When Bosses Say Thank You

Awarding employees for their hard work should be a top priority for the success of any business. Employees create, sell, communicate, distribute, and market a company’s products and services. Employers who acknowledge their employees in special ways shows them that the company appreciates their contributions in supporting the values of a company’s mission statements. Many companies recognize the hard work that their back office and front office employees perform.

Back office employees are external service providers, marketing partners, sales associates, technical support, delivery staff, and others who are not located on site. Front office employees are the internal business site staff, from the receptionists to the IT office. Employees can be awarded symbols like a beautiful and affordable crystal trophy, a customized award, pins, certificates, and more. Companies understand that recognition of its employees is embodied within its core values. Large and small businesses offer awards in some of the following categories:



*most productive employees




*employee of the month

*partnership awards

Benefits of Employee Honors

Employees, in general, would like to hear or receive recognition and praise for their contributions. When employees are acknowledged, it has been proven that their productivity increases, they become more motivated, and their satisfaction is shown in their work improvement products and services. Who doesn’t want or need an “atta-boy” to help them feel better about their tireless efforts? Additional benefits in providing employee awards involve the following:

*Employees feel a sense of belonging

*Improves morale

*Enhances loyalty

*Builds a supportive work environment

*Improves employee absenteeism

*Less stress

*Higher satisfaction scores from customers

*Better cohesive teamwork

*Higher safety records

*Lower employee turn-over

Appreciating Employees Corporately and Nationally

Top brand businesses are using recognition techniques to reward their staff members for what they do every day to make the company look good. Acknowledging employees and partners is a corporate mantra. Corporate leaders like Mary Kay Ash is quoted as saying that there are two things that people want more than money and sex and that is praise and recognition. Dale Carnegie also once said that individuals work for money, but they perform more for recognition, praise, and rewards.

A culture of saying thank you is recognized as an annual event known as National Employee Appreciation Day. Employee Appreciation Day was created by Dr. Bob Nelson in 1995. Dr. Nelson was the Founder and CEO of Workman Publishing and who is now owns a motivational enterprise. It was his suggestion that took hold nationally in order for companies to give employees the recognition they deserve.

It was Dr. Nelson’s idea to celebrate this day annually, but to also remind employers to occasionally tell their employees and partners how much they are appreciated. Recognizing employees should not be an annual event. Frequency is an important factor. Studies have shown that 80% of employees who were recognized often felt satisfied to stay with the company. However, 42% of employees who did not receive recognition often felt unfulfilled.

Award Forms and Social Media

How does a business begin to reward its employees? Firstly, rewarding individuals or teams will not even affect your bottom line. Believe it or not, employees appreciate the acknowledgment no matter how it is awarded to them. One way to award the staff is through a program that was designed and approved by the employees. In this manner, staff peers will feel a part of the honorees’ award.

In awarding a staff member, executives must remember to personally remember the names of the individuals. Also, company leaders must be specific in acknowledging exactly what the individual or team members are being recognized for. Point out the value that staff members have added to the business and how their performance has increased the value of the company. If employers do not take the time to show employees that they are deserving of awards, then you can almost guarantee that they may begin to look for other company’s that will show appreciation.

Social media is playing a key role in honoring employees. There are programs that can be used on social media business sites that keep information private and only shows up on the corporate website. If privacy is not an issue, then Twitter and Facebook can be used to highlight employee accomplishments to enhance morale and to share employee success with family and friends.





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