GET THE BIG PICTURE » US THE GATEWAY TO SUCESS Thu, 18 Jan 2018 18:54:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Car Accident Basics You Should Know Tue, 21 Feb 2017 21:10:05 +0000 If we are to look at personal injury claims it is easy to notice that automobile accidents are cited in the majority of cases. In 2012 we had over 5.5 million car crashes reported in the US and the number is rising every single year.


Motor Vehicle Accidents – The Law

Christensen & Hymas highlights that legal claims appearing because of vehicle accidents will not be connected with negligence law. Operating automobiles automatically implies reasonable care. If vehicles are not used with a reasonable care, we are faced with negligence. If one person operates a vehicle in a negligent way and an accident appears, he is required by law to pay for all the damages, either to a property or to a person. An injured party is known as the plaintiff and needs to prove that someone was negligent and caused an injury.

Vehicle Accidents And Negligence

The party at fault in an accident is the one that was negligent. While you may know that someone made a mistake, it is not so easy to prove it in front of law. Attorneys normally take a look at various different sources in order to determine accident fault. This includes state traffic laws, witnesses and police reports.

Legal professionals analyze various factors when determining negligence. This includes: not signaling when turning, disobeying traffic signals, not taking weather into account, driving above speed limits, being under the influence of alcohol and disregarding traffic conditions.

Besides negligence, we also have other common automobile accident causes you should be aware of, like:

  • Reckless driving – reckless conduct has to be proven.
  • Drunk driving – blood alcohol tests are performed.

Drivers Are Not Always The Cause Of The Accident

In various cases we see that car accidents are caused by various factors that are not connected to driver conduct. As an example, one of the vehicles involved may have had a defect or a part might have become damaged. Suppliers or automobile manufacturers are considered to be responsible if their actions caused the car accident. Product liability suits are going to be started in this case.

Different other factors like malfunctioning traffic control signals or roads that are poorly maintained can cause accidents. A simple highway defect can cause a huge car crash that can be fatal for those involved. When lawsuits and claims are filed against a governmental body, there are specific rules that are to be applied. IN this case it is vital that you hire attorneys to help you win cases.

Legal Help

Whenever an injury appeared because of the negligence or the actions of a third party, you have to at least consult a specialized attorney. This is because the legal specialist is going to basically guarantee that the best possible result will be achieved. Legal professionals in this industry offer free consultations so there is no reason why not to profit from it. You will be able to find a highly experienced professional to help you deal with the complex legal matters associated with personal injuries appearing during car accidents.

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