May 2016

What You Need to Know about NY Insurance Laws

Many Americans struggle with even basic concepts of insurance for a number of reasons. Without a doubt, insurance can be very complex and difficult to understand. What makes insurance even more difficult to comprehend is the fact that insurance laws differ from state to state. Simply because a driver is knowledgeable about insurance in one state doesn’t mean the knowledge applies for other insurance laws in other states. If you’re planning on driving a vehicle in the state of New York, here is everything you need to know about NY insurance laws.

Is auto insurance necessary?

Just as in all states, it is necessary to have auto insurance if you wish to drive in New York. In fact, before you can even register a car in the state of New York, you must prove that you have automobile liability insurance coverage issued in New York. A common trick that many drivers do is get auto insurance only to drop it after car registration. However, it is important to keep in mind that the DMV will suspend both your driver license and vehicle registration if you fail to maintain the coverage. Without a doubt, driving without auto insurance is a risky move that has severe consequences.

What kind of insurance do you need according to NY insurance laws?

New York insurance laws require you to have auto liability insurance coverage. There is also a minimum amount of liability that you must have to qualify for car registration. For a single accident, you should have $10,000 in coverage for property damages. You should have $25,000 in coverage for bodily injury and $50,000 for the death of an individual in an accident. $50,000 in coverage is necessary for the bodily injury of multiple people and $100,000 in coverage is needed for the death of multiple people.

Not only must your auto insurance coverage remain in effect at all times until the registration expires or is canceled, but it must also be issued in the same name as the registrant of the vehicle. It is not permitted for the name of the vehicle registrant to differ from the name of the policyholder for the auto insurance at any point in time. Out-of-state auto insurance is both unacceptable and out of the question.

How many names can there be on a vehicle registrant?

At most, there can only be two names on the registration for a vehicle. One registrant is deemed the primary registrant while the other is the co-registrant. Both registrants must sign the MV-82, which is the Vehicle Registration / Title Application. Also, both names must be present on the insurance ID card.

What do I need to register my vehicle?

Not only do you need an electronic notice of insurance to register your vehicle, but you also need the NYS Insurance ID card. Both are necessary to confirm you have the auto insurance needed to drive a car in the state of New York. Keep in mind that you must register your vehicle within six months of getting a policy with an auto insurance company. The “deadline” is based on the date printed on your NYS Insurance ID card. Just in case you are stopped by police officers, the NYS Insurance ID card can serve as proof of insurance. Therefore, you should keep a copy of the card in your car at all times.

While many drivers strive to learn more about defensive driving in New York and safely evading traffic, few are interested in learning more about NY insurance laws. Fortunately, the information discussed above should serve as a brief overview of everything you need to know about NY insurance laws.

Getting Your Business Found Online

You’ve just started your own local business. Now is an exciting time, but it’s also slightly terrifying; you’ve given up your career to start your own business and if it doesn’t succeed, you’re back to square one. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be optimistic and look forward to a successful future. Hundreds of businesses are started every day and many of them go on to become very successful, and there’s no reason that couldn’t be you.

Making sure your business is a great success depends on a variety of factors, such as hiring the best employees for the job who have experience within your particular industry. It also depends on you offering a great product or service for a competitive price. Plus, speaking of competitive, you’ll also need to stand out against the businesses who have the potential to put you out of it. Good marketing is essential to making sure your business is found – no matter how local your operations are – because it’s very likely your direct competitors are taking marketing very seriously.

One thing that we can say – which we believe to be essential when getting found online – is that you need to be listed on an online directory. Thomson Local is the go to directory for discovering a business near you, which means your potential customers are looking for businesses just like yours. However, being listed on Thomson Local carries more benefits than simply being listed on any online directory.

Online Directories Are There To Get Your Business Found

Thomson Local has grown over the years to the point where having your business listed on their website is a must. They want to get you found by your potential customers because their success depends on it. They do whatever they can, including working with a range of partners, to make sure your business is found to by your direct market.

