days, people are abandoning the idea of a 40-year career with a single company. Instead, they are opting to create their own future through the crafting of a product or the delivery of a service.

However, it isn’t obvious what one should do to succeed when one is just starting out, so many model those who are already successful, or they ask them what they think of their idea.

John Bradberry Charlotte NC has had a ton of experience over the years providing valuable advice to startup businesses, so if you were lucky enough to meet with him, you’d be in good shape.

If you can’t, this article will at least a little light on what you can do to end up in the Winner’s Circle some day.


1) They embrace diversity

It can be hard to believe, but in 2017, some quarters of society still argue that certain genders are better suited to certain jobs and businesses than others.

However, the statistics don’t support this theory, as it has been shown that startups that make room at the table for women return 63% more on investments made by VC firms then startups staffed by a disproportionate amount of men.


2) They harness the enthusiasm of youth

Starting up a business is an endeavor that takes a great deal of energy, enthusiasm and speed. It also requires fresh thinking, which is a quality supplied in copious amounts by younger generations.

These assertions are backed up by the facts, as venture capital firms report they get 30% more out of their investments when the average age of a firm is beneath the age of 25. It turns out the kids were alright, after all!


3) They recruit talent from the best companies

In order to drive growth and outflank their competition, startups need to be constantly on the outlook for talent that will skyrocket growth in their space.

When a firm manages to coax a thought leader, tech wizard, or a productivity mensch from a big time company like Google or Microsoft, they tend to produce fantastic results for them, as they generally only hire the best of the best.

When this happens, the ROI of these startups jump by 160%, compared to companies which are grinding along without elite talent.


4) They are headed up by serial entrepreneurs

When you have headed up a company before, you learn lessons whether succeed or fail. As a result, startups headed by founders who have prior experience as an entrepreneur generate a 50% better return on investment compared to firms headed up by a rookie CEO.


5) Their future success is not location dependent

Many founders assume that if they want to be successful, they need to move to Silicon Valley, New York, or wherever they can have access to talent and networking opportunities.

This has been proven false for the most part, as studies have shown that firms from Nebraska or Texas do just as well as those located in well-known startup hubs.



4 Vital questions to ask before hiring an AdWords consultant for your company

Managing a website which is highly ranked might seem to be a full-time job for a company and it is often a demanding job. Perhaps this is the biggest reason behind so many companies hiring professionals who can take care of website management while you take care of all the other business values. Google AdWords, to be more particular, can be indeed time-consuming, more so if you’re not pretty acquainted with the platform and its ways. To make matters worse, if you have already set up an account with AdWords and then you’ve been ignoring it, you would probably been throwing your dollars away by not having your PPC campaign optimized properly.

When you hire a certified professional, they handle everything from planning to organization to maintenance and on-going optimization to ensure that your dollars are put to optimum use. Nevertheless, before hiring a person or a company and assigning them tasks, you should direct the following questions to them. Check out some vital queries to make to your prospective AdWords pro.

Question #1: Are you a certified professional with Google AdWords?

Remember that Google certification is given only when a person has passed his exams. Scores of 85% and above, warrant you a certificate from Google. Even members of Google Partners go through a quarterly training from Google to make sure their knowledge and skills are constantly refreshed and updated. Google exams have evolved over time to not only evaluate the technical side of Google but to also realize growth and profits from a blog or website.

Question #2: How often should I get reports from you?

Majority of the AdWords consultants offer reports once in a month. When you ask this question, the main point is to ensure that the consultant company you hire will always keep you in the loop as long as they handle your advertising campaign. You would want to be sure about data points like number of clicks, total ad spend, click through rate and the total number of conversions. You may even ask them to tell you the cost-per-acquisition for your ad campaign so as to let you determine the ROI of your campaigns.

Question #3: How will you handle the updates to my website?

A perfectly optimized campaign is just half the battle with AdWords. A company is also in dire need of a website which is optimized for converting the traffic into leads. This comprises of making profitable adjustments to the website and creating landing pages in correspondence to the ads in the campaign. Make sure you’re clear about how these website updates are handled.

Question #4: What is the cost of your service and why?

Don’t ever opt for the lowest bidder as you should expect worthy results from professional services. Be willing to pay for expert services. The quote that you’re given by the consultant should be categorized into a list of features so that you have a clear idea of what you may expect in lieu of your fee. Also make sure their quote is based on their past performance and experience on similar assignments.

So, if you come across any shady AdWords professionals, be smart enough to spot them soon. Don’t hire someone before getting the desired answers to the above mentioned questions.

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