August 2015

How to Find Premises for Your Fledgling Firm

There’s little more exciting than starting your own business.

You’ve discarded the corporate shackles, told your boss to stick his job where the sun doesn’t shine, and finally managed to get your own idea off the ground – but beyond the initial exhilaration, there’s a cruel world waiting for the wet behind the ears business owner.

Whilst a record 581,173 businesses registered at Companies House in 2014, more than half of new firms don’t survive beyond five years, with the UK tax system, day-to-day running costs, and stifling bank lending combining to kill off many small companies.

But your business is different.

Rather than crashing and burning in its first 60 months, it’s gone from strength to strength, hiring new staff and wisely investing its profits back into the company – and it’s time to move out of your pokey offices into something bigger.

Nevertheless, success often comes at a cost, so when you’re shopping around for new premises, there are a few things you must keep in mind to make sure you’re not spreading yourself too thin AND that there’s room for future growth.

Here’s a few pointers …

Find a Fixer Upper

Admittedly, when you’re riding the crest of a business wave, the last thing you want is to hit the shore with a shuddering shunt – and that’s what you think may happen if you were to choose a fixer upper over an all-singing-all-dancing property.

However, by hiring a crack team of shop fitters and a specialist cleaning company, you can take a ramshackle building and turn it into the workplace of your dreams – all at a fraction of the cost of splashing out on ready-to-go premises.

Use the Web

If you lack the patience for a fixer upper, it’s best to begin your search for a new property on the web. As with most considered purchases, the internet will furnish you with a smorgasbord of options, making your decision a cinch from the comfort of your favourite chair.

Indeed, by punching in your parameters on your chosen letting site, you’ll be given a selection of spaces that meet your price and square footage requirements – all you have to do next is find the time to visit the location to get a feel for whether or not it’ll suit the needs of your business.

Widen Your Net

If you can’t find anything in your preferred area (which is always a distinct possibility), it’s a good idea to widen your net and include other locations in your search. Indeed, this may even throw up the possibility of more footfall depending on where your new property is sited.

Be sure to stick to your budget, however, as the cost of a cavernous property can quickly slow your cash flow to a trickle if your business suddenly hits a sticky patch and finances begin to look decidedly shaky.

The Benefits of Renting Equipment from Audio Visual Companies

If you run a business, you will know how important it is to have excellent audio visual equipment during presentations and conferences. At the same time, however, you don’t need this type of equipment on a daily basis. When you do have something as large as a product launch or as small as a senior managers’ meeting however, you will need high quality and up to date equipment to create a good impression and to properly get your message across. Yet, because of the reasonably temporary nature of your usage, investing thousands in buying equipment seems excessive at best. This is why you should look for excellent audio visual companies to rent the equipment from.

There are many different AV companies out there where you can get up to date, high quality equipment from. But just what are the benefits of doing this, rather than buying? Let’s take a look.


When you rent AV equipment, you will find that you save a lot of money. You will usually be able to choose from various flexible schemes designed specifically for your needs. For instance, you can choose a package deal, or even get a better rate by renting a lot of pieces of equipment. Plus, you can rent the equipment for anything from a few hours to a few months.

Expert Advice

The staff at AV companies is highly knowledgeable about their equipment. This means they can listen to your needs and goals and advise you on what equipment best fits in with those. All they need to know is what you are trying to do, in what room and to how big an audience, and they will work everything else out for you. They will also be able to tell you whether there are any special features that may make your event even better.

The Latest Equipment

Another really great benefit is that you will always access the latest technology. In the world of computing technology, something is out of date almost as soon as you buy it. So, if you rent the equipment, you will know that you always have the latest technology without having to constantly pay for updates.

The Equipment Comes to You

You also don’t have to worry about transporting your equipment. You simply tell your AV company where your meeting or event will be, and they will make sure they are there on time, with enough time left to set up the equipment and run you through how to use it. Similarly, they will come pick it up for you once you are done. Not only is this very convenient, it also means you don’t have to worry about insurance and security.


Finally, if something does go wrong, someone from your AV company will immediately help you resolve it. And if the problem can’t be fixed, the equipment will be replaced so that you don’t have to experience any downtime. And none of this will cost you anything extra.

