The Seven Best Industries To Work In

Whether taking your first tentative steps onto the career path you hope will set you up for life or seeking a dramatic change from your usual line of work, knowing what route to take can be a difficult and daunting task. With such a diverse range of employment opportunities, each offering their own advantages, you may not even know where to begin looking. If that is the case, then here are a number of the most popular industries to work in and why so many people choose to make their living in this way.
best industries to work Education: Working as a teacher is notoriously enviable for the level of annual holidays you are often entitled to but there is also a great deal of satisfaction to be had from helping to educate the next generation and set them on their own path towards a successful career. With current calls for a revised education system in many places, now could be the time to help make a real difference in young peoples’ lives.

  • Recruitment: Why worry about finding the right job for yourself when your job could be helping recruit others? Large businesses are in constant need of new staff; permanent and temporary; on-site and from home but with little time to interview and evaluate all of the candidates, they often turn to recruitment specialists to do the work for them. With a very social and interactive working life, this is the ideal job for many people.
  • Food and drink: Most of us love food and see it as far more than simple fuel for the body. The idea of lovingly creating your own recipes and even running your very own restaurant is a dream for many people but even those who do not desire the stress of establishing their own business can find a hugely diverse range of jobs within the food industry to choose from. This is undoubtedly one of the broadest areas of work you can operate within, with something out there to appeal to almost anyone. 
  • Writer: Another diverse job title, a writer can choose to specialise in an abundance of different areas and can work in the form of anything from articles, reviews, and blog posts to novels, short stories and poetry. The perfect medium to express opinions, inform others and be creative, a writer can either work for a specific company or operate on a freelance basis; working from home at flexible hours.
  • Art and design: Undoubtedly one of the hardest industries to establish yourself in but one of the most financially and emotionally rewarding if you do, making a living through selling your own original artwork or custom designs is hugely satisfying, as it combines your passion with your career. This often tends to be a great option for those with a creative flair who have already set themselves up financially via an alternative career path, facilitating the move into this admittedly risky sector.
  • IT: working with Information Technology is ideal for those with a love for all things modern who crave being at the cutting-edge of design at all times. If data handling, communication and problem solving are your forte, this could well be the career path for you.
  • Real estate: A continuous growth in population will only ever lead to a rising demand for housing. With online brokers and agencies creating new ways for people to work in real estate and house prices in some areas still low, firmly establishing a buyers’ market, the property sector has never looked better in terms of employment opportunities. 
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