May 2015

Combat Threats To Your Business

Keeping your business safe isn’t easy. You want to protect your investment. More than that, you want to see if grow.

There are some threats to your business that you may not have even known about before they tear you down. Combating the threat is only half the battle. The true victory is in anticipating it, and finding a solution before the worst hits.


Let’s walk through some of the common threats to your business interests.




The chief worry for any business manager. These people will eat your lunch out from under you. To make sure your competitors are put to rest quickly and efficiently, you need to be smart.


The product is your initial battleground. The superior product has the advantage. At the end of the day, results and word of mouth will do so much.


Advertising is all about hearts and minds. Capturing the attention of the public is going to lodge you in their consciousness. Make sure you hook yourself into them deeply.


Business strategy is where you need to make your mark. Don’t be sluggish to react. Be the market leader, not the market follower.


Supply and availability are the lynchpins to all this. If you cannot provide your goods or services, you cannot grow.


Make sure you are well staffed, or well supplied. Whichever it is you need. Without the product or service there at the end of the retail chain, you will go nowhere.


If the competitor has the upper hand, take it from them. In every way possible. Do not compromise in the name of competition.


It is you or them. Make sure it is them.


The Government


No, it isn’t time to pull out the tinfoil hats. Government can get in the way of you running your business for some reasons.


First of all, regulations relating to your product or service. What you can make it from, how much you have to pay, and so on.


This can come anywhere in the supply chain. From product development to retail or end-user service consumption.


Getting someone to performing lobbying duties for your interests can make your voice heard in Government. Sometimes the elected officials can be deaf to your plight.


When you have someone championing your cause, you’ve got a mighty tool in your arsenal. Make sure you use it and use it wisely.


It could influence the creation of laws, or alterations to existing ones.




This is quite possibly the largest threat to your business. While you may be confident in your skills and business knowledge right now, it could all change.


Nobody is on top forever. Some people can’t remain grounded. The success will go to their heads.


Falling behind trends and not modernizing is your biggest problem. When you become old and stale, your business will decline. Keeping it fresh and inventive is the key.


Moreover, knowing when to step back or step down is a virtue. No business is one person, especially if it wants to succeed into the next hundred years.

Divorce Attorneys For Changing Times

If you are a man who is undergoing the painful procedure of separation, with the prospect of an imminent divorce looming over your head, you ought to know that you have the right to first class legal representation during your time of transition. While there is always a sadness in anyone’s life when they are contemplating the prospect of a marriage breaking up, there is also the ever present fear that a divorce may leave them in a precarious financial position, or even deprived of the ability to spend time with their children.

You’ll Need A First Class Attorney In Your Corner

In order to ensure that you can negotiate a clean separation, with a fair and equitable settlement between both parties, you’ll need a first class divorce attorney in your corner. The firm of Cordell & Cordell has earned a sterling reputation for its ability to represent men during their time of greatest need. If you’re not hopeful that your marriage can be reconciled and preserved, it’s time to think ahead to the future.

Hiring An Attorney Doesn’t Make You The Bad Guy

Hiring a divorce attorney doesn’t make you the “bad guy” – it simply serves notice that you aren’t going to let your rights be trampled on or ignored. If you have children from your marriage, you have every right to arrange for a full joint custody agreement with your ex-wife that will allow you to spend time with them. You have as much right to be a part of their life as anyone, so it’s extremely important not to allow your former spouse and her legal attorney to deny you that right.

Marriage And Divorce Laws Are Changing

You should know that marriage and divorce laws are changing rapidly throughout the United States. More and more states have adopted the basic “No Fault” premise of divorce settlement. This means that many specific details and individual features regarding the property held in common by you and your ex-wife are routinely divided in the most basic and peremptory fashion.

Unfortunately, while this can lead to a great deal of bitterness and resentment on the part of both former spouses, it is usually the male who bears the greater sacrifice on this occasion. In order for you to get the best possible settlement in your divorce, please contact our offices today. There is simply no time to lose.

