The Facts and Figures Related to Property Guardianship in the UK You should know about

The concept of becoming a property guardian has ballooned in recent years, and when you study the industry, it’s really not hard to understand why this is so. On the one hand, house or property owners get a very good deal: their property (often otherwise abandoned and not properly maintained) is taken care of and the tenant does indeed pay a small amount of rent (so there’s passive income). On the other hand, there are great advantages for the guardian – there’s lower rent and whilst there are various responsibilities, those with a goal benefit enormously. However, what’s really the deal with property guardianship? For those who are interested, here are the facts and figures related to property guardianship in the UK you should know about.

Why prospective guardians are attracted

It’s simple, really: it’s very cheap rent. Often the rent is only a fraction of what you would otherwise pay if the property were indeed to be let on the modern market. Not only are there perks when it comes to cheap rent, property guardians often report a drastic decrease in monthly expenses simply because by being a property guardian, they don’t have the opportunity to spend too much of their income. To put it bluntly, property guardians usually don’t live like kings, but they are able to put a lot of their monthly income into a proper savings account.

What guardians do

Property guardians are not really expected to ‘guard’ the property – they don’t always confront potential burglars or potential vandals. In fact, they are often discouraged to do so. Their main value lies in the fact that they are renting, and hence, assure that the property is not vacant. The owner of the property can easily prosecute anyone who commits breaking and entering, trespasses, or vandalises without prior permission. Often live in guardians also do maintenance and minor repairs, or report on necessary points of attention.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages to the property owner are that they have someone to keep an eye on the property and receive a small amount of compensation in return. The advantage to the guardian is cheap rent. The disadvantages? Hardly any from the owner’s point of view – a sober lifestyle from the guardian’s side.

For those who are still wondering whether or not they should become a property guardian, it helps to remember the following things: you need to have a goal – a specific purpose for entering the property guardianship scheme. There are indeed a lot of advantages for the guardian and the property owner; but there are some disadvantages as well, so it’s important to consider and weigh both against each other. It’s often a good deal, and it works. That’s proven. But it’s important both parties understand what they’re getting into.

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Can You Get Compensation for Your Work Injury?

You never plan for getting hurt at work so when an accident with injury does happen you may be shocked and confused at first. Your company will have a safety policy that dictates the steps that must be followed in treating you when an accident happens in the workplace. Your co-workers and supervisors will help you get to an area where you can be treated and can also call for outside help if your company medical personnel aren’t equipped to handle the emergency. You should try to remain calm and avoid other stress factors that can make your injury worse. Let’s look at how you can deal with an injury at work and the claim process you’ll have to navigate for compensation.

Accidents on the Production Floor

If you’re injured on the production floor, there will be other employees who can immediately turn off the equipment and get you to a safe location where treatment can be administered. You should be able to count on nearby co-workers who can attest to how the accident happened and what was done to make you safe and comfortable after it happened. As with all other injuries, make notes of the date and time, who witnessed the accident, and record any maintenance issues with the equipment and how they were addressed. The experts at suggest that you begin to collect data about the accident as soon as you are mentally and physically able to do so.

Jobsite Accidents

If you work in construction, you know the risks of working on a jobsite that is unsafe. As an employer in the UK, your company is required to follow certain safety procedures to keep you secure whilst you perform your regular duties. Always follow the recommended safety rules when working on scaffolding or when running heavy equipment that prepares a jobsite for construction. If you are injured, be sure to make notes about the training that you should have received but that wasn’t offered to you. Also pay attention to the condition of the equipment that you were using and make written requests for repairs or replacements that need to be made. By visiting the website you can see some of the injuries that qualify for claims for accidents whilst on the job.

Poor Housekeeping Leads to Falls

Work areas that are littered with debris, and items that should be stored properly, can lead to falls that injure employees like you. If every member of the team takes responsibility for keeping the workplace neat, clean and free from clutter, the number of accidents can be decreased dramatically. The maintenance team along with cleaning staff should make sure that all aisles and work spaces are properly maintained for a safe and secure environment.

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How to Find Premises for Your Fledgling Firm

There’s little more exciting than starting your own business.

You’ve discarded the corporate shackles, told your boss to stick his job where the sun doesn’t shine, and finally managed to get your own idea off the ground – but beyond the initial exhilaration, there’s a cruel world waiting for the wet behind the ears business owner.