When people are searching for your products, they’ll be looking for a business that sells your product in their local area. Making sure you’re the business that they find will go a long way to boosting your sales. Online directories receive millions of searches a month and they will go to all the lengths within their power to make sure your business is easy to find.

Another factor which makes being listed on online directories essential is the importance of search engine optimisation. This means – if you haven’t heard the term before – making sure your online presence is optimised to be found by your customers. Search engine optimisation is a process, and it’s no easy task. In fact, for the businesses who put a lot of focus into online sales, the process is pretty much never ending.

How Else Can You Be Found Online

Getting listed on online directories which receive millions of searches every month by people specifically looking for local businesses is – needless to say – a big factor that will help you increase your online presence. However, there are other things you can do and we’ll share a few tips with you in this article. We understand the difficulties of starting a business and sometimes it can easy to neglect your online responsibilities.

However, the internet is now a major part of most people’s lives, and for the foreseeable future, it’s likely to remain that way. We’ve all heard about the decline of the high street and the global financial crisis of 2008 is still causing problems for many. But that doesn’t mean now is the wrong time to start a business, it just means when you do, you need to be extra savvy to ensure success.

Make A Website

There are still many businesses who don’t have a website, but we feel in this century, having a website for your business is a must. Everybody uses the internet and some people see their local operations go national thanks to online sales. Plus, making a website can be done by just about anybody now, and one that looks professional too.

Think about keywords that people will be searching for to find your business and make sure they’re included on your website. Make sure everything is written without error, because people will doubt your professionalism if you don’t write correctly. Also, feature product images and descriptions that will attract the attention of potential customers.

Social Media

Most people use social media in some form, which means you could potentially reach a large number of people by marketing on the most popular sites. It doesn’t always have to cost money to advertise. If you can build up a following on the most popular social media sites, you can advertise and share news directly to your target market, for free, whenever you like.

There is if course much more to online marketing, but being featured on directories, being active on social media and having an easy-to-find website are definitely musts. Nobody wants their business to fail and see their dreams go up in smoke, but they don’t need to fail if you take online marketing seriously.

6 Great Emerging Economies for High-Tech Entrepreneurs

America has a deserved reputation as the hub of the global technology industry and a haven for young businesses seeking venture capital. In many ways, it’s one of the best places in the world to start a high-tech business.

But, according to an influential piece in The Atlantic, it’s actually not the world’s best place to start a new company. In an eclectic mix of emerging and developed economies, public policy is friendlier to entrepreneurs, and the private business landscape is more dynamic overall. Even countries not typically thought of as startup hotspots, such as Italy, put the United States to shame.

So if you’re keen on starting a new high-tech business, you’d be well-served to look overseas. Draw up your business plan, gird yourself against these common mistakes new business owners make, and decide which of these entrepreneurial destinations you’d like to set up shop in:

1. Vietnam

It took decades for Vietnam to recover from the ravages of the Vietnam War and rebuild an economy damaged by hardline Communist rule, but this southeast Asian nation finally has its groove back. With a low cost of living and business-friendly policies that reward foreign investors willing to create jobs in-country, it’s hard to beat Vietnam. Oh, and the food isn’t half bad, either.

2. Brazil

Brazil might be going through rough political times, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less entrepreneur-friendly than it used to be. According to Approved Index, more than 13% of Brazil’s adult population belongs to the entrepreneur class — nearly one in seven people. Lately, Brazil has been working overtime to attract foreign investors, offering expedited investor visas and permanent residence for business owners willing to pony up enough dough.

3. Thailand

Thailand is another super-entrepreneurial country in the heart of Southeast Asia. As wages rises on the Chinese mainland, lots of low-cost, high-tech production is moving south, and Thailand is a key beneficiary. According to Approved Index, Thailand’s entrepreneur population is roughly equal to Brazil’s.

4. Chile

Chile is a middle-income country with a stable, democratic government that has thoroughly learned the lessons of a decades-long military dictatorship. Most people come here for the stunning mountain vistas and beautiful beaches, but big cities like Santiago and Valparaiso are among South America’s friendliest for young, active entrepreneurs. Plus, inland Chile’s dry desert climate is ideal for specialized high-tech manufacturers, including chipmakers.

