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What to Do If You Have An Accident At Work

Whether you work in an office block, on a building site or in a supermarket, there is always a risk that you could have an accident at work. In this modern age most business take extraordinary steps to ensure that the work place is as safe an environment as possible but that doesn’t mean that accidents are impossible to come by.

Most people never think that will never have an accident at work but for their own protection it is worth preparing for the possibility that it may happen. There is a reason that top lawyers like Jeffrey Glassman are in the business of personal injury law and that is because there are still too many workplace accidents at work each year. Should this unfortunate incident happen to you, here is what you need to do about it.

Fill Out an Accident Report

The first step to take is to fill out an accident report as soon as the incident has taken place or as soon as you are able to fill out a report. The large majority of businesses will have an accident book where you will log exactly what happened, when it happened and where it happened. If there were witnesses who saw the incident take place then ensure that they too fill out their information on the accident report. This report is vital as filling out straight away will mean that the information is fresh in your mind and you can add all the relevant pieces of information.

See a Doctor

Even if you cannot see or feel an injury straight away it is still important that you visit a doctor, problems like concussion and whiplash may not be felt for some days after the event and as such it is best to seek medical advice sooner rather than later.

Report and Injury

If you have sustained an injury then ensure that you report this to your place of work as soon as possible, the idea is to ensure that every piece of information about your accident is logged in as you need to call on it in the future. Take a note from the doctor or hospital to prove your injury and take a photocopy and leave it in the file with your accident report.

Visit Your Union

If you are in a union then it will be a good idea to go and see them and gain some advice about what you should do. Unions have experts in fields such as accidents at work and they can give you the full run down on what steps you need to take.

Lawyer Up

If you feel aggrieved and that the accident was not your fault then you need to go to a specialist personal injury lawyer who can fight your case. The idea of bringing a case against your employers is not only to receive some compensation for what happened but also to help to avoid the same situation taking place for somebody else.


Top Jobs in Banking and Finance For You To Consider

If you love nothing more than getting stuck in to a good formal or high frequency equation or the buzz of global financial markets is what gets you going then you should opt for a career in finance. The financial world offers a multitude of jobs across many different formats and regardless of what your particular skills are, there is sure to be a job for you in the financial machine should you want it.

In order to attain the majority of jobs within the financial sector you will need to have qualifications which pertain to your chosen job as well as having high levels of math qualifications. If you think that a job in finance and banking is for you then here are some careers that you could choose from.

Financial Advisor

In the role of financial advisor you will be working with individuals and businesses in helping them to better manage their money. You could work for yourself in this capacity or work for great companies like Wells & Fargo or Springer Financial advisors in helping both your company and your clients, make better financial decisions. In order to succeed in this role you will need to be driven, knowledgeable, confident and have great communication skills. The salary for this kind of job can vary greatly depending on where you work and for who, that being said, you most certainly are not going to be on the breadline!


If you are someone who loves finance and has a great eye for detail then you could embark upon a career as an auditor, hated by many but absolutely necessary in the World of finance. As the result of years of cowboy-like behavior by some, the role of the auditor has never been as important as it is now. You will go into banks and financial institutions and ensure that they are doing everything above board. In this role you will be reading and processing a great deal of information and looking for discrepancies or unusual patterns in the way that business is being done. This is a role which could see you travel far and wide as lots of financial institutions use neutral auditors to ensure that there is no foul play.

Tax Accountant

Every single company on the planet should be legally paying their taxes and as such they will often seek professional taxation advice to ensure that they are not only paying the amount that they should be paying, but also that they are avoiding paying unnecessary tax. Within this role you will need to know the laws around company taxation like the back of your hand so that you can properly advise and help your client. To gain this job you will have to be great with numbers and to study hard in order to pass your tax exams which work in three levels. This is a job that will pay very well and such is the nature of taxes legality, you are sure to always be in work.

Top Tips for Pay Per Click

If you are trying to get your website listed, it may feel like it takes forever. Luckily, you can use pay per click (PPC) advertising to make everything go a little bit quicker. With good PPC management services, you can have a campaign set up that doesn’t just get you more traffic, but that, in so doing, actually pays for itself!

