The Main Differences Between a Professional and Executive Resume Writing Service

Chances are you have written a professional resume at some point in your life. The term “professional” sounds fancy, but all it means is that you are applying for a position in which you have a few years of experience. These resumes are created to show that you are competent in the field and have some prior experience that is relevant to the job in question.


Writing an executive resume, on the other hand, is much more in depth. Those in need of an

executive resume writing service are applying for a high-paying position as an executive within a company. These people are prepared to run an entire organization; they have some additional skills and qualifications that a professional does not.


When looking into hiring a resume writing service, this is something you need to keep in mind. Do you need expert help for creating a professional resume, or are you seeking an executive position? Keep reading to learn about the main difference between profession and executive resume writing services.


A professional writing service will be significantly cheaper


This goes without saying, but a service providing professional resumes won’t cost you as much. This makes complete sense since an executive position is typically one that earns a 6-digit salary. A professional usually doesn’t earn that high of a salary from the get-go.


A professional resume is also much less in-depth and requires much less work to perfect. It uses standard formatting and should not take too long to complete for an expert. For these reasons, professional resume services tend to be much cheaper. Receiving help with your executive resume can cost anywhere between $400 to $600.


There will be a longer turnaround time for an executive resume


An executive resume requires more work, so obviously it will take a but more time to complete.

Most resume writing services will give you the exact amount of time required ahead of time, so look for this before investing. You also need to remember that the first draft probably won’t be the final one. Reputable companies like Employment Boost guarantee a 2-5 day turnaround for the first draft of your exec resume.


Exec services typically offer a 90-day guarantee (or at least the best ones do)


Depending on the company you choose and the package you purchase, you might be given a guarantee that you’ll actually land a job within 3 months. This 90-day guarantee ensures that the hefty payment is not all for naught. Professional resume writing services typically do not offer a money-back guarantee.


An executive service typically offers and all-in-one package


Not only will you receive several drafts of your executive resume, you’ll also receive other perks when you purchase the package. Here are the add-ons that are typically tagged on: interview coaching, complimentary cover letter, complimentary executive review, LinkedIn profile update, free thank you letter for potential employers.


Most executive services offer a variety of packages that can be specifically suited to your needs. You can browse around for different resume writing services, but one of the best in the biz with high success rates is Employment Boost.









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