July 2015

Things to Know about Making Agricultural Investments

A lot of people are told that agricultural investments are solid investments. However, unless you know the agricultural sector, it can be very difficult to know just what to put your money in. There are a number of different options available and it is important to learn about. Additionally, you must work together with a specialized bank, such as Steve Liefschultz’s Equity Bank, to have your financial interests protected.

Fundamentals of Agricultural Investments

Economics is all about supply and demand. The reason why agricultural investments are so good is because there will always be a demand: people need food. There are a number of interesting factors that will influence just how much demand there is likely to be in agricultural products over the coming years:

  • People consume more grain than is produced and there is now a critical shortage.
  • In 1961, 0.42 hectares of agricultural land were available per person, which is now just 0.21 hectares, a drop of 50%.
  • By 2050, the population of the world is expected to reach 9 billion.

Experts believe that agricultural land has to be increased by 50% in order for demand to be met. In reality, however, agricultural land has not expanded anywhere in the past ten years and the reality is that new land no longer exists. As a result, land, on which food is produced, becomes increasingly valuable. As a result, owning farmland is now highly profitable.

Further research has shown that if food prices rise, the value of the land of which it was grown rises as well. It is for this reason that it can be incredibly profitable to own a piece of farmland. It is believed that agricultural investments are some of the best investment possibilities around today, if supported properly. Indeed, the values of these types of lands have continued to rise, even during the recession when all real estate dropped significantly.

The reality is that agriculture has been the building block of life for the past 10,000 years or so. As the population expands, more land is needed to house people, but more land is needed to feed people as well. Owning land, or investing in any part of the entire agricultural process is a sure winner that is guaranteed to bring results.

Investing in Agriculture

Clearly, agricultural investment has a lot of potential. However, making actual investments can be somewhat more difficult. Unless you know of a physical piece of farmland to purchase and you have enough money set aside to make that purchase, it is more likely that you will purchase stocks, bonds, options and shares instead. As a result, you will need to speak to a financial adviser, a broker and a bank in order to make your investments.

Agricultural investments, overall, are a very safe bet. However, banks like the Equity Bank are there to help you simplify this process. They will ensure that your money is spent the way it should be and that your investments are profitable.

Why CPM is Becoming Redundant

Many online marketers believe that the secret to sales success lies in numbers alone. To some extent, this is absolutely true. Higher click-through rates and inbound traffic will naturally equate to the better chances of a conversion. This is one of the reasons that the term “cost per mille” was quite relevant in the past. Otherwise known as CPM, this is a figure that represents the amount of money that a business is willing to pay per 1,000 (hence the Latin term mille) advertising impressions. According to Google, CPM is a system that is best used by companies that are looking to increase their brand awareness. Brand awareness is an important idea to keep in mind. Why is this the case?

The Changing Landscape of Online Exposure

CPM strategies were heavily used during the days when pay-per-click (PPC) advertising represented a worthwhile revenue generation stream. However, these times have changed. There are a few reasons for this.

First, potential clients are much less likely to click on an advertisement in order to view a specific product or service. This can also be seen as a shift towards organic search results as opposed to paid promotions and banner ads. So, CPM has much less of a hold within the marketing industry.

The second trend that has effectively taken the appeal out of CPM is the “cost” factor. Companies will bid on this service in an attempt to capitalise on their brand awareness, but the same (if not better) results can now be achieved thanks to the rise of social media.

Less Branding and More Interaction

It actually seems quite odd that brand recognition was said to be the most advantageous quality of CPM bidding. On the contrary, companies are now looking for an INTERACTION with their demographic as opposed to mere recognition alone. This can hardly be achieved with inbound hits. Such success will instead be caused by real-time engagement, blog responses, social media exchanges and even automated newsletter delivery.

Putting the “Human” Back Into Data-Driven Marketing

While there is nothing inherently wrong with CPM, many feel that it has become redundant alongside other mass purchasing strategies such as programmatic buying. Online enterprises are utilising a scalpel to achieve their exposure needs as opposed to a broadsword. To put it simply, CPM has seen as being somewhat of a waste of time in reference to modern marketing methods. While it may indeed gain more impressions, it will NOT affect such key metrics as click volume, click-through rates and the cost per click.

So, we can see here that CPM has seen better days. Although these is nothing wrong with employing this as a small portion of an overall marketing strategy, relying upon this method alone will not produce the results that are desired. The Internet has taken a very humanistic approach regarding marketing techniques. CPM is simply outdated in comparison to more proactive strategies that are now being embraced throughout the digital world.

Design tips for physical advertising

Physical advertising is everywhere. Consumers are inundated every moment with demands on their attention – and they are selective about what they give it to. In order to ensure that your brand has the desired impact, it’s important to consider how you can make your advertisements stand out from the crowd.

Design is crucial when it comes down to not only attracting attention, but also projecting the right image for your brand. Check out our top tips below for making sure that your physical advertising is a cut above the rest:

Be welcoming

It’s important to ensure that your advertising is welcoming and friendly. You want to strike the right tone for your brand while still ensuring that consumers feel that this is a product or service for them.

Choose the type of signage that you feel best represents your brand’s image, and looks inviting to the consumer. It’s become increasingly affordable to create kick-ass physical signage for your brand, I recommend checking out the cheap exhibitions stands on this site if you’re on a budget. Express exhibition displays are the most reasonably priced provider I’ve found with sacrificing on the quality of the final product. There’s a great range of customisation so be sure to design something bespoke and memorable to suit your brand’s message.

