SEO Violations – How to Protect Yourself

A lot of companies, particularly small businesses on a low budget, will build their own websites and social media presence. However, they don’t really know what they are doing in terms of being found, and the result of this is that they may do things wrong. Unfortunately, the search engines are quite unforgiving about mistakes, and will class them as violations and put appropriate penalties in place. In fact, many search engine optimization (SEO) companies are first contacted because of violations Read more [...]

Here Are the Local SEO Myths Trapping Small Law Firms

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there is a lot of information out there, but not all of it is good. “Gurus” offer up advice on thousands of blogs, touting their follower counts and spelling out wildly varying plans to game the system. The fact is, good SEO is a process, and good local SEO is a process that involves constant work to maintain. It’s not something you can fast-track, but it is something you can plan for. One of the best ways to make sure your SEO plan is helping Read more [...]

How Your Search Engine Rank Helps to Attract New Customers

If you want to get traffic to your website, you need to make sure that you have a good rank on the search engines. It is a known fact that 80% of all traffic to websites comes through the search engines, and that people only look at the sites listed on the first page of the search engines. To make sure you get those types of rankings, it is best to work together with a professional search engine optimization company. Understanding Search Engines Numerous search engines exist, although the three Read more [...]

What Can You Achieve When You Ask Someone Else to Do it For You?

Have you ever considered crowdsourcing? It is an innovative new concept, but one that is quickly gaining momentum. However, just as with innovation as a whole, many businesses don’t quite understand it yet. They don’t know what they can achieve through crowdsourcing software. For years, we have been told that doing something properly means doing it yourself, and this goes some way towards explaining why many companies are reluctant to crowdsource. But in so doing, they miss out on a great deal Read more [...]

What You Should Know When Setting Up Your Startup Business

If you're in a position to finally be able to exercise your entrepreneurial spirit, now is a better time than any. There are so many newly arrived advantages to being a first time business owner that it really isn't possible for most to remember just how hard it was. The Internet has changed the landscape of the business world just as surely as it has left countless other indelible marks on our global culture. When it comes to setting up a startup business, it's still very much up to you to sustain Read more [...]

Key Elements of Reputation Management and Brand Identity

If somebody leaves a bad review about a person or a business online, it can be incredibly damaging. Luckily, through good reputation management services, they are able to mitigate some of this bad publicity so it does not irreparably damage their identity. However, this should be done by a professional reputation management consultant who has built up a large amount of experience when it comes to manage and improving their clients’ reputation and helping to create an overall positive brand identity. The Read more [...]

What to Look for in a Company that Will Help You Improve Your Brand Image

You can no longer get away from online reputation management. The fact that you must manage your reputation is no secret either. As a result, there are now thousands of companies that want to deliver reputation management services. So how do you find the reputation management company that is right for you? The Company’s Reputation If you are going to hire a company to manage your reputation, they will need to have a really good reputation themselves. You should be able to find out about how they Read more [...]

The unique qualities to look for in an SEO company before hiring it

Amidst the abundance of disreputable and spam companies which are circulating online, it can be an intimidating and frustrating experience to search for the perfect SEO company. SEO is indeed a long term investment and it has the power to either make or break your online image. SEO is a long term investment and if you do it the wrong way it can create enough harm to your online company. Hence, with your due diligence, you have to select the right company which can handle your SEO. There are some Read more [...]

Three Steps Vital to Online Reputation Management

Imagine you Google your name or your business, and you find a bunch of comments and reviews that are simply not true. You may feel like you need to run off in a blind panic. After all, what can you do now that you have a bad reputation? How do you make sure the damage is controlled and your business doesn’t suffer too mage? It may be time to hire a professional online review management consultant who will be able to assess what damage has been done, how many negative remarks are out there and what Read more [...]

Five Ways to Effectively Market Hotels and Casinos

Hotels and casinos took a hit during the recession due to the number of people out of work and looking for ways to save on vacations. Though the profits of those companies are now climbing again, some find that their profits are still low. Using some effective marketing tools and ideas can help hotels and casinos increase profits again. Use Real Photographs Online Hotels and casinos must have websites that give guests a glimpse at the facility and its amenities. Sites that use limited photographs Read more [...]