November 2015

Three Steps Vital to Online Reputation Management

Imagine you Google your name or your business, and you find a bunch of comments and reviews that are simply not true. You may feel like you need to run off in a blind panic. After all, what can you do now that you have a bad reputation? How do you make sure the damage is controlled and your business doesn’t suffer too mage? It may be time to hire a professional online review management consultant who will be able to assess what damage has been done, how many negative remarks are out there and what can be done in order to stop this situation from escalating. Three strategies are most important if you want to manage or online reputation.

3 Strategies

  1. Ask the site owner to remove the content about you. Send the owner an email or other message explaining that the information listed about you is incorrect. This is generally easiest if the information is also highly inappropriate or otherwise not suitable for certain viewers. Unfortunately, however, if you have found someone who actually has a grudge against you, this won’t work. And it is not recommended to threaten to sue for libel as that only makes you look bad.
  2. Address the issue directly. If a negative comment appears and you have been checking it properly, then you should be made aware of the problem straight away. This also means that you can respond to the comments in the right way. There are many different ways of doing this and choosing between them tends to depend on the comments that are placed. You could Tweet, post a blog of your own, speak to the person who left the reviews, create a video and so on. If you are working with a review management company, they will be able to advise you on that.
  3. Ignore it. This is generally not a good course of action, but it can work. If, for instance, the comment is so ridiculous, ignoring it can be a good option. It can also be a good option if you have excellent SEO (search engine optimization) practices in place. This is because if you rank very highly yourself, the negative reply could be so far down the Google search results that people simply will not see it. Another reason why ignoring can be a good option is because taking action can at times lead to a heated debate, in which you will always look bad, no matter what the eventual outcome of the debate is. As such, you could actually damage your reputation even more by engaging a disgruntled customer. However, it is vital that you understand that the ignoring option is one to use with extreme caution.

Every situation requires a response that is applicable to it. This is why it is also so important that you work together with an expert in order to have a range of strategies available to you and to know which one to use in which situation.

How to Choose the Right Reputation Management Consultant

If you have a business, it is likely that you are also online. Or at least, you should be. Now imagine that a negative review suddenly appears about your business. At this point, you will suddenly start to understand just how important your online reputation actually is. The best solution is to find yourself an excellent consultant who is also an expert in search engine optimization, before you are hit with a negative review. But even if you wait until the negativity is out there, people like him are there to help you mitigate the damage that is being done by the bad reviews and opinions out there.

The Importance of Reputation Management

The impact a single negative review can have is absolutely huge. The internet is a global place where anybody can find anything and nothing is hidden anymore. The problem is that it is also open. This means a competitor who is worried, an ex-employee with a grudge, or a customer who simply loves to complain can all spread rumors about you, true or false. This shatters your online reputation and could effectively mean the demise of your business. This is why you need expert consultants to help you push negative views away and ensuring positive content is very easy to find.

How to Find a Good Consultant

Good consultants make it their life’s work to improve people’s reputation. As such, that is a worry taken out of your hand. But you do need to find people like this. So, you need to find out who can have the greatest positive impact on what you do. Think about what you need to achieve and ask yourself a number of pertinent questions. For instance:

  • Is the consultant able to come up with a range of strategies and solutions that will rapidly push the negative reviews away?
  • Is the consultant experienced enough to choose a strategy that will actually work?
  • Will the consultant follow up on their work so that you are always aware of the content that exists about you on the internet?

A reputation management consultant has a huge responsibility towards you. They must be worthy of this responsibility, therefore. As stated earlier, one thing to look for is whether they are also SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts, as they are knowledgeable on how to get certain information – the positive reviews in this case – to the first page of Google. In so doing, they make positive pages more popular than negative ones.

Make sure that your consultant has a clear plan of attack that you understand. Make sure, as well, that they have made a correct assessment of the negative information that is out there about you. Do also review their work regularly so that you know whether or not their strategies are working.