5. Romania

Romania has one of Europe’s most Internet-literate, code-savvy populations, despite a relatively low median income and per-capita GDP. Even if they’re headquartered elsewhere, high-tech businesses frequently tap Romanian back-office service providers and independent tech consultants for low-cost development and support work. Why not relocate the whole shebang?

6. Colombia

Reputation-wise, Colombia had a steep hill to climb. For decades, the country was known as a drug-infested cesspool — South America’s top cocaine exporter. A bloody civil war didn’t help matters, either. But that’s all behind Colombia now. The country is booming, with temperate Bogota and beautiful Medellin looking more and more like Miami everyday. With wages super-low and skilled locals hungry for decent-paying work, South America’s northernmost country is a terrific place to start a tech business.

Are you looking to start a business in an emerging economy? Which countries are tops on your list?

Three Reasons Online Payment Solutions Help Small Businesses Stay Profitable

In today’s modern business world almost every business makes at least a portion of its income from the net. Whether you are a traditional bricks and mortar used book store listing your inventory on Abe’s Books or you make a bit of cash on the side selling vintage dolls on EBay, the net has become the new equalizer. But for any of these businesses you still need to have a method of payment. For some businesses it remains the check in the mail. That may work, but using online payment solutions that work with your site is faster, safer and for many customers the preferred method of payment. Here are just three reasons that having online payment solutions should be part of your small business plan.

Reduces the Cost Per Transaction

While there are indeed some free plug-ins that you can add to your website, these will often charge the website owner a fee for every transaction on the site. This can make the smaller impulse purchases the web is so good at selling an expensive proposition. A steep percentage of the price can add up quickly, often making it unprofitable to sell on the web at all.

Worse yet, if you are successful and your business grows, so will your cost of sales. While it may cost you some money up front to add in a professional online payment solution, the savings in the long term will be well worth it. Transaction fees will drop to the floor as your number of transactions increase, making your decision to move from a “free” service to a professional level one a smart investment for your business.

Better Features Mean Better Business Options

Many of the better online payment solutions you will see available are geared towards the business to business class of transactions. What this means for you, if your primary business is in this category, is a solution that is better tailored to your clients. Many of these payment solutions offer a wide array of options that can allow you to create a payment option that works for your clients and the way they do business.

Remember that anyone who primarily works in the B2B sphere is looking for a smoother and more professional interface to encourage that view of their business for their customers. Making it easy for your business clients to pay you directly through one of many professional grade online payment solutions can upgrade the look and feel of your business.

You Receive Top Customer Service with Online Payment Solutions

When you download that free online payment solution, you pretty much get what you paid for with it. Getting anyone to help you through a customer service call will be a futile gesture and one that will in the end only add to your frustration if you are having problems with it. On the other hand, most professional online payment solutions will offer a top notch customer service experience because you are their customer.

They will work with you to resolve any problems and keep your business looking top notch and totally professional. Nothing says amateur business like a broken link or unresponsive payment systems on your website. In the end, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. This is true when it comes to online payment solutions as much as it is in everything else.


Know the Pros of Working as Litigator

Before getting into as litigator professional, one needs to understand the exact meaning of litigation. The profession deals with legal method of settling the controversies or disputes among people and organizations. In the process, the case is brought before a court of law to make it suitable to hear the case.

There are professional lawyers and litigators who have successfully taken this profession as career and are leading state cases. Jonathan Bunge is a litigator partner in Kirkland of Chicago. Over the years, he has tired over 30 cases and handled state & federal cases successfully.

There are different areas in litigations, and one such is civil litigation which is also known as Sport of Kings. Civil lawsuit is basically the suit that falls outside the scope of criminal realm. The civil lawsuit encompasses diverse areas like personal injury, wrongful death, employment law and others.

This litigation area is largely practiced by law clerks, attorneys and legal support staff. Moreover, it is the highest paying legal practice area among other law career.

