11 Signs You’d Be a Great Entrepreneur

Some say that you’re born to be an entrepreneur—others will say it takes an acquired set of skills to become one. Nothing is certain, but it can’t hurt to try to be one. If you’ve ever dreaded going to work in the early morning or the dead of night, then being an entrepreneur may just be the right line of work for you. These are 11 signs that you’d be a great entrepreneur.

1. You’re always willing to learn new skills.

If you’re always trying or willing to learn a new skill then there’s a chance you might make it as an entrepreneur. Ask the python for finance Nick McCullum; he is a software developer, professional explainer, and the president of Sure Dividend, which is an investment research firm based in Houston, Texas. Nick runs his own website where he keeps a blog and also helps people learn how to code with computers.


2. You protect your income and investments.

When getting into entrepreneurship, you always want to protect your investments and have something to fall back on if your income begins to dwindle. If you’re currently not capable of working, you can look into getting income protection insurance. Income protection allows you to get up to 75% of your regular income if you are unable to work due to an illness or injury. This can help you with financial obligations as you deal with any problems during entrepreneurship. You can compare income protection insurance with iSelect.


3. You’re crafty.

If you’ve ever dwelled on how you could make or do something better with a product or company policy, then you’ve already got a great quality most entrepreneurs have, being crafty. This is how many actually had gotten into the business because they became fed-up with something and they took control of the craft.

4. You strive for achievement.

Do you never put the words “good enough” next to each other? Then you should really look into becoming an entrepreneur. A great feature of being a business owner is continually trying to improve success and never getting too comfortable.


5. You take control.

We are all guilty of wanting control sometimes. That’s something an entrepreneur always is, a take-charge kind of person. If people tend to have an easy time following your ideals and you also have that take-charge mentality then you might be a good fit as an entrepreneur.

6. You like to make your own money.

If you want to be rewarded for your accomplishments directly is a huge sign that becoming an entrepreneur is for you. Many business founders were fed-up with making the next man’s dollar and decided it was in their best interest to do it on their own.

7. You’re fearless.

While most common folks are fearful of running up their credit or leveraging their house and putting it all on the line. A true entrepreneur has no fear when it comes to potentially finding the next big pay off.


8. Challenge motivates you.

This means you don’t pass off the torch to coworkers when you’re confronted with a problem. This might be you if you look at obstacles directly and try everything in your power to solve those problems.

9. You’re good with money.

Managing money is no joke when it comes to owning a business. If you’re not careful with your expenses you can watch your money squander away in the blink of an eye.


10. You’re confident.

When starting off as a business owner you will have to raise a lot of money before your idea gets launched off the ground. You’ll need to be able to sell your ideas to your customer base and they will prefer to sell to someone that is confident.


11. You see the big picture.

Being an entrepreneur means that you don’t let the little things bring you down and that you rise above the rest. You’ll always need to plan 10 steps ahead and always look at the bigger picture of each of your projects. If any of these naturally come to you then you will most likely make it as an entrepreneur.