Take your time in finding a consultant that has the most experience for your needs. Do not be driven by the price of their services alone. After all, it will cost you a lot more if your business gets destroyed.

Should you opt for a mortgage broker?

If you are about to apply for a mortgage very soon, then you would probably want to secure the help of a mortgage broker. You probably are aware of the fact that a mortgage broker makes it extremely easy for you to understand the entire borrowing process but you are probably not acquainted with the exact “way” in which they help you. It is very important to understand the functions of the mortgage broker before you are actually avail his help. So, here’s some help for you. Go through the post in order to find out more about mortgage brokers.

What do mortgage brokers really do?

It becomes easier for you to understand the functions of mortgage broker when you draw a parallel with that of the mortgage banker. A mortgage banker is employed by a particular bank and is aware of all the aspects of the mortgage products offered by that particular bank. Similarly, a mortgage broker is aware of the nuances of the mortgage products offered by various lending institutions. For example, when you apply for home loans offered by Newcastle Permanent, the representative of the bank (mortgage banker) will analyze your financial situation and suggest you loan schemes (made available by that particular company) accordingly. Similarly, a mortgage broker acts as the agent of several credit unions, banks, and private lenders. He can assist you in the entire borrowing process by assessing your financial situation and suggesting you an option from those made available by all these institutions.

How mortgage brokers have helped borrowers

There are thousands of borrowers who have used the services of mortgage brokers in general. They have admitted that getting these brokers on board has turned out to be one of the best decisions they have ever made. For most of us, mortgage remains one of the most significant investments made by us in our entire lifetime. It is extremely important to conduct research on each and every aspect of mortgage before we are applying for a scheme:

  • Should we opt for fixed or variable rates when it comes to home loans?
  • What are fixed or adjustable (variable) loans?
  • Who are the reliable lenders in the market offering home loans?
  • Should you opt for the services of the mortgage brokers? (The choice rests with none else other than you—however, you should not really settle for a decision without conducting proper research on the mortgage brokers—what they do, whether at all it is of any use to avail their services or not among other such factors)
  • What are the prevalent rates offered by different banks and lending institutions (Secure quotes from several lenders—it is just a matter of minutes when you are doing it online)?

Do not forget to conduct proper research before selecting mortgage brokers

You can already gauge the kind of research you have to conduct in a bid to settle for the right kind of borrowing option. If you are determined to settle for the services of a mortgage broker, make sure you are actually researching on the background of multiple mortgage brokers and then settling for one of their services. It is very important to secure personal recommendations from people when it comes to selecting mortgage brokers. And, be sure to keep these tips in view as well!

Relocating to London for Business?

London, the capital of the United Kingdom and England, is one of the largest cities in the world. It covers over 600 square miles and has a population of approximately eight million people. Once an ancient Roman settlement, it is now considered one of the most significant cities in the world concerning politics, fashion, culture, and finance. It is also one of the largest hubs for global business. Therefore, it is not unlikely that you could find yourself relocating to this massive city on your way up the corporate ladder. The following is some important info you should familiarize yourself with if you should find yourself in this situation.

Modes of Transportation

You can explore the city via at least nine modes of transportation. The obvious methods are walking, bicycling and driving by car or taxi. London also offers a subway system called the Tube, which runs 12 lines, seven days a week. Try the driverless train called the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) that serves parts of East and South East London. Trams and local trains run above ground along with over 8,500 of London’s famous double-decker buses. You can also board the River Bus to take any of the five routes they offer via the world famous Thames.

Food in London

English food doesn’t have quite the reputation gained by the French, but culinary delights definitely exist in this multi-cultural city. The “full English breakfast,” which is usually served as a hearty weekend brunch, can include eggs and bacon, sausages, fried tomatoes and mushrooms, baked beans, and a slice of blood sausage called black pudding. It also comes with buttered toast hash browns. “Chips,” or French fries, might also be included. Light, quick lunches usually consist of a sandwich or salad and dinner can range from Indian curry to sushi to spaghetti Bolognese.