How to Set Up a Campaign

The best thing to do is work with a PPC management company to set up your campaign. However, should that not be possible, perhaps because you don’t have a large enough budget yet, there are a few things you can do yourself. Setting up your campaign involves:

  1. Researching a keyword list, making one as big as possible but that only includes keywords that are actually relevant to you.
  2. Make themed groups for those keywords and keyword phrases. These groups are known as ‘ad groups’ and will really help you to get more out of your campaign.
  3. Make sure your ads contain the keyword in the headline, and make a minimum of two ads in each group that are essentially the same, changing a single thing in either the ad text or the headline.
  4. Use a dynamic keyword insertion to target your URL. This helps to increase your overall quality scores.
  5. Always include conversion tracking, so that you can see which ads work and which ones don’t.

Managing Your PPC Campaign

  1. First use exact match keywords. Only spend a little bit. This shows you which keywords work best.
  2. Have a negative keyword list, which means the advertiser will NOT show your ads for certain keywords. This is really useful to make sure you don’t pay for irrelevant traffic.
  3. Tweak how much you want to pay for the ads, so that you spend more on the ones that get you the most hits.
  4. Split test your ads by showing them evenly. Once you have more than 100 impressions, you pick the ad that works best and discard the others – or invest less in them if they also work well.
  5. Pause keywords that don’t get clicks after at least 1,000 impressions. Keeping poor keywords live will impact badly on your campaign.

The most important thing is that you keep doing your research. Some people find that PPC is like a natural extension of their regular work, others struggle significantly with it. Either way, it is a significant amount of work, even if you find it very easy. Hence, once your campaign starts paying for itself, or once your business gets off the ground and you have a bit more budget available, it is better to hire a company to manage things for you. They are professional and will spend all their attention on your keywords, making them work for you, and effectively giving you a return on investment.

Once your keywords work in order to improve your rankings and get you traffic, you need to start using them to monetize. This is even more complex, as you will have to calculate at which point you will actually make a profit.

A Closer Look At The Current Business Approach By Charles Phillips

Charles Phillips is currently seen as a huge market innovator. His work has always been envied, especially because of the aggressiveness that is present on the market at the moment thanks to the work at Infor. Everything started with Charles Phillips previous role at Oracle. The acquisitions made then were huge. This is a strategy that continued at Infor and leads towards a constant growth that will most likely not stop in the near future.

Infor is quite different than the other companies that currently operate in the ERP sector, with Oracle and SAP as the main competitors. We can highlight 3 or 4 pretty significant differentiators. It is these differentiators that many see as being the reason why Charles Phillips is leading the company towards a success potential that is much higher than SAP and Oracle, although we are still a long way away at the moment.

An example of the differentiators appears in how many verticals appear or are potential. Infor and Charles Phillips is now interested in healthcare, retail, services and hospitality. We are faced with distribution type markets or manufacturing markets. Then, we have cloud infrastructures that are not approached as with the competition. Instead of remaining focused on building data centers, Charles Phillips, started to use systems that were already created. This is where the acquisition strategy steps in and offers exactly what Infor lacks. Some years ago we saw Phillips declaring that a part of the budget he had was invested in application functionality as opposed to creating brand new systems that would bring in overspending.

In fact, one of the biggest problems that we notice at the moment with ERP vendors is that they invest way too much in data centers. This is because of the fact that not much is obtained in return. The companies still run the data centers in an inappropriate way and end up being undersized without even realizing it that this happens. You want to be focused on making the right decisions in business. With this in mind, Infor is now being guided towards increasing efficiency and sustaining everything that is built for the benefit of the clients. Infor now uses many human services. The company actually shows this off. Thanks to the acquisitions made, we are faced with many interesting opportunities that are simply not available with the competition. This is what sets the work of Charles Phillips aside, even from when he was involved with Oracle. Instead of investing blindly in making everything better, the main focus was put on improving functionality. This brought in huge efficiency and made all operate better from the client’s point of view.

In the ERP industry we see many companies appearing and disappearing. The same can be said about the people that work in the market. Charles Phillips seems to be a name that simply does not go away and no Infor is taken to brand new heights because of the approach that he offers. It is definitely one that is interesting.

Understanding the Key to Successful Leadership

For a long time, it was believed that the key to being a successful leader was to have authority. More and more, however, people are starting to understand that successful leaders are influencers, not dictators. That being said, authority is also very important. Take Charles Phillips, Infor CEO and Marissa Mayer, of Yahoo!, master & mistress of their business respectively. Nobody could possibly say that they do not have authority, but they are also influencers.

The Key to Successful Leadership

What matters most is what someone’s goal is when they start to lead an organization. If they want their staff to be subordinates, working from compliance, then authority is needed above all. If, however, they look for commitment from their staff, they must be influencers. Those who work for a leader who is mostly influential will be far more committed to the organization as a whole. They are more likely to put in overtime, talk to difficult customers, and think outside of the box. That being said, the old fashioned ‘command and control’ model also had a lot to be said for, not in the least that things get done and they get done on time.

