Why We Decided to Use Interdependence PR For Our Public Relations Needs

Two years ago we decided that it was time for our business to push for growth and to try and increase the visibility of our brand. We went to many business conferences where growth was discussed and it quickly became apparent that the best way to do it was to work with a PR firm. We decided to work with Interdependence PR after meeting with a great many companies, and in truth it was quite a difficult decision to come to. There were a multitude of reasons why we chose Interdependence over other firms, and here is how we made our choice.

Understood The Business

It was quite incredible to look at the different attitudes of various PR companies during our search and one of the main reasons why we settled on the team at Interdependence PR was because they instantly showed us that they understood us. They understood what our business was trying to achieve, they understood what our clients wanted to hear and most importantly they understood how to speak to our market. some firms we met with clearly had little understanding of the fintech market and given that the PR firm is going to be our mouthpiece, this was something which really concerned me.


We look to a service such as public relations so that they can help us to reach our goals using their creativity and their ideas. This is what I expected most firms to bring to us when we first met with them, yet a surprising number just didn’t show us any indication that they had been thinking about what they could do with our business. This is where Interdependence PR really won us over and from our first meeting with them they were throwing out ideas which could help to take our business to the next level. This not only showcased the creativity which they have but also the desire which they had to win us as clients. As it turned out we made a brilliant choice as this is a PR firm which is the real deal and which has taken our company to new heights.


The reputation of a PR firm is massively important and it is vital that you check that it out before you meet with any firm. You shouldn’t just be looking at what the firm says about their own reputation, after all they are specialists in bigging things up, which is of course why you want to work with them. You must ensure that you have found out whether or not the PR firm which you have chosen can actually do what they say they can and in order to discover this you need to do plenty of research and find out what previous customers have to say. In the case of Interdependence PR, we found a huge amount of positive information which we believed was enough to convince us that their reputation was very strong indeed.

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