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3 Ways You Can Take Advantage of a Global Marketplace

The rise of the internet and the increasing globalization of the worldwide economy means that more and more businesses are trying to find ways to appeal to customers beyond those who live in their immediate area. It’s easy to look to companies like Samsung, Apple, or Coca-Cola, that have achieved massive success across the globe and desire those same results for your own business.

Now, not every company necessarily needs to achieve this level of success. After all, a local cell phone repair shop hardly needs to appeal to customers on the other side of the world. However, many of the same principles that help larger companies tap into the global marketplace can help your small business find success too. Here’s a look at three tactics that can help you.

Speak the Language

It stands to reason that if you don’t speak the language of your customers, you aren’t going to be able to make much headway with your product or service. And these days, just about every retail store deals with customers who speak multiple languages. In Canada, French is the primary language for many residents. In the United States, the Spanish-speaking population has experienced significant growth over the past few years.

So how do you communicate with these customers if you don’t speak their language? One solution is to hire a translation service provider that delivers fast, accurate and reliable work. This enables you to quickly and effectively distribute your marketing messages and company information to customers who would have a hard time understanding English.

In addition, you can make a conscious effort to hire employees that speak a second language. By providing personalized service in the native language of your customers, you will stand out as a caring and professional business.

Know the Culture

Language isn’t the only thing that makes your global audience different. For example, each country has its own unique holidays and celebrations. Different religious and ethnic groups can also have particular interests or lifestyles that make them stand out from your everyday customers.

Because of this, it is essential that you are considerate of what appeals to this diverse customer base—as well as what messages could be ineffective or even distasteful. The better you are able to tap into the unique cultures of your global customers, the more likely you are to form meaningful connections and become an accepted part of the community.

For example, many American brands have found success by creating television ads specifically geared at Spanish-speaking audiences. These commercials are filmed in Spanish and are played exclusively on Spanish-language TV stations to make a direct appeal to these consumers. Similar methods of cultural engagement can yield big results for your business as well.

Understand the Market and Adapt

Any time there are language and cultural differences, the wants and desires of an overseas market are likely going to differ from those of your native customers. Because of this, many companies will adapt their products or services when entering a new country, even while maintaining a similar overall branding approach. For example, in Brazil, Kentucky Fried Chicken replaces its standard mashed potatoes side with the option preferred by local customers—rice and beans.

Companies that are most successful in this area typically use local partnerships—mentors, advisers, or even foreign businesses—that can guide them in which adaptations are necessary for success. The more willing a company is to adapt when necessary, the more likely it is to prove appealing to a wide range of customers.


Achieving success in a global marketplace isn’t always easy. But as companies utilize the language and culture of their diverse audiences and make adaptations to their products or services when necessary, they will be better equipped to reach a wider customer base than ever before.

Divorce Attorneys For Changing Times

If you are a man who is undergoing the painful procedure of separation, with the prospect of an imminent divorce looming over your head, you ought to know that you have the right to first class legal representation during your time of transition. While there is always a sadness in anyone’s life when they are contemplating the prospect of a marriage breaking up, there is also the ever present fear that a divorce may leave them in a precarious financial position, or even deprived of the ability to spend time with their children.

You’ll Need A First Class Attorney In Your Corner

In order to ensure that you can negotiate a clean separation, with a fair and equitable settlement between both parties, you’ll need a first class divorce attorney in your corner. The firm of Cordell & Cordell has earned a sterling reputation for its ability to represent men during their time of greatest need. If you’re not hopeful that your marriage can be reconciled and preserved, it’s time to think ahead to the future.

Hiring An Attorney Doesn’t Make You The Bad Guy

Hiring a divorce attorney doesn’t make you the “bad guy” – it simply serves notice that you aren’t going to let your rights be trampled on or ignored. If you have children from your marriage, you have every right to arrange for a full joint custody agreement with your ex-wife that will allow you to spend time with them. You have as much right to be a part of their life as anyone, so it’s extremely important not to allow your former spouse and her legal attorney to deny you that right.