What is important in an organization is that everybody works as part of a team, and that everybody is respected for their individual contributions to the whole organization. People need to be able to speak, and be involved in coming up with out of the box solutions. People shouldn’t be told what to do, they should be influenced to think in the right direction. This leads to an effective, productive workplace in which people trust their leader and each other, work in collaboration, share information, and are open with each other.

If a leader becomes influential above authoritative, they will see their employees blossom. People will suddenly be able to really utilize not just their established skills, but their hidden talents as well. This is very important for the younger workforce, who are still finding their feet but therefore have some of the most interesting opinions on things. They are motivated, but they have also learned to be independent thinkers and they expect their leaders to be engaged with them on an equal footing. When they enter a traditional workforce, with a top-bottom chain of command, they often become distrustful, disgruntled, and effectively stuck.

A truly effective leader leads in the way their staff wants to be led. Sometimes, people simply need to be told what to do. Decisions have to be made quickly, and they have to be clear. Overall, however, true authoritative leadership seems to be a thing of the past. People have learned that leaders may know a lot, they don’t know everything. They look for someone who can inspire them and take them to the next level, by celebrating, fostering, and nurturing individual talent and paying respect where it is due. The key to leadership, therefore, is to be an influencer, but one who can switch back to authority if an emergency situation occurs.

Your Questions Answered About Gas Safety in Commercial Catering

When you run a catering business you need to make money, provide a good service, and ensure the health and safety of employees and the public when they are on your premises. One important aspect of commercial catering health and safety is gas safety. If you’re looking for answers about gas safety for your catering business, read on.

Why is Gas Safety Important in Commercial Catering?

Gas safety is highly important in a catering business. Making sure that your gas appliances are serviced, maintained and working correctly minimises the risk of fire or explosion, stops deadly carbon monoxide from being circulated, and provides a safe, comfortable environment for staff to work in and the public to visit.

What is the Law Relating to Commercial Catering Gas Safety?

The law governing gas appliances and services in catering is the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) as well as the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. This first law applies to the gas equipment you use in your catering business, which includes the equipment for cooking. The second set of regulations governs the use of gas and the systems that carry gas around the premises.

What Are My Responsibilities as a Catering Business Owner?

According to, you need to ensure that you maintain your gas appliances with regular services by commercial catering engineers. These engineers must be registered Gas Safe in order to work on servicing gas appliances. You should make sure that gas equipment is operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Proper training should be given to staff so that they can use gas equipment safely. And you need to keep a Gas Safety Record for inspection when needed.

Who Can Work on Gas Equipment in the Catering Business?

The only person who can service, repair or install gas equipment in a catering business (or indeed any other type of business) is a qualified gas engineer who is on the Gas Safe register. You can check that an engineer has the correct registration by looking on the Gas Safe website and checking ID when the engineer visits. The engineer must also be certified competent in terms of working on commercial catering equipment.

How Do I Know if Gas Equipment is Dangerous?

You can often tell if a piece of gas equipment is not working correctly when it has a yellow or orange flame instead of the regular blue flame. Another danger sign is yellow or brown, or sooty, stains that appear surrounding the equipment. A pilot light that always blows out and increased condensation are also danger signs.

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Can You Get Compensation for Your Work Injury?

You never plan for getting hurt at work so when an accident with injury does happen you may be shocked and confused at first. Your company will have a safety policy that dictates the steps that must be followed in treating you when an accident happens in the workplace. Your co-workers and supervisors will help you get to an area where you can be treated and can also call for outside help if your company medical personnel aren’t equipped to handle the emergency. You should try to remain calm and avoid other stress factors that can make your injury worse. Let’s look at how you can deal with an injury at work and the claim process you’ll have to navigate for compensation.

Accidents on the Production Floor

If you’re injured on the production floor, there will be other employees who can immediately turn off the equipment and get you to a safe location where treatment can be administered. You should be able to count on nearby co-workers who can attest to how the accident happened and what was done to make you safe and comfortable after it happened. As with all other injuries, make notes of the date and time, who witnessed the accident, and record any maintenance issues with the equipment and how they were addressed. The experts at suggest that you begin to collect data about the accident as soon as you are mentally and physically able to do so.

