Utilizing a Charter Bus Rental Service for Your Business

Are you considering using a charter bus rental service for your business? There are several ways to use a charter bus service, maybe you’ve not thought of all of them, but here’s some ideas to get you thinking.

Ways to Use a Charter Bus Rental Service

You can use a charter bus service in several ways, to get your employees to and from work, to move groups of employees around during their working day, or to pick up and drop off clients. Let’s discuss some of these in more detail.

Using a Charter Bus for Shuttling Employees to Work

Think back to your school days and its likely you were picked up by a school bus which stopped somewhere close to where you lived and then after picking up other students, dropped you off at the school gates. At the end of the day the bus driver ensured you got home as well. Imagine providing this type of service for your employees, they would love you for it. Not only would it save them time and money, but it would contribute to removing congestion from the roads and reducing the carbon footprint of your company.

It might be that your employees don’t live close enough together to provide a door to door service, but you could provide a secure out of city parking facility, which will be a lot cheaper to maintain that an inner city location close to your offices, where they can drive to and then board the shuttle bus. Not only will this same them time on their journey, and be a good alternative to public transport, but they will be able to relax as soon as they’re on the bus and start work, checking emails, phone clients or talking to their colleagues on the shuttle bus.

Using a Charter Bus for Moving groups of Employees

You may have a conference to attend, or a training day planned, an off site team building exercise, or an exhibition to go to. Why not put your team together on a bus rather than expect them all to make their own way to the venue. This will promote team building from the moment you leave the office, and will reduce travel costs for all, and fuel usage.

You could also use one for staff nights out or for taking the team to a restaurant or some place of entertainment for lunch or after work to treat them as certain times of the year.

Using a Charter Bus for Clients

Just as you may use a charter bus to move groups of employees around why not do the same with visiting clients or suppliers. It will allow your team to accompany them on their journey and perhaps take in some local sights, take them on a tour of your local facilities, and at the end of the day drop them off at their hotel, take them for a meal, or back at the airport for their journey home.