Be clear

If it’s not clear what you’re advertising, people will very quickly lose interest. Consumers don’t want to hunt for your brand message. Ensure that your products or services are clearly displayed, and opt for clear, short text that tells the customer exactly what you’re about.

Remember, you want this to be eye-catching, easy to understand and easy to read, so avoid long word counts and opt for large, friendly text to draw in the crowds. Place important information in a large font, and place it in your customers’ line of sight.

Be bold

Now is the time to get creative with colours, lighting, interactive presentations and sound. You want your advertising to stand out, so make sure it has something different to offer.

This can be as simple as colourful spotlights in your brand’s colours, or as detailed as a bright and fun looped video presentation explaining what your brand has to offer.

No matter what you choose, remember that simplicity is key. You want your display to garner attention, but you need to keep things short and sweet if you don’t want your customer to lose focus.

Be remembered

A fantastic display is no good if it doesn’t differentiate you from the competition. Make sure that your USPs (unique selling points) are in plain view. Avoid rambling text and instead ensure that what makes you different is spelled out in a snappy and easily digestible format.

You’ll also want to make sure that your clever advertising display has your social media details well placed. Customers are unlikely to remember your business address, but are much more likely to ‘like’ your page on Facebook or follow you on Twitter, thus allowing you to reach more people, even once your physical advertising display is packed up and gone.

Overall, your exhibition stand is all about getting you noticed. Make sure it is bright, bold and clear about what you can offer if you want to have the desired impact on your target market.

Why You Need A First Class Business Website

When it comes to first class ecommerce web hosting, there are a great many companies offering such services on the Internet. It’s important to be able to distinguish between a fly by night pretender and a legitimate service provider.

You can generally judge the worth and veracity of a company by doing a reputation search on the web. Google the company’s name and read the various reviews that people who have done business with them have posted. It’s not hard to tell a bad deal after reading numerous bad reviews about it.

Why Do You Need A Company Website In The First Place?

After reading this far, you may well be wondering why you need an official company website in the first place? You may be thinking that, since your business is intended to serve the local needs of your community, you really don’t need to advertise on a world wide basis. But you couldn’t be more wrong.

The moment you put anything on the Internet, it is visible to an audience of millions. The same is true of your business. A well planned and executed official company website can reach millions of people all across the world.

What Can An E Commerce Website Do For You?

If you have goods and services that are for sale to the public, it’s an excellent idea to feature them on your company site. And it’s an even better idea to install a web store in order to do business with your customers directly over the Internet. A web store is easy to set up, and the rewards are immediate and very substantial.

Anyone from any corner of the world that has access to a credit card or a Paypal account can order your products directly from your web store. The moment they pay, the money hits your online banking account. The moment they pay, the money hits your bank account. This arrangement is an ideal one whether you actually have a brick and mortar location, or are doing business solely over the Internet.

Why Do You Need A Domain Host?

It’s important that you build an official company website as soon as possible. It’s also vitally important that you find a reputable and reliable host for your site. Domain hosting is extremely important because you certainly need a place to put your website. And you’ll need professional assistance when the site encounters glitches, interruptions, or other issues.

How To Find A Reliable Domain Host

As noted above, there are plenty of companies on the web that claim to offer the best possible domain hosting and service arrangements for the best possible price. It can be hard to tell which offer is really the best. Generally speaking, it’s best to go with the company that has the best reputation for customer service and quality.

For example, Network Solutions has been in the business since the very dawn of the Internet age. Whichever offer you choose, make sure you’re dealing with a tried and true industry professional.

How to hire a lawyer for your discrimination case

Have you been discriminated against when it comes to getting a job or promotion? If you have experienced this, you are certainly not alone. This situation is far too common in the society we live in today. Employers will often pass over people for jobs they are more than qualified for on the grounds of racial or gender bias. If you feel like you have been the victim of either of these, there is help. Employment discrimination is one of the areas that Donald Chidi Amamgbo specializes in. You should not simply accept the decision of a company to pass you over for a job that you deserve if they are doing so for reasons that are both unethical and illegal. You should stand up for your rights. Here is how to hire a lawyer for your discrimination case.

1. Ask people who have filed discrimination lawsuits

A great place to start looking for a lawyer to represent you in your discrimination case is to talk to other people who have required the services of this type of lawyer in the past. They will be able to tell you about the lawyer who represented them in their case. First of all, find out if the person won his or her case. If they did win, find out about the lawyer’s strategies and how much he or she charges. If you get some solid references, contact these lawyers right away and find out what they have to say about your particular case.

2. Go online

All attorneys have websites that will give you information about their legal practice. You can find out how long they have been in business, as well as what types of cases they handle. You should perform a search for lawyers who specialize in representing people in employment discrimination cases. You should be able to find several lawyers in your area who have experience in this field.

3. Set up some consultations

Before you can make your final decision regarding which lawyer will represent you, it will be necessary for you to set up some consultations to meet with each of the lawyers you are considering. These consultations will be completely free. They will provide an opportunity for you to become acquainted with the lawyer. You can explain your situation, then the lawyer can tell you if you have a good case. You can also discuss how much the lawyer will charge to represent you.

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