4 Interesting Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Every business wants to be seen and known by as many people as possible. It’s one of the fundamental cornerstones of a successful business. And here are 4 ways you can improve your brand awareness.


  1. Create a Unique Web Presence


Social media is a vital part of any business nowadays. It’s vital you use sites like Twitter and Facebook to create a following and make more people aware of your business’s existence. Don’t make the mistake of using social media to advertise too much though. You should take a more laid-back, casual approach and link back to your website casually.


Your website is equally important. It should be kept simple and easy to navigate. If visitors are left cold and confused by your website, they’ll simply leave your website and never come back. You should also make sure it’s designed responsively too so people can access it on their phones.

  1. Use Your Logo Effectively


Branding is essential if you want your brand to become better known. Think about it, ever successful brand you can think of has a stylish and recognisable logo. So, the first thing you need to get in order is your business logo. Get a professional designer to create it and then, once you’re happy with it, put it to good use!


You should make sure that you take every opportunity to show off your logo. That way people will come to associate that logo with your business. That means it should be sharp and simple. Put it on your marketing material and make sure as many people as possible see it.


  1. Send Out a Newsletter to Customers


Customer interaction is very important, and it’s not just about reaching out to new customers, but also keeping hold of the ones you already have. Because those customers who are loyal to you will be more likely to spread the word and tell all their friends about your business.


Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your customers. You should prepare a weekly or monthly newsletter to people who have used your business in the past. That way you’ll make sure that they are constantly aware of your business and don’t forget about you.


  1. Sponsor Public Events


How big your business is will depend on what kind of events you sponsor. If you own a relatively small business, you could benefit from sponsoring a local event or sports team. And if you owner a national or multinational business, you can sponsor something a little bigger.


Alternatively, you could put on your own event. This will give your brand an even bigger boost but will cost you more money and take a lot more planning and time. Make sure you browse Direct Event Insurance products if you decide to this though, as you need to be covered if something goes wrong.


People can only buy your products and use your products if they know about your business and what it does. If you’re still looking for ways to raise your brand awareness, follow these tips.

3 super tips to an accident free workplace

Does your workplace have spitting valves, sputtering contraptions, trailing wires and about as much natural light as an orc’s cave? Then, long story short, you’ve got some improvements to make.

Indeed, health and safety legislation dictates that every workplace needs to be up to scratch. And if it isn’t, you can expect your business doors to close pretty soon.

There are plenty of bosses who’ll try to shirk such legislation. Like old Victorian workhouse owners, they’ll let their staff tackle dangerous tasks without any of the appropriate safety equipment. But these cigar-toting villains will run into an accident claim before long.

To ensure you don’t make your employees and your profits dwindle, follow a few of these tips. They’ll keep your workplace on the right side of health and safety legislation.

Flames be gone!

Fire is a threat that few people take seriously. It lingers on the outcrops of our mind, a danger that only occurs to other people – all until you’re staring at a work premises reduced to ashes.

Yet people still act surprised when their building goes up in flames, despite not investing in adequate fire protection.

If you’re in a workplace with a high fire risk, start by investing in Durasteel, a protective barrier that slots neatly into your wall cavities, stemming the spread of flames for up to four hours. That’s plenty of time for you to give the emergency services a call.

And stock up on fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and alarms to aid the fight of fire before it tears through your building.

Listen up

A boss shouldn’t live in an ivory tower made of $$$ – they should be amongst their employees, listening to everything they have to say.

With your staff members’ input, you’ll know first-hand what safety improvements you need to make in your workplace.

Set up an open door policy at least once a week, giving your employees the chance to come and speak to you about their working environment. If they feel a little intimidated speaking to their boss, set up a suggestion box where employees can submit queries anonymously.

Know the rules

While most health and safety legislation is common sense, there are a few more complicated processes that could make your head spin.

To solve any quandaries, invite a safety expert to uncover any major danger hotspots. With a fresh pair of eyes, they’ll see everything wrong with your place of work and give you top-notch advice on how to fix it.

They might ask you for a reasonable payment for their work – but it’s nothing compared to the pay-out you’ll have to make when an accident claim comes calling.

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