The Facts and Figures Related to Property Guardianship in the UK You should know about

The concept of becoming a property guardian has ballooned in recent years, and when you study the industry, it’s really not hard to understand why this is so. On the one hand, house or property owners get a very good deal: their property (often otherwise abandoned and not properly maintained) is taken care of and the tenant does indeed pay a small amount of rent (so there’s passive income). On the other hand, there are great advantages for the guardian – there’s lower rent and whilst there Read more [...]

Can You Get Compensation for Your Work Injury?

You never plan for getting hurt at work so when an accident with injury does happen you may be shocked and confused at first. Your company will have a safety policy that dictates the steps that must be followed in treating you when an accident happens in the workplace. Your co-workers and supervisors will help you get to an area where you can be treated and can also call for outside help if your company medical personnel aren’t equipped to handle the emergency. You should try to remain calm and Read more [...]

How to Find Premises for Your Fledgling Firm

There’s little more exciting than starting your own business. You’ve discarded the corporate shackles, told your boss to stick his job where the sun doesn’t shine, and finally managed to get your own idea off the ground – but beyond the initial exhilaration, there’s a cruel world waiting for the wet behind the ears business owner. Whilst a record 581,173 businesses registered at Companies House in 2014, more than half of new firms don’t survive beyond five years, with the UK tax system, Read more [...]

Good Cab Companies Provide Quality Customer Service

Good customer service plays a huge role in the success of an organisation. We are still currently going through somewhat of a financial hardship in the UK, and companies need to set themselves apart. This is why caring and looking after customer demands and needs, is even more essential. Develop and Maintain Integrity with Honesty A good business is an honest business. Even if there is a possibility a piece of honesty might affect the sales of a company, it is important to pride that above Read more [...]

Why You Should Get to Know Felixstowe

The old saying goes: no man is an island and that is certainly true. But certain nations can be an island and in the case of the UK, that too is certain. But what an island! Blessed with verdant land, it has been able to sustain itself, at least agriculturally, for hundreds of years. Today, the influx of new arrivals from over the world and a modern economy which requires and expects more than just food and clothing, the UK has to look to the outside world to get many of the things it needs and wants. Read more [...]

Starting Your Own Writing Company? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Image credit   With so many people in the UK starting their own businesses of late, you might well feel a little bit left behind, but don’t worry too much, there are still some amazing opportunities out there for hard working individuals just like yourselves - it’s just a matter of identifying them. You could spend all day reading through articles online about the most popular new ideas for startup firms, but in truth, these posts are hardly likely to contain anything useful, as people Read more [...]