The Most Important Benefits of a Media Cabinet for All Your AV Equipment

If you’re thinking that it’s just about aesthetics or being organised, then you’re like most of us and need to be enlightened about the benefits of a media cabinet. Don’t worry if you’ve never really given it much thought – simply stacking the components on top of each other can after all be a simple solution, and it works for most of us. However, what we don’t realise is that we’re actually harming the components in ways we don’t always notice. Or if we notice, we ignore it and shrug it off. Wondering what a cabinet can and will do for your entertainment theatre and other gadgets? Here are the most important benefits of a media cabinet for all your AV equipment, especially for your business.

The disadvantage of stacking up

There are many of them, but here are two which every person with minimal experience in installing electronic equipment will testify to: it’s a hassle with the wires because they seem to run into each other and get tangled easily, and the equipment tends to get hot quickly when they’re stacked up. Both are problems.

The cabinets and stands are flexible

Those who hesitate when buying stands are probably concerned with the fitting – the size of the components and their housing – but a modern stand and AV media cabinet are very flexible and can be adjusted to fit the size of the various components for that made-to-order sleekness.


The great thing about the cabinet is that everything is completely organised – and this is not only handy for when you’re explaining to your guests which thing does what, it’s a great relief when you decide to update and detach or attach components. This organisation will also allow you a much better advantage when expanding your base and adding other specialised equipment.


Your equipment is housed in a proper place, is not stacked up, and has some space beneath, at the side and above to ‘breathe.’ This is very important to combat overheating, and will allow your equipment to function better much longer.

And come on, it looks great

There’s a whole package, really – it makes sure that there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. It brings organisation and this organisation makes maintenance and cleaning a lot easier, too – it actually looks professional and well-taken care of. But more than that: the wires are completely hidden and pose neither an eye-sore nor a safety hazard. And don’t forget that (let’s just admit it) showing off your AV system is a lot easier when it’s displayed and neatly organised for anyone to ask questions about. An AV media cabinet is a must for every business.

Image courtesy of jiggoja/

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