Whilst a record 581,173 businesses registered at Companies House in 2014, more than half of new firms don’t survive beyond five years, with the UK tax system, day-to-day running costs, and stifling bank lending combining to kill off many small companies.

But your business is different.

Rather than crashing and burning in its first 60 months, it’s gone from strength to strength, hiring new staff and wisely investing its profits back into the company – and it’s time to move out of your pokey offices into something bigger.

Nevertheless, success often comes at a cost, so when you’re shopping around for new premises, there are a few things you must keep in mind to make sure you’re not spreading yourself too thin AND that there’s room for future growth.

Here’s a few pointers …

Find a Fixer Upper

Admittedly, when you’re riding the crest of a business wave, the last thing you want is to hit the shore with a shuddering shunt – and that’s what you think may happen if you were to choose a fixer upper over an all-singing-all-dancing property.

However, by hiring a crack team of shop fitters and a specialist cleaning company, you can take a ramshackle building and turn it into the workplace of your dreams – all at a fraction of the cost of splashing out on ready-to-go premises.

Use the Web

If you lack the patience for a fixer upper, it’s best to begin your search for a new property on the web. As with most considered purchases, the internet will furnish you with a smorgasbord of options, making your decision a cinch from the comfort of your favourite chair.

Indeed, by punching in your parameters on your chosen letting site, you’ll be given a selection of spaces that meet your price and square footage requirements – all you have to do next is find the time to visit the location to get a feel for whether or not it’ll suit the needs of your business.

Widen Your Net

If you can’t find anything in your preferred area (which is always a distinct possibility), it’s a good idea to widen your net and include other locations in your search. Indeed, this may even throw up the possibility of more footfall depending on where your new property is sited.

Be sure to stick to your budget, however, as the cost of a cavernous property can quickly slow your cash flow to a trickle if your business suddenly hits a sticky patch and finances begin to look decidedly shaky.

Good Cab Companies Provide Quality Customer Service

Good customer service plays a huge role in the success of an organisation. We are still currently going through somewhat of a financial hardship in the UK, and companies need to set themselves apart. This is why caring and looking after customer demands and needs, is even more essential.

Develop and Maintain Integrity with Honesty

A good business is an honest business. Even if there is a possibility a piece of honesty might affect the sales of a company, it is important to pride that above all else. This is because the longevity of a company is based on the reputation it has. An untrusted organisation will not make money forever. A cab company for instance, needs to remain trustworthy because it is so easy to lose a reputation. Some of these companies will manipulate their customers. When in fact, it’s important a company makes sure they make promises they can keep.

Politeness Can Go Such a Long Way

It is an extremely obvious suggestion to be nice to customers, but it’s a tool that is often not utilised. Numerous companies, and even whole industries do not practice this. Trade companies over the years have developed a reputation for messing around their customers. For cab companies, being polite is even more paramount due to the proximity to their customers. It is important that drivers make their customers feel relaxed and comfortable, because word of mouth advertising can be profoundly effective.

Take Time to Get to Know Your Customers

It is a must for companies to get know their customers. Gaining a familiarity with the people that regularly use their business can be very beneficial tool. The majority of customers across a range of different industries will purchase certain products and use a certain service because they are familiar with it. This is why cab companies need to create this connection with all new and existing customers.

Tailor Your Service to Their Needs

Every good business will tell you that they tailor their business to the demands of their clients or customers. For the most part, this may just be overselling talking. In premise this idea is perfect, but there has to be some sort of follow-through. For a cab company a great way to tailor the service would be to appeal to a new market with the help of a company like Cab Direct. Finding new markets is an important part of business, a tailoring your vehicles so they have wheelchair access could open up a whole new side of your business.

Why You Should Get to Know Felixstowe

The old saying goes: no man is an island and that is certainly true. But certain nations can be an island and in the case of the UK, that too is certain. But what an island! Blessed with verdant land, it has been able to sustain itself, at least agriculturally, for hundreds of years. Today, the influx of new arrivals from over the world and a modern economy which requires and expects more than just food and clothing, the UK has to look to the outside world to get many of the things it needs and wants. The most economical way of bringing goods into the UK is by sea, the same as it has been for a thousand years. Arguably, no port is better suited to accommodate ships from all over the world in the port of Felixstowe.




