Three Concrete Ways to Improve High School Education

High school is an odd place. Not only are you expected to learn, but you have to play the social game and avoid getting stuffed into lockers. The student spends much of their time trying to keep up with their studies as best they can. Unfortunately they seem to be memorizing lectures from the teacher and information from the textbooks and simply regurgitating them back when asked. Teachers should be there to guide the students into better learning, not being the sole decision maker of what the students should and should not learn. Here are three concrete ways to instantly improve upon high school education.

Invite in Guest Speakers

No matter if it is a Math class, an English class, or even PE, each teacher should be inviting in at least one guest speaker every two weeks. There are several reasons to do this. For one, students tend to tune out the teachers after a few months. Bringing in a guest speaker can change things up and let them know how the subject, they are learning can transfer over to the real world.

For instance, if students are learning about engineering or manufacturing, bring in a professional that does these things for a living. They can provide the kids real knowledge about how to do this as a career. In fact, then the school could go about and invest in software that will prepare them for the next step. With a little assistance, the students can purchase SolidWorks Student Edition and can learn all about model-based definition (MBD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

Offer Online Courses

Online courses are becoming quite common in college and employers are allowing more of their employees to work entirely from home. Might as well prepare the high school students for this and let them see if they can be self-starters or not. Try them out with a couple online courses that will require them to do most of the research themselves.

Provide Financial Learning

Too many students emerge from high school and college without really knowing how those student loans and spur of the moment purchases are dooming them into a life of debt. Parents are not always sharing this knowledge, or maybe are struggling with it themselves, and schools offer very little “scared straight” real world information about financial decisions. It is past time that we educate students early and often about making smart financial decisions.

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