October 2016

The Facts and Figures Related to Property Guardianship in the UK You should know about

The concept of becoming a property guardian has ballooned in recent years, and when you study the industry, it’s really not hard to understand why this is so. On the one hand, house or property owners get a very good deal: their property (often otherwise abandoned and not properly maintained) is taken care of and the tenant does indeed pay a small amount of rent (so there’s passive income). On the other hand, there are great advantages for the guardian – there’s lower rent and whilst there are various responsibilities, those with a goal benefit enormously. However, what’s really the deal with property guardianship? For those who are interested, here are the facts and figures related to property guardianship in the UK you should know about.

Why prospective guardians are attracted

It’s simple, really: it’s very cheap rent. Often the rent is only a fraction of what you would otherwise pay if the property were indeed to be let on the modern market. Not only are there perks when it comes to cheap rent, property guardians often report a drastic decrease in monthly expenses simply because by being a property guardian, they don’t have the opportunity to spend too much of their income. To put it bluntly, property guardians usually don’t live like kings, but they are able to put a lot of their monthly income into a proper savings account.

What guardians do

Property guardians are not really expected to ‘guard’ the property – they don’t always confront potential burglars or potential vandals. In fact, they are often discouraged to do so. Their main value lies in the fact that they are renting, and hence, assure that the property is not vacant. The owner of the property can easily prosecute anyone who commits breaking and entering, trespasses, or vandalises without prior permission. Often live in guardians also do maintenance and minor repairs, or report on necessary points of attention.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages to the property owner are that they have someone to keep an eye on the property and receive a small amount of compensation in return. The advantage to the guardian is cheap rent. The disadvantages? Hardly any from the owner’s point of view – a sober lifestyle from the guardian’s side.

For those who are still wondering whether or not they should become a property guardian, it helps to remember the following things: you need to have a goal – a specific purpose for entering the property guardianship scheme. There are indeed a lot of advantages for the guardian and the property owner; but there are some disadvantages as well, so it’s important to consider and weigh both against each other. It’s often a good deal, and it works. That’s proven. But it’s important both parties understand what they’re getting into.

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4 Vital questions to ask before hiring an AdWords consultant for your company

Managing a website which is highly ranked might seem to be a full-time job for a company and it is often a demanding job. Perhaps this is the biggest reason behind so many companies hiring professionals who can take care of website management while you take care of all the other business values. Google AdWords, to be more particular, can be indeed time-consuming, more so if you’re not pretty acquainted with the platform and its ways. To make matters worse, if you have already set up an account with AdWords and then you’ve been ignoring it, you would probably been throwing your dollars away by not having your PPC campaign optimized properly.

When you hire a certified professional, they handle everything from planning to organization to maintenance and on-going optimization to ensure that your dollars are put to optimum use. Nevertheless, before hiring a person or a company and assigning them tasks, you should direct the following questions to them. Check out some vital queries to make to your prospective AdWords pro.

Question #1: Are you a certified professional with Google AdWords?

Remember that Google certification is given only when a person has passed his exams. Scores of 85% and above, warrant you a certificate from Google. Even members of Google Partners go through a quarterly training from Google to make sure their knowledge and skills are constantly refreshed and updated. Google exams have evolved over time to not only evaluate the technical side of Google but to also realize growth and profits from a blog or website.

Question #2: How often should I get reports from you?

Majority of the AdWords consultants offer reports once in a month. When you ask this question, the main point is to ensure that the consultant company you hire will always keep you in the loop as long as they handle your advertising campaign. You would want to be sure about data points like number of clicks, total ad spend, click through rate and the total number of conversions. You may even ask them to tell you the cost-per-acquisition for your ad campaign so as to let you determine the ROI of your campaigns.

Question #3: How will you handle the updates to my website?

A perfectly optimized campaign is just half the battle with AdWords. A company is also in dire need of a website which is optimized for converting the traffic into leads. This comprises of making profitable adjustments to the website and creating landing pages in correspondence to the ads in the campaign. Make sure you’re clear about how these website updates are handled.

Question #4: What is the cost of your service and why?

Don’t ever opt for the lowest bidder as you should expect worthy results from professional services. Be willing to pay for expert services. The quote that you’re given by the consultant should be categorized into a list of features so that you have a clear idea of what you may expect in lieu of your fee. Also make sure their quote is based on their past performance and experience on similar assignments.

So, if you come across any shady AdWords professionals, be smart enough to spot them soon. Don’t hire someone before getting the desired answers to the above mentioned questions.

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