Why Corporations Need a Video Marketing Strategy

Have you outlined a strategy for your video marketing efforts? If you are flying blind, you may not be effectively reaching your target audience with your video messages. Videos create a stronger, faster impact on consumers, but they need to be carefully planned and strategize to be as effective as possible. Here are some reasons why you need to develop a corporate video marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Statistics Prove the Effectiveness of Video

How effective is video? According statistics, 60 percent of people prefer watching video over reading text, and websites with videos have a 59 percent lower bounce rate than those that do not have video. People who view a video online are 64 percent more likely to make a purchase than those who do not. Video is effective, and that is why your corporation needs a video marketing strategy.

Videos Have the Power to Go Viral

Videos, unlike text, are designed to be viewed over and over. A video that is carefully constructed has the power to “go viral.” When a video is shared time and time again, it presents your message to multiple people and expands your audience. This can make your brand a household name. A viral video can penetrate a market more effectively than any type of printed word. Text marketing is not going to have this same viral capability.

Video Marketing Increases Engagement

Promotional videos, when done well, give your company more visibility. They will increase sales and inquiries, getting more eyes on your businesses. Quality videos will engage with your audience, so your company can better reach your market.

A Proper Strategy Is Essential for Success

All of these facts and figures point to the value of a promotional video, but they do not show the importance of a proper video marketing strategy. You need the assistance of a professional production company to create a quality, effective product. A strategy will also outline how to launch and promote videos as effectively as possible to reach the largest number of people with your masterpiece.

If you do not have a video production strategy, your company is missing out. Take the time to develop one today, and partner with a professional production company, and you will find your videos to be both professional and effective.

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