The Benefits of Earning a Finance Degree

If you are considering which degree to choose from, one that you may want to consider is the finance degree. If you are inspired by people like Robert Stefanowski, and aim to achieve similar heights, it really is the only degree option out there. Let’s take a look at the particular benefits of completing a finance degree.

  1. You Will Know How to Handle Money

Budgeting is something most of us are not particularly good at. While you are likely to complete a finance degree for the career opportunities, the fact that it will enable you to truly master your personal finances is certainly a benefit. This is particularly true when you consider that most finance degree graduates take on high paying positions, where it is all too easy to overspend! People with a finance degree know how to build and create wealth, which is a great benefit to yourself. It also helps that you will know how to make the tax system work to your benefit.

  1. You Will Earn a Lot of Money

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, financial managers earn an average annual salary of $117,990 per year, which is some serious money. The top 10% of earners received $187,200 per year. If you specialize in certain business needs, and if you obtain an MBA or similar graduate degree, you are likely to find yourself in that top 10%.

  1. You Have Lots of Careers Open to You

Often, a degree prepares you for a very specific job. If you complete a psychology degree, for instance, you are likely to get to work as a psychologist for a health care department. But with a finance degree, you can work anywhere. You can choose between for profit, not for profit, and governmental organizations, and in any type of industry that interests you as well. It will never be difficult for you to find a job once you have a finance degree, because financial skills and knowledge are needed across the board.

  1. You Can Expect Lots of Promotions

While you are likely to start with an entry level position when you complete your degree, you will grow very rapidly, particularly if you keep your skills and knowledge up to date. Before you know it, you will be heading a department, moving on to senior manager, and perhaps even CFO. Some even go on to become CEOs, if that is something that interests you.

The finance degree is not the only degree that allows you to earn a lot of money. In fact, if you opt for law or medicine, you will earn a whole lot more. However, the finance degree is the one that allows you to accumulate wealth, work for whoever you want, wherever you want, and truly grow in your position. If you are looking to complete a degree that benefits you personally and professionally for the rest of your life, it should be clear that this is the one.

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