Why Product Samples are An Effective Marketing Strategy

Who doesn’t love free samples? As a business owner you might be reluctant to give out samples of your product, but it can actually be a very effective way to promote your product for a number of reasons. Here are some of the reasons why free samples make for a great way to spread the word about what you have to offer.

It Increases Awareness of Your Brand

When you are giving out free samples it will help to increase awareness of your brand, so that more people see what you have to offer. The more people become familiar with your brand name and your logo, the more potential customers you will gain.

Creates a Good Impression of Your Business

When customers see that you are giving out free samples, it makes them think that your firm is generous and giving. People are pleased when they receive free things and they like that you are giving them your product rather than trying to sell it to them. Most people respond positively to this and will be more open to purchasing from you in the future.

Shows Confidence in Your Product

If you are confident enough to give away samples of a product, it shows your customers that you believe in the product and that you think people will like it. This also puts your company in a good light and makes people interested in what you have to offer.

Gives the Opportunity for Feedback

Giving out samples of your products will encourage people to give you feedback as they try the product. If you are giving them the chance to try the product in person, you might even be able to receive some instant feedback about whether they like it or not. If you include a Twitter hashtag or handle on the packaging you will likely get some online feedback. Also if you have established the hashtag on Twitter you can retweet the positive endorsements which is a great way to improve brand awareness.

Cost Effective

A product sampling campaign is also a cost effective way to test out new products and see if they are effective or if there is any way that they can be improved. It saves a lot of money if the mistakes are corrected during the promotional phase rather than when the product has launched and is available on store shelves. You can simply create a small batch, then get feedback on the samples from that batch, and then use the info to fine tune your larger batch later.

It Can Inspire Customers to Switch

When it comes to things such as your toothpaste, shampoo, etc. most people buy the same brand every time and then just replenish it when they run out. However, if you can give these customers a free sample of a different product and they like it, they might consider switching over. If they do switch to using your product instead, you will have gained an ongoing customer who will keep buying again and again and again.

It Can Explain a Difficult to Understand Product

What if you have a product that is unique and difficult to describe. It’s not like most of the other products out there and it’s something that most customers will not have experienced before. These types of products are hard to market, because there’s not much to compare them to. Customers will be hesitant to buy something that is a little strange and different, but if they can try it out with a risk free sample it will be a lot more appealing to them. A taste or a demonstration is worth 1000 words and can give the customer an instant understanding of what they can expect from the product.

These are just a few of the reasons why product samples can be an effective marketing strategy when you are spreading the word about what your company has to offer. In order to make sure that your product sample campaign is managed effectively and that your products are marketed in the best way possible, you might want to consider hiring a Field Marketing Agency. These types of agencies are professionals and they are experts in the art of selling your product, so they will be able to put together a free sample booth that is enticing, exciting and very effective.

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