Let us now check the litigation pros that should be known:

  • It’s rewarding to assist clients: During the course of litigation case, it is obvious that litigator becomes close to client. Clients keep in touch with the litigator regarding the progress and other information. This certainly helps both the parties to stay connected for long term.
  • Its pays of well: Attorneys who are specializing in civil litigation are paid well compared to other attorneys. In addition to the fees, they are also offered with compensation and other perks.
  • Diverse Work: While working on a certain case, litigator comes across general understanding about different process, rules and standard deadlines that are important to know. On certain days, the litigator may also perform duties including advising clients and researching on documents needed for the work.
  • Best Profession during recession: According to the study by National Center for State Courts, it is found that during recession the litigation profession was in rise and more number of cases were filed. This certainly shows that the profession has a great future.
  • Gives Opportunity for Trail Experience: One of the best things about this profession is you get the experience of working under courtroom, which attorneys and paralegals may take long time to get in. They advise clients and develop case strategies in the courtroom.
  • A transferable Career Option: Litigation offers a career switch option as it helps to hone diverse skills. These skills can be used in others of laws and legal options. The profession also helps in expanding general knowledge of researching and communication area.

Mastering into this profession depends on how the individual takes it seriously. Litigator can find it hard to get into the profession, as the competition in the field in increasing. So seeking advice from experts will be great help.

How to get money for your company

Securing financing for your company to help it grow is often not the easiest thing in the world to do. The good news is that there are several ways that a person can go about accomplishing this. It is sometimes just a matter of knowing where the money is and how to get it. Fortunately, the Internet is a fabulous resource to use in your quest to get the financing you need for your business. You can get a lot of useful ideas regarding how to approach this problem by doing searches on this topic. Here is how to get money for your company.

1. Borrow money from a friend or a relative

Your first option should always be to borrow money from people that you know and who trust you. This is good for you in a number of ways. First, you will not be under the gun to pay back the money by a specific deadline. You would risk losing your collateral if you fail to pay back a loan that you have secured from a bank. You would also be smacked with various penalties. Banks are very difficult to reason with. They want their money to be paid back on time. However, friends and family members will be much more understanding if you tell them that it will take a little longer than expected to pay back your loan. Also, you might be fortunate enough to have a friend or relative who will not charge you interest on your loan. This will save you an enormous amount of money.

2. Take out a loan from a financial institution

You may not have any person in your life who has the means or the desire to lend you the amount of money you are looking for. There is no reason for you to lose hope if this is the case. There are an enormous amount of financial institutions that would be very happy to give you a loan. This is assuming that you do not have horrible credit that would prevent financial institutions from doing business with you. It is very important that you shop around for your loan if you decide to go this route. The reason you need to do this is because the interest rates charged by banks and credit unions can tend to vary greatly. Being lazy and not comparing interest rates could potentially cost you thousands of dollars over the course of the loan. The Factoring Marketplace can help you with the process of finding financing solutions for your business. 

3. Sell a piece of your company

You may not be thrilled with the idea of selling a piece of the company that you started on your own. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. You might have a business that has shown an excellent potential for growth. If this is the case, there might be a number of investors who would be interested in owning a percentage of your company. The amount you choose to sell them will be a decision that you will need to make very carefully. This decision will have a lot to do with how much money you think the company needs to reach the next level of success. A move like this does not need to be permanent. You can always try to buy out your 
investors once you have achieved a certain level of financial success. Make sure you interview many potential investors to find the ideal people for you to be in business with. You want to go into this partnership with your eyes open.

4. Solicit donations online

There are now many sites where people can start campaigns to raise money for various reasons. People will ask for money for just about anything these days. There is no reason why you can’t do the same thing in an attempt to help your own business. Simply go to one of these sites where you can solicit donations from the general public. Explain what your business is and what any donations you receive will be used for. Give the public a very clear understanding of where their money will be going if they decide to donate. The best part of this financing method for your business is that you will not need to pay back any of the money. Also, the people who donate money to you will not own any of your company. You can use the money you receive without being obligated in any way to the people who donated it. 

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