Jobsite Accidents

If you work in construction, you know the risks of working on a jobsite that is unsafe. As an employer in the UK, your company is required to follow certain safety procedures to keep you secure whilst you perform your regular duties. Always follow the recommended safety rules when working on scaffolding or when running heavy equipment that prepares a jobsite for construction. If you are injured, be sure to make notes about the training that you should have received but that wasn’t offered to you. Also pay attention to the condition of the equipment that you were using and make written requests for repairs or replacements that need to be made. By visiting the website you can see some of the injuries that qualify for claims for accidents whilst on the job.

Poor Housekeeping Leads to Falls

Work areas that are littered with debris, and items that should be stored properly, can lead to falls that injure employees like you. If every member of the team takes responsibility for keeping the workplace neat, clean and free from clutter, the number of accidents can be decreased dramatically. The maintenance team along with cleaning staff should make sure that all aisles and work spaces are properly maintained for a safe and secure environment.

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4 Steps to Becoming an Effective, Sought-After Business Mentor

 business mentor

Mentors are the cheerleaders, the leaders who show new talent the way. They pave the way to success and encourage others to follow in their footsteps — or to go their own paths to achieve individualized successes. A business mentor relationship can be just as rewarding for the mentor as it is for the mentee. Become an effective mentor and give back to the business community. Your guidance can make a real difference.

1. Earn an Advanced Degree

Although there are always exceptions, the majority of mentors in the business world are educated, experienced people with resumes that can hardly be contained on a single page. The higher and more specialized your degree, the more interest you’ll have among people looking for a business mentor.

Demonstrate your extensive knowledge and learn mentoring tips by earning an advanced degree in a program such as organizational development and leadership. With an emphasis on leadership, your graduate program will prepare you for becoming a more-effective mentor, not just to your chosen mentee, but to all of your younger or less-experienced colleagues at your company.

2. Sign Up With an Organization

As a businessperson looking for mentees, you’ve probably had access to a number of worthy candidates in your company or field. However, there are plenty of opportunities for establishing a mentor relationship outside of your network. Volunteer for mentoring through an organization, particularly the ones most relevant to your experience.

The U.S. Small Business Administration  provides resources for a number of government-sponsored mentor organizations, such as Women’s Business Centers and Veteran’s Business Outreach Centers, which are always in search of experienced businesswomen and veteran businesspeople, respectively. With various chapters across the country, these organizations may make you a more sought-after mentor because of your particular expertise. You can also explore organizations exclusive to your community if such places are available.

3. Strive for a Meaningful Relationship

When you choose a mentee, try to establish a meaningful connection. This doesn’t mean you have to find someone at the same company or in the same industry. A businessperson with ambitions somewhat related to your experience, even if she doesn’t work in the exact field as you, can make as productive a connection with you as someone in your field. For example, if you’re a minority business owner, another minority businessperson striving to start a business will look up to you, even if you work in finance and he wants to start a restaurant.

So long as you find someone who shares the things in business you most value — hard work, taking calculated risks and innovative ideas, for example — the possibility for an effective mentor-mentee relationship is present. Before you establish a long-term relationship, review prospective mentees’ resumes and take them out on an interview meeting. Part of becoming an effective sought-after mentor is realizing you can’t mentor everyone who’s interested because it takes work to create meaningful relationships with those few you choose.

4. Engage in Dynamic Activities

Meeting for coffee or a meal is one way to touch base with your mentees, but it’s not the only or most effective. Do something fun and active with your mentees, and word will get around that you’re not like the other mentors who just occasionally eat with people. Ideas for a mentor-mentee meeting, before, during or after which you can discuss business issues, include:

  • Playing a sports game
  • Attending a conference
  • Going to a theme park
  • Meeting in the park
  • Going camping together
  • Taking kids or grandkids out for a play date

To make sure your legacy lives on after your retirement, you need to do more than just focus on your career and business goals. If you’re interested in leadership, and if you’ve shown talent as a leader, do service to yourself and to the business community at large by becoming a business mentor. Look for mentees in your company, your industry or even in an entirely different field. Wherever there’s a budding young businessperson with drive and a passion to succeed, you’ll find your mentoring talents valued.


About the Author: Shonna White is a businesswoman and mentor with over three decades of experience at a Fortune 500 company.


The Seven Best Industries To Work In

Whether taking your first tentative steps onto the career path you hope will set you up for life or seeking a dramatic change from your usual line of work, knowing what route to take can be a difficult and daunting task. With such a diverse range of employment opportunities, each offering their own advantages, you may not even know where to begin looking. If that is the case, then here are a number of the most popular industries to work in and why so many people choose to make their living in this way. Continue reading…

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