The Pros and Cons of Investing your Money

If you're lucky to have come into some money, you may be wondering if you should pay off all your debt or invest your money. When it comes to knowing the best thing to do, the answer isn't black and white - it depends on your specific situation and your credit history. Anyone becomes an investor when they put money into assets that earn income. The general aim is to earn a return that’s greater than inflation. Certainly, having money saved is what allows you to take advantage of wonderful opportunities Read more [...]

5 companies that will help your finances grow

We have modern technology to thanks for the fact we now have even more ways than ever to increase the balance of our bank accounts. At times it seems like money is impossible to come by, (we’ve all been there!) but the following web-based companies can give people of all different interests and skills a way to make some money. eBay I’m going to assume you already know the basics of bidding website eBay, without doubt one of the biggest and best-known online retailers. The majority of users Read more [...]