The Advantages of Ecommerce Order Management Software

There was once a time when the only outlet for your products was your own sales team, who would manage orders and new client development. Those years have long gone thankfully, but the order system can be very fragmented now with orders coming in from retail units, distributors, ecommerce channels, e-platforms, and traditional orders from customers. Integrate as well different supply sources and your back office accounting functions and order management as well as inventory and receivables has become a logistical nightmare. However, ecommerce order management software has now simplified all of that

What Does Ecommerce Order Management Software Do?

Ecommerce order management software provides centralized advanced order and inventory tools which are integrated with EDI so they can interchange data with suppliers, customers and logistics providers. By integrating both order management and inventory and receivables along with accounting back office systems, there is much less duplication of work and a reduction of data entry.

By synchronizing multi-order types and automatically checking inventory status against customer demand inventory control is maximized and order management is accurate. Your should never have too much stock of one item, or run out of stock, if demands stay within reasonably limits set.

You will have end to end visibility of your inventory no matter whether you have one warehouse or several, or even if you utilize drop ship suppliers. Reports generated by the system, or viewed on the software dashboard allow you to see sales reports across multiple channels, measure inventory by items and quantities based on demand, availability, allocation and sales numbers. This allows you to monitor total product cost and landed cost from start up order through to sales receipt. You can then make decisions on future prices, customers who should be prioritized, and which products to discontinue.

By integrating order processing with EDI systems you have much better inventory control, with orders triggering instantly, and paperwork through to accounting reduced to a bare minimum, also alleviating manual data entry and admin time.

From the customers point of view ordering will be a more slick process as you can chose to give them live product availability data including quantities available, and estimated delivery times. This can support single SKU or bulk fulfillment for consumer and corporate customers.

Integration with Third Party Logistics & Carrier Solutions

Breakdown in order processing to fulfillment to customers usually lies in a breakdown in communication between the company and it’s third party logistics or carrier supplier. With order management software connected to EDI, this part of the process can be more compactly integrated, with the two companies utilizing the same data to instantly create and fulfill delivery data. Visibility across the supply chain allows the third party logistics supplier to manage capabilities in line with demand and throttle scale up or scale down with minimal cost or risk.

The end result to the customer is that they receive their product quicker, and are the ability to track their order, to see where it is in the delivery process.

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