April 2016

Stop damaging your bottom line with missed leads!

Missed Calls? Missed Sales, Missed Profit!

Did your business reach its full potential last year? Did you successfully answer every incoming sales call to your company?

Or are you missing calls coming into your business? In turn, does this mean you missed out on potential sales last month? This could be the big profit you missed out on last month.

Reveal your hidden profits

A bespoke telephone system can fix all this for you. Not only are you able to monitor and record all ingoing and outgoing calls for your business – they are also designed to keep callers on the line for longer, meaning your sales potential increases.

Call management solutions track and measure every that is made to and from your business. You can see a real-time breakdown of statistics for your calls throughout the day which you can use to manage your staff performance.

Identify trends as they appear

Identifying key trends can be make or break for some businesses which is why it is important to have a proper structure in place. For example, it can help you identify that your business receive the highest amount of calls at a certain point of the deal – this is where you may reorganise the team so that you have the sufficient quantity and quality of your staff to handle to calls at that specific time.

You certainly wouldn’t want those potential sales calls to go unanswered. At the same time, your system may help you identify the quietest times of the weeks in which you may consider limiting the number of staff on the premises at that time.

By recording and reporting such statistics helps a business to maximise their sales opportunities. It is important for any business; small, medium or large that they reach their maximum sales potential and waste as few opportunities as possible.

Likewise, if you have to put a caller on hold, it is important that they are not kept silent during their wait. This can be fixed by having either music or a message playing whilst they are on hold. All good business telecoms companies offer this service, or also supplying them with advertising on hold.

Callers hanging up so quickly would mean further missed sales opportunities, so it’s important to get this sorted out for your business.

Key Elements of Reputation Management and Brand Identity

If somebody leaves a bad review about a person or a business online, it can be incredibly damaging. Luckily, through good reputation management services, they are able to mitigate some of this bad publicity so it does not irreparably damage their identity. However, this should be done by a professional reputation management consultant who has built up a large amount of experience when it comes to manage and improving their clients’ reputation and helping to create an overall positive brand identity.

The Aspects of a Positive Online Identity

There are three elements to creating a positive online identity:

  1. Marketing
  2. Customer service
  3. Public relations

Looking first at marketing, this helps a business to create a positive and clear brand image from the word go. By having that clear image, it is also easier to develop a good reputation. This is what experts do for their client. They will achieve this through blogs, social media and more. Essentially, this is about creating an identity that is desirable, setting a company up to look like an authority and go-to source for a specific niche, product or service.

The second element is customer service. Businesses must at all times be responsive to any comments and feedback their customers leave, whether positive or negative. While it is generally the responsibility of the business itself to do this, experts can take on a lot of this work or at least show how it can be managed properly. A reputation isn’t damaged by someone saying something bad. Rather, it is damaged by not responding to that comment and hoping it will simply go away on its own. If a customer sees a piece of negative feedback, but they also see how a business has tried to address that, they will be far more willing to look past the issue itself. In fact, it has been shown that some people are suspicious of businesses that have never received a single complaint. The saying that ‘the customer is king’ and that ‘the customer is always right’ continue to ring true in the ears of many people. As a result, they expect to be listened to and responded to politely and professionally, even if they are being irrational.

Finally, there are public relations. Planning this strategy properly is vital to the protection of any brand. It helps to prevent damage and it helps to rebuild a reputation if it has been destroyed in the past. Good consultants will first start by looking at what the current brand images is and will then suggests ways of improvement. Much of this is actually SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work, where they will try to make sure anything positive about a business will be found before anything negative. Each piece of negative feedback has to be addressed by using appropriate strategies. It is also for this reason that almost every reputation management company is also an SEO company.

Thanks to the internet, people can find and spread information quicker than ever before. On the one hand, this is a positive thing because it means it doesn’t take as long anymore to build a positive reputation. At the same time, however, it has made it much easier to destroy a reputation and it takes longer to build it back up from there. Unfortunately, a comment may be slanderous, it may still be seen as true and end up destroying a business.

A popular method of creating a more positive image is by engaging in excellent SEO practices. On the one hand, this encourages businesses to address any negative issues that are out there, but it will also be about promoting all the positive elements of that company, so that those are found first.

Insuring Your Rental Properties the Smart Way

There are a number of reasons why you may decide to rent your home out, either on a short or long term basis. Depending on the scenario, the standard homeowners’ policy may not offer protection against all losses you might incur while the home is rented out, and you may need to buy a more specialized insurance policy.


If you fail to tell your insurer you have rented your home out, they might flatly refuse to pay any subsequent claims. Therefore, you should get specialist landlord insurance if you’re planning on renting your home. While some policies offer all these individual components as one package, some allow you to add on extras as you need them.

Landlord Building Insurance

This is vital because it protects the physical damages to the building. It protects the bricks and mortar that make up the property. In case of fire or a flood, buildings insurance will settle all the losses incurred, thereby giving you peace of mind. Most buildings insurance policies offer unlimited cover, so you will not need to worry about the rebuilding costs. 

Landlord Contest Insurance

This is another vital form of cover, especially if your flat is furnished. It offers protection to beds, carpets, sofas and other possessions from either damage or theft. However, this policy does not go beyond what you own. It cannot protect tenants’ property unless they buy a policy themselves. 

Landlord Liability Insurance

Personal injury claims have increased in recent years, thanks to the effort ambulance-chasing lawyers have directed towards persuading those who have suffered an accident or injury to make a claim for compensation. Some claims top £100,000, something that makes it necessary to protect yourself against litigious tenants. With landlord liability cover, you can often get up to £2 million of cover. 

