Three Steps Vital to Online Reputation Management

Imagine you Google your name or your business, and you find a bunch of comments and reviews that are simply not true. You may feel like you need to run off in a blind panic. After all, what can you do now that you have a bad reputation? How do you make sure the damage is controlled and your business doesn’t suffer too mage? It may be time to hire a professional online review management consultant who will be able to assess what damage has been done, how many negative remarks are out there and what can be done in order to stop this situation from escalating. Three strategies are most important if you want to manage or online reputation.

3 Strategies

  1. Ask the site owner to remove the content about you. Send the owner an email or other message explaining that the information listed about you is incorrect. This is generally easiest if the information is also highly inappropriate or otherwise not suitable for certain viewers. Unfortunately, however, if you have found someone who actually has a grudge against you, this won’t work. And it is not recommended to threaten to sue for libel as that only makes you look bad.
  2. Address the issue directly. If a negative comment appears and you have been checking it properly, then you should be made aware of the problem straight away. This also means that you can respond to the comments in the right way. There are many different ways of doing this and choosing between them tends to depend on the comments that are placed. You could Tweet, post a blog of your own, speak to the person who left the reviews, create a video and so on. If you are working with a review management company, they will be able to advise you on that.
  3. Ignore it. This is generally not a good course of action, but it can work. If, for instance, the comment is so ridiculous, ignoring it can be a good option. It can also be a good option if you have excellent SEO (search engine optimization) practices in place. This is because if you rank very highly yourself, the negative reply could be so far down the Google search results that people simply will not see it. Another reason why ignoring can be a good option is because taking action can at times lead to a heated debate, in which you will always look bad, no matter what the eventual outcome of the debate is. As such, you could actually damage your reputation even more by engaging a disgruntled customer. However, it is vital that you understand that the ignoring option is one to use with extreme caution.

Every situation requires a response that is applicable to it. This is why it is also so important that you work together with an expert in order to have a range of strategies available to you and to know which one to use in which situation.

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