Finances and Banking

The currency in the United Kingdom is the pound sterling. Numerous foreign exchange options exist throughout London, but the Bureaux de Change, usually situated inside a Post Office, travel agency or bank, is the most common. Credit cards, especially MasterCard and Visa, are perfectly acceptable in most of London’s retail establishments and eateries. Many Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), also called “cashpoints,” are located throughout the city. For those without a UK account, you could incur a surcharge to withdraw funds. You can also find a wealth management bank in London; they provide services such as portfolio maintenance and trading.

Things to See

The 150-year-old Big Ben Clock Tower refers not to the actual tower itself, but to the 13-ton bell housed therein. It was named after Sir Benjamin Hall, the man who ordered the bell. Other fantastic landmarks dot the city, including the British Museum, Tower Bridge, and Trafalgar Square. St. Paul’s Cathedral, built in the 17th century, was bombed during World War II but saved by firefighters at the time. It has one of the highest domes on any building in the world, which peaks at 365 feet. Of course, Buckingham Palace is a staple tourist attraction for most visitors.

Many printed maps and guides, mobile apps, and websites are dedicated to helping you navigate this amazing city. Explore the old as well as the new, as this ancient landing place for humans all over the globe has much to offer its inhabitants, permanent or temporary.

Opening a Pizza Parlor: Décor and Designs for Saucy Success

If you’ve decided to open up a pizza place, you’re likely focused on your menu and perfecting your pizza pies–the sauce, crust, and all the ingredients. Yet, it’s also important to plan out your parlor and its design as it will help market your food offerings. It should also be welcoming so that it attracts people to eat there. With the following tips, you can put together an exciting design plan that is sure to complement your delicious fare.



Pizza is one of those foods that is conducive to parties and get-togethers so you’ll want to ensure that you have space for larger groups. Many families enjoy going out together for pizza so you’ll need to ensure you have tables that can be easily grouped to accommodate the needs of your visitors. When selecting a home for your pizza parlor, be sure that your dining room is of an adequate size so that you won’t have to turn people away who are hungry for your pizza.



Heavy tables that are difficult to move might prove difficult in a pizza parlor because your wait staff will need to move them on a regular basis to accommodate those larger parties. Even so, you’ll need to choose sturdy restaurant table bases that can hold your table tops in place. You can choose any table-top design, but it’s best to choose materials that are durable and easy to clean. You’ll want to ensure that your furnishings hold up month after month so you don’t have to invest your pizza profits into new tables and chairs.

Decorative Theme


Many pizzerias choose to reflect pizza’s origins by decorating Italian style. Classic pizzerias of yesteryear featured wooden tables with red and white checkerboard tablecloths and wall art that that showed a map of Italy or major Italian landmarks. However, today, many new pizza parlors reflect a wide array of decorative styles. To keep things simple, you might wish to base your decorative plan on a color scheme or a decorative style like industrial chic. It’s a good idea to do some research to see how other businesses have designed their family-friendly restaurant settings.



While the basis of your pizza parlor is the necessarily going to be your food, tables and chairs, and service, you can enhance your customers’ dining experience by offering extras like a game area, which is often popular with kids. A pizza parlor in Washington DC actually features ping-pong dining tables for gamers who enjoy sparing before their food arrives. Your pizzeria might also feature a first-rate bar or a great wine selection. You can weave these ideas into your overall plan.

If you are in the planning stages of your new pizza parlor, be sure to keep these ideas in mind. Great pizza is always an easy sell, so if your pizza is delicious, you’re half way to a successful launch. Your space can complement your cuisine, so be sure to take your time so you can achieve the ideal design for your setting.

Marquis Fore is part of a team involved in multiple retail outlet openings. He likes to pass on his ideas and insights online and writes for a number of business and specialist websites.

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