Loss of Rent Insurance

If the property is damaged due to an accident or destroyed and you cannot rent it out anymore, the loss of rent insurance comes in handy to replace the lost income. This is vital especially if you have taken out a mortgage and the repayment of the loan depends on the monthly payments made by tenants. Loss of insurance cover can spare you the agony of losing your property over unpaid bills. 

Legal Expenses Cover

Dealing with tenants sometimes leads to disputes, which could go as far as evictions. In most cases, you need to seek defence against any criminal action tied to your relationship with tenants and people living near your property. Legal processes can cost a lot if the verdict is delayed. With legal expenses insurance, you can also recover any rent owed by tenants in case of a dispute. 

Landlord Home Emergency Insurance

Arranging emergency repair and adjustments can prove costly. The landlord emergency cover helps to settle all the costs emanating from unforeseen costs like a gas leak, pest infestation or pipe bursts. The policy covers all call-out charges, materials and labours and ensures a well qualified tradesman is on hand to sort the emergencies out. 

Looking Back at Air Compressor Designs

An air compressor is a helpful device used to supply power to a number of machinery. It has been used as a power transmitter in many types of construction equipment. It is actually considered as one of the break-through inventions that greatly help companies manage their machines nowadays. However, the air compressor goes a long way back. In fact, its design has changed significantly over the years.

The Vacuum Pump

A German physicist named Otto Von Guericke invented an air pump in 1650 and experimented on how to utilize air pressure. His experiment paved the way of further studies regarding air compression. In 1762, the “blowing cylinder”, the first compressor, was invented. It has a total weight of 14.5 pounds in every square inch. It was then improved by using water jets to cool down the temperature of the cylinders. It was at this time that the importance of controlling the temperature in the compressors to produce efficient results was realized.

The Pneumatics Tubes

The idea of using compressed air in construction works was not introduced until 1857 in the Swiss Alps. On both ends of the tunnel, compressors were used to distribute compressed air from one end to another. The transferring of compressed air from point A to point B led to the invention of these pneumatic tubes in 1901. The pneumatic tubes allow the air to travel without losing the power.

The Piston Compressor

As the people’s demands eventually required melting of gold, copper, and many more, the need for a more powerful air compressor was highly needed. Atlas Copco, a successful and reputable air compressor manufacturer, has begun supplying air compressor as early as 1901. In 1904, Atlas Copco introduced its own piston compressor design. The piston compressor was improved by David Roos in the hope of creating a compressor that was both efficient and lightweight.

It was around 1933 that the air compressor was successfully made portable by Herman Pyk and John Munck. It was at this time that the compressors could be carried and used in every corner of the site.

The Screw Compressor

In 1955, the first screw compressor was successfully built by Alf Lysholm and Patrick Danielsson. Five years before that, the Atlas Copco has experimented in oil-free air. It was only three years later, after the invention of screw compressor, that it was made oil-free. The oil-free screw compressor was made successful by Iwan Akerman.

The Portable Compressor

Since then, the Atlas Copco has become more successful in the industry and proceeded in producing more innovations in construction works. Atlas Copco is also the one responsible for the portable compressor, another type of oil-free compressor built in 1967. Because of its success, this particular invention became the standard compression product of its kind.

The Compressor with Variable Speed Drive

The latest compressor design was built in 1994 with the aim of saving more energy than other variable speed drive technology. There is no need to ask yourself, “What’s the best compressor for me? This variable speed drive compressor is definitely the ultimate choice. Its benefits include low power cost, low power surges, and constant pressure. However, just like the other types of machinery, it is sensitive to too much heat and moisture; therefore, it needs regular cleaning and maintenance.


Benefits of adding shopping cart services to your website

Humans throughout the years have tried to invent technology that will make their tasks easier and quicker. They strive to get more work done in less time. Time is money and money is everything in the world today. Everyone is on a race to get more financially stable and businessmen are trying to promote their own brand and companies. Using science and technology, people have tried to eliminate the gap of time and space, connecting people all around the globe. The Internet has played a major role in this effort as well. Now you can get all the information and entertainment you need, it is just a click away. You can pay your bills, handle your accounts, connect with people that are oceans apart and do much more just through the internet. As every part of life has some or the other part linked to the internet, why shopping field should be left behind.
In the past decade or so, internet shopping or online shopping has been the rage and is still on a constant rise. The Internet has made everything easy and fast paced for our human life. Similarly, many people have turned to online shopping. The reason is that it is much easier and convenient. In online marketing, shopping cart systems have been introduced. A shopping cart is a piece of e-commerce software on a web server that allows visitors or customers to an Internet website to select items for the ultimate purchase. The shopping software allows online shopping customers to accumulate a list of items for purchase. Upon checkout, the shopping cart software typically calculates a total for the order which may or may not include any shipping and handling charges. The additional charges and the associated taxes may differ from website to website and also from product to product. Now, you just need to log in to any website and order the items you want to purchase and put it in your shopping cart. The eCommerce shopping cart software will do all its work of calculating the total amount of your shopping cart.

Web site shopping cart created an environment in which web shops and online shopping were possible. The websites that provide these services should try their absolute best to securely service all of their loyal online customers. For this purpose they should use the best shopping cart software available in the market today. Visit the SecureNetShop.com for the easiest and affordable and most cost effective way to add shopping cart services and secure ordering capabilities to your web site. They have an exclusive shopping cart software features page that you can check out. These systems are built by efficient professionals to process the customers’ online transactions with the greatest amount of security possible. Many people buy shopping cart software to get an increase in their business and maintain it efficiently. SecureNetShop.com offers one of the most popular shopping cart solutions on the internet today so that you will be able to quickly and easily add a shopping cart system to your web site.

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