Why Your Business Should Offer English Business Courses to Your Staff

All businesses know the importance of providing regular training to their employees. However, one type of training they don’t tend to consider is English. After all, if your staff all speak English as a first language, why would they need an additional English course? Well, you might just be surprised by the benefits a business English course can bring to your company.

What is a business English course and how can they help?

Business English courses, such as the ones provided by the T.T.I School of English Limited, focus primarily on the language skills required to carry out professional tasks more efficiently. Just some of the tasks these courses can help your staff to improve include:

  • Writing better emails
  • Answering the telephone more confidently
  • Making presentations and hosting meetings
  • Negotiating
  • Welcoming customers and clients

All of the above can be essential in your business. Emails for example, have become the number one way to communicate with colleagues, clients and customers. However, if they aren’t written in a clear, concise manner, they can take a lot of time out of the working day. Rather than just having to send one email, without good English skills, your staff could end up having to send multiple emails trying to explain their original point.

Ensuring your staff have excellent business English skills can help in all aspects of business. The more confident they are at performing certain tasks, the more productive they’re going to be.

Helping to boost profits and reputation

The biggest benefit you’ll get from enrolling your employees onto a business English course is an increase in both profit and reputation. Your staff are ultimately responsible for providing your products and services to your customers and clients. How they do this will reflect massively on your reputation. This in turn will have a direct effect on your profits.

Think of it this way – a customer or client is unlikely to return if they have experienced a poor level of communication. A good example is customer service. When a customer has a question, they expect to receive a clear, concise answer. If they don’t get one, they’ll go elsewhere.

At school, you aren’t typically taught much in the way of business English skills. Your staff may have a good grasp of basic English language, but this may not be helping them to perform to the best of their abilities. So, providing business English courses could prove to be a very valuable investment that could really boost staff productivity and efficiency.

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