Marriage And Divorce Laws Are Changing

You should know that marriage and divorce laws are changing rapidly throughout the United States. More and more states have adopted the basic “No Fault” premise of divorce settlement. This means that many specific details and individual features regarding the property held in common by you and your ex-wife are routinely divided in the most basic and peremptory fashion.

Unfortunately, while this can lead to a great deal of bitterness and resentment on the part of both former spouses, it is usually the male who bears the greater sacrifice on this occasion. In order for you to get the best possible settlement in your divorce, please contact our offices today. There is simply no time to lose.

How the Affordable Care Act May Lead to Higher Demand for Public Health Professionals

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by President Obama roughly three years ago. Since its implementation, families and health care facilities have received considerable gains or losses due to this change. According to the U.S. Department of Human Health Services, the ACA was signed to make preventative care — family planning and related services — more affordable and accessible for Americans.

health care

States Have the Opportunity to Opt Out of Health Care Reform

According to a CBS News article, “States opting out of Medicaid expansion could leave many uninsured.” The Supreme Court states this option when it clarified the parts of the ACA that do not need to be followed.

In a report published by the Geiger Gibson/RCHN Community Health Foundation Research Collaborative at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, a state-by-state analysis estimates that more than five million health care patients would have coverage if all of the states participated in the Medicaid expansion. However, half of the nation’s community health centers (CHC) are in states that opted out of the expansion.

Today, 25 states have opted out of the Medicaid expansion. Approximately 72 percent of the states that denied the reform are Southern states. According to this report, the result of these states’ choices to opt out left more than a million uninsured CHC patients that would have been covered under a nationwide Medicaid expansion.

Benefits of the Health Care Reform

The primary care reforms in the ACA, listed on Commonwealthfund.org, include:

  • Provisions for temporarily increasing Medicare and Medicaid payments to primary care providers
  • Fostering innovation in the delivery of care, with special attention paid to care models that will lead to better health outcomes and reduced patient-care experiences
  • Enhancing support of primary care providers
  • Investing in the continued development of the primary care workforce

The website states that if these changes are implemented effectively, the United States will be on the path to a stronger and more sustainable primary care system — one that not only will provide expanded access and superior quality but also will lead to better health outcomes for millions of Americans, while reducing future health costs for our nation.

A Need for More Health Care Providers

An effective health system only can function if there is a strong primary care foundation available to the people. According to Essentials of the U.S. Healthcare System, those who can obtain medical attention regularly are less likely to contract a serious illness as opposed to those who do not have access to regular primary care physicians.

A recent study has shown that half of all adults have difficulty obtaining access to primary care physicians. Delays to see doctors or nurses and receiving care after hours also have been problems in the United States.

Only 29 percent of U.S. primary care practices are available to patients during evening hours, on the weekends or on holidays, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

Population growth, according to a 2008 study found on Commonwealthfund.org, predicts that primary care physicians’ workloads will increase by one-third between 2005 and 2025.

How the ACA Is Impacting Primary Care

Commonwealthfund.org lists several provisions of the ACA that will impact the primary care industry, including:

  • Primary care reimbursement rates with Medicare will increase by 10 percent.
  • Medicaid levels of reimbursement will increase to about the same level as Medicare.
  • Thirty-two million more people will be insured.
  • Fifteen to 20 million patients with preventative or primary care coverage will be served by 2015.

Commonwealthfund.org also states that federally qualified health care centers (FQHC) will receive several benefits due to the ACA, including but not limited to:

  • $11 billion provided over a five-year period to expand the FQHC program
  • A new teaching-health-center grant program
  • Loan forgiveness for pediatric subspecialists and mental-health services providers

The ACA puts primary care facilities first to ensure Americans are getting the best health care available. This ultimately means that health care professionals are in high demand due to the way the ACA is structured. No doubt, new health care curriculums — such as those for Masters of Public Health programs — will be attractive to students seeking secure, lucrative careers.


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About the Author: Steve Burton is an economist who studies U.S. job trends.

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