Vistaprint: An Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

As an entrepreneur, marketing yourself to potential clients is of the utmost importance. Everyone you interact with has the opportunity to become a customer to your brand, but there are steps that you can take to entice a greater following.

Marketing materials such as business cards are phenomenal ways of sharing information about your business, but deciding where to print them can be a little challenging. Vistaprint is the perfect starting point if you are looking to for new opportunities to market your business. Here you’ll be able to order business cards and so many other marketing tools that will showcase your business to the highest potential.

There are many other options that you can utilize to market your business. One of the most crucial marketing tools that you can use to advertise your business is a website. In our modern society a strong online presence is essential to recruiting new clientele, and Vistaprint is prepared to help you get a user-friendly site off the ground. You’ll be able to customize your site with a variety of different themes and packages available to ensure that it best meets your needs. Remember that a well-functioning website is quite simply one of the easiest marketing tools to share with customers and that it can lead to secondary referrals as well!

Postcard campaigns are a fantastic way to get your name into homes in your target area. Unlike standard mail, potential customers will be enticed by a well-designed layout and glossy photos that reveal what you do. Vistaprint offers myriad layouts, sizes, and allows you the opportunity to upload your own design as you please.

Vistaprint is already affordable, but using Groupon Coupons, these promotional materials and services from Vistaprint will become even more affordable, meaning that you are capable of ordering multiple marketing tools on a budget! And for your other business and marketing needs, be sure to browse the Groupon Coupons site. There are more than 70,000 coupons for over 9,000 stores, and many deals are exclusive to Groupon users.

Be sure to check out Vistaprint and Groupon Coupons so that you can market yourself and your business to the best of your ability- and in the most inexpensive way.

Top 4 Insurance Tips for Homeowners

Insurance needs you to think about unpleasant occurrences such as car accidents, medical problems, and emergency home repairs. Although it seems pessimistic to ponder about such possibilities, it is vital to protecting yourself and your family against some of the unpredictable surprises of life. Here are several homeowners’ insurance tips to help you be prepared for any eventualities.

1. Understand how the claims process works

Two policies may offer to give you a similar amount of coverage, but they may differ significantly when it comes to making a restoration after a loss. Thus, let an agent to explain to you how they handle claims. You will also need to know if they give the claims upfront or just a fraction of it. You also need to know if they pay for everything you have lost, or just what you have replaced. Some policies may give you a cash value of what you have lost immediately after the loss, and they cover the cost of replacement after you have made the replacement of your items. Therefore, you need to provide receipts as evidence. Such kind of an arrangement may give you problems especially if you have no cash reserves and when you have been wiped out. You also need to know their replacement timetable and how long you have to replace your items.

2. Take an inventory

There are two steps involved in putting forth a claim: you have to prove that you owned the items, and also prove their worth. This is easy to do when you still have the items. Take a video camera and sweep through the house to get everything you own on video. Don’t forget the closets, basement, offsite storage locker, and attic. If you don’t have a video camera, you may as well rent one. You can also decide to make a list of what you own then take photos of what you have. Stash the videos or pictures in a safe deposit box with a copy of your policy. If you keep your inventory in your home, make a copy and give it to your loved one for backup.

3. Buy floaters

Sometimes renters and homeowners’ policies put a limit on the amount you can take on big-ticket items such as jewelry, fine collectibles, and computer equipment to only a fraction of the value of replacement. If this happens,you may choose a special policy known as an “endorsement” or “floater” for each of the items. And if you buy something new, keep the receipt with your inventory and mail a copy to your insurance provider. If it is an older item, have it appraised and then keep a copy, and send another to your insurance agent. Doing this avoids the worry of having to prove that you owned an item and any disputes about what they were worth.

4. Keep track of inflation

Knowing about inflation is vital especially with a homeowner’s policy. It may have cost you $80,000 to build your house eight years ago. But it might cost you 100,000 today to replace it. Most companies have inflation protection that covers the ever rising cost of rebuilding. Robert Rosenkranz on huffpo advises that when going to renew your policy, speak to your agent to confirm that your amount of coverage is still realistic. Also, when you improve your home, add this amount to the total.

When you are a homeowner, you need to be assured that in case of any unpleasant occurrence, you are fully covered. You will eliminate any worries if you follow the above tips to ensure that your insurance coverage is in order.


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