The Motivations Behind Anura Leslie Perera

Anura Leslie Perera is no doubt a very successful man. Born on the tropical island of Sri Lanka, he developed a deep thirst for knowledge at a young age, and this curiosity introduced to him his three major life interests: engineering (especially aerospace engineering), philanthropy (humanitarian projects) and business development. He divides his present time between these three loves, but even then, still finds the time to thoroughly enjoy cricket and reading whenever he has some free time.

Leaving Footprints Around the World

Anura Leslie Perera has actually visited five continents. He caught the travel bag early. First, Anura Leslie Perera left his native country and moved across the globe to Africa to work in Zambia. There, he did work for Caterpillar, the heavy equipment and engines manufacturing company. As the company’s engineer and sales professional, he became familiar with various methods and equipment for mining, construction, road building and excavating. Anura Leslie Perera also left his mark in Southeast Asia, for he is also the chairman of the Singaporean aerospace manufacturer Raycom Aerospace Pte Ltd. Anura Leslie Perera also is a business development trainer for the Raycom Aerospace in the Middle East and various other locations. Recently, he helped to facilitate the signing of an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between Raycom Aerospace and the Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) to develop and improve the Al Ain aerospace cluster’s infrastructure.

Anura Leslie Perera’s Philanthropic Works

Not being satisfied with just making his own fortune, Anura Leslie Perera also aims to improve the lives of others. He raised money for the construction of the Nairobi Buddhist Temple in Kenya through the George Phylnormel Foundation. He dedicated the construction of the temple to the memory of Mr. George and Mrs. Normal Perera. The Theravada Buddhist sanctuary is deeply involved in humanitarian projects all around the world, helping victims of the Asian tsunami, Nepal and Haiti earthquakes, Philippines typhoon, Sri Lankan civil war, and so on. The Nairobi Buddhist Temple also offers meditation and dharma lessons in its meditation hall, books in its library as well as peace and quiet for anyone, regardless of faith or creed. The Buddhist temple is headed by Bhante Wimala, who often also travels around the world to gain more knowledge and understanding of the Buddhist faith. The resident monk, Vicita Sara Bhikku also takes care of the daily chores in the temple when Bhante Wimala is on his travels.

What’s Next for Anura Leslie Perera

Unsurprisingly, Anura Leslie Perera does not see himself slowing down anytime soon. He is too busy enjoying his own life and striving to always improve the quality of life of others. In the near future, he still sees himself supporting various humanitarian endeavors through the George Phylnomel Foundation as well as deepening his knowledge and involvement in aerospace engineering. It is clear that this is not a man who simply rests on his laurels. We are all looking forward to see and admire more of his successes.

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