One of the Largest

Felixstowe is not just any commercial port: it is the largest one in Britain and definitely one of the largest in Europe. What does it take to rank amongst the largest? For one, the ability to handle a wide variety ships, from all over the world, and have all of the infrastructure necessary to load or unload all the cargo that is being dealt with. This means plenty of room, lots of cranes and dockworkers at the ready every time a ship comes in, or is getting ready to load up and leave. So how many ships can Felixstowe handle? It currently handles over 4,000 a year and if you stop to think about it, that is a very impressive number. If you assume that there are a few days out of the year when the port isn’t open, it implies that the port handles anywhere between 10 to 15 container ships day in and day out. If you have seen a container ship up close, they are not small, easy to manoeuvre ships either. They are behemoths and they carry a lot of cargo. And that cargo has to be loaded or unloaded and routed to its ultimate destination.


The Challenge of TEUs

Cargo ships and ports like Felixstowe measure the amount of cargo that they handle in terms of TEUs, which stands for Twenty-foot Equivalent Units. What it basically means is that most containers aboard the cargo ship are 20 foot containers, which are stacked on top of each other and spread out all over the ship. How much can a 20 foot container carry? It depends on how efficiently the container itself can be packed. Anything which is bulky and shaped irregularly, such as a car or a piece of machinery, cannot be packed terribly efficiently. But a container full of clothes can honestly be accommodated to maximize the available space.


Getting Your Orders Filled

Many smaller companies, who do not have the logistic requirements required and handle their order processing in-house, need to rely on a third party who will handle not only the storage, but also the logistics necessary to have their merchandise available when needed. Being able to count on an industry leader, like, can greatly contribute to any company’s sales success. Of course, when choosing such a company the ease of access to Felixstowe is an important consideration.

Starting Your Own Writing Company? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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With so many people in the UK starting their own businesses of late, you might well feel a little bit left behind, but don’t worry too much, there are still some amazing opportunities out there for hard working individuals just like yourselves – it’s just a matter of identifying them. You could spend all day reading through articles online about the most popular new ideas for startup firms, but in truth, these posts are hardly likely to contain anything useful, as people with the really good concepts tend to keep them close to their chests.


Even so, one thing is absolutely undeniable; starting your own content writing company could make you millions within only a few short years. Knowing exactly how to go about this can be tricky, by once you’ve got the basics down, the rest should be plain sailing. With that in mind, I’ve written this today in the hope of pointing you in the right direction and ensuring you make the right moves during the early stages, as this is when your business will be most fragile.


So, read through the following paragraphs at your leisure, and I’m confident you should be able to avoid any schoolboy errors and experiences the prosperity you truly deserve.


Building An Attractive Website


Presuming you’ve already decided on the type of writing your company will provide, the first thing you’ll need to do is build a fantastic, easy-to-understand website. It’s very difficult to operate a content firm these days without an online presence, as this is where nearly all of your potential customers or clients will be. Though you probably don’t want to spend thousands, employing the services of a reputable web design agency could be beneficial.


Recruiting Only The Best Writers


Most people chose to utilise freelance websites to find quality writers, and this is actually quite a good idea. Simply post a few writing jobs on their boards and judge the talent as the work comes in. Alternatively, you could spend some time browsing on social media zones, as many UK authors are currently being ripped off by mainstream publishers, meaning they’re on the look out for the type of work your company will be able to provide.


Contacting The Experts


If you suddenly find yourself with too much work for the amount of writers you currently have on board, then getting in touch with reputable specialists who provide UK essay services could be a good move. For the most part, these firms are designed to help students with their dissertations, but they could prove very useful to you when the only other option is letting clients down.


Using Effective Advertising


For a writing company, the best methods of advertising are either face-to-face or online services like Google Adwords. With the latter solution, you’re able to create ads and target them at specific groups of people in specific locations, meaning you should have no trouble getting work. Also, thanks to new features recently added, your banners and links will follow users around from website to website until they click and buy your service – this is very useful.


Well, I’ve got to head off now, but I hope you all understand just how interesting a fulfilling this industry can be, and I wish you the best of success in the future.


Catch you next time…


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