September 2013

The Seven Best Industries To Work In

Whether taking your first tentative steps onto the career path you hope will set you up for life or seeking a dramatic change from your usual line of work, knowing what route to take can be a difficult and daunting task. With such a diverse range of employment opportunities, each offering their own advantages, you may not even know where to begin looking. If that is the case, then here are a number of the most popular industries to work in and why so many people choose to make their living in this way. Continue reading…

Gadgets that Speed Up (or Slow Down) Productivity

We live in a high speed world. Everything needs to be done ASAP or before to remain competitive.


Good internet plans have become as necessary as the people who use them. The advent of Wi-Fi, smart phones and other gadgets that can access the internet on the go, means those even the daily commute to and from the job has become an opportunity to get more work done. But which of the many gadgets on the market are really cost effective?


Which ones actually boost productivity enough to be worth the money spent on them? Of course, exactly which gadgets will help you the most depends on the business you are in, but here are a few of the most and least effective in general terms.

  • Laptop computers – Once hailed as the salvation of the modern business person, these have become antiquated as newer gadgets have been created. They are big, bulky and require access to Wi-Fi hotspots for internet access. Leave the computers on your employees’ desks.
  • Smart phones – These little marvels allow your employees to keep in touch with clients, access the internet and can be synced to others devices to allow for seamless transfer of information. If used correctly, not just to view the latest viral video on You Tube, these definitely pay for themselves in increased productivity.
  • Multi-device speaker phones – These handy devices allow the users keep their hands free while maintaining clear voice communication. They work with any internet plans landline, cell phone or computer and can help keep the ideas flowing from many folks at once. Great for remote brainstorming.
  • Cameras – These come standard on almost every internet ready device. Once thought to be a detriment to productivity due to the distraction factor, (who wants to think about work when there are so many images to capture and send to your friends), the increased popularity of Skype and other live video applications have made them an essential part of business life. With these, conferences can be held with anyone, anywhere there is internet access. This saves a great deal of money and time wasted on travel.
  • Tablets – The size and ability of some of these devices to use connect to the internet makes these much more effective tools than even the smallest of laptops. They can be slipped easily into a backpack or purse and can be used on even the most crowded of buses or trains without the need for a tray table or lap. Make sure that the one you choose has a slot for a memory card or USB port to ensure that work done on the go can be easily transferred to other devices.

All of these devices are dependent on high speed, reliable internet plans to be effective. No longer a luxury, access to the World Wide Web is a vital part of any business that wishes to succeed in today’s high speed and global marketplace.

Before deciding on any gadget to boost the productivity of your employees, talk to your internet provider about available internet plans. They can help you find the one that best meets your workplace’s specific needs and offer helpful advice about how to best use your chosen gadgets to effectively to stay connected with your employees and clients.

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