December 2017

EMV is the new tech for credit cards – All that you should know about it

It has already been 2 years when the entire nation shifted to EMV. Europay, MasterCard and Visa is what EMV stands for and it is nothing but a global standard for credit cards that are armed with computer chips and the tech that is leveraged to authenticate transactions via chip card. Due to the soaring data breaches and surging rates of credit card identity theft, the American card issuing companies have all shifted to this brand new technology to safeguard the customers and reduce fraud costs.

Such improved credit cards with EMV readers likes the ones offered by SumUp are being employed just to enhance the security of online payments and to make it tougher for the fraudsters to counterfeit cards. So, if you’re new to the idea of EMV chip cards, here are few doubts cleared for you.

EMV cards – How are they more secure than the swipe cards?

There is a small metallic square that you will find on the new cards and this is the computer chip. This chip is what sets apart this new technology behind cards. In the conventional swipe cards, the magnetic stripes contain data that remains unchanged. Anyone who accesses the data will gain the sensitive information which is necessary for making purchases. The swipe cards are the ultimate targets for the counterfeiters who convert card data that’s stolen to cash. EMV credit card technology will prohibit such data breaches and thereby help the card issuing company.

How are EMV cards supposed to be used during a purchase?

Just as magnetic swipe credit cards, EMV cards can be processed for making payments in 2 steps, via a card reader for credit card and transaction verification. These cards are read in a different manner and hence you won’t have to swipe it in any direction. Rather than going to a register and swipe a card, you will do what is called card dipping. Whenever the EMV card is dipped, the data flows via the chip of the card.

Is it needed to sign or enter the PIN for carrying out transactions for the card?

The answer to this is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. You’ll require one of the verification methods but it depends on the verification method which is tied to the EMV card. PIN and Chip cards operate like the similar checking account card which you were using for many years now. Whenever you enter the PIN, the PIN connects to the terminal of payment to the payment processor for approval and verification. So, it is most likely that you will require memorizing the new PINs everytime you use the card.

However, the chip and PIN cards have become the current norm in most of the countries which support this new technology called EMV. So, the consumers with chip and sign cards might see few new merchants who are not willing to process the cards, despite having an embedded chip. Despite the difficulties in such transactions, this change is definitely going to bring a positive change to the industry.

Packaging: What Proper Analysis Can Achieve

When you think of achieving success in a business, some of the first things that might pop into your mind are quality products and a successful marketing campaign to help exposure. Perhaps working hard to ensure that every single aspect of what your company does has quality assurance. How about its packaging? You could certainly be forgiven if you didn’t think too much about the packaging of your products, because at face value it’s just something to keep your products safe.

However, there can be so much more to the packaging industry than most of us realise. The way that this industry in particular can make waves and propel a business all the way to true success can be very surprising. The ones who tend to benefit the most are businesses which know that it takes a lot more effort to work on one’s packaging and brand than many believe.


Your brand represents your business, which is reflected by the packaging

While it certainly serves a very simple purpose, it can be amazing what a few creative ideas can do to really boost a company’s image or their product’s sales. For example, yours might be a business that concentrates on certain products such as hot sauce. While you might have seen many different bottles of hot sauce over the years, there is one particular product called the flash bang that is quite popular. What is different about this one is that the packaging makes it look like a flash bang; you even pull a pin in order to open it. People who enjoy hot sauce purchase this product for packaging alone. As a matter of fact many people who are entertained by the novelty of it do the same thing.


Creativity backed up by research and analysis

It isn’t enough that your business is capable of making creative forms of packaging. The packaging industry in general is often a sensitive one, where the slightest change can have a great deal of consequences. This is why some companies decide to opt for services that are dedicated to analysis of the past and current packaging market trends in order to come up with something that would work both today and in the foreseeable future.

When it comes to just about every industry, how a product is packaged can mean the difference between the product being purchased or overlooked. When so much depends on this particular aspect, it’s often best to leave the analysis to professionals capable of achieving fantastic results. These experts take their work very seriously, and they will cut no corners to come up with research and analysis that will allow your company’s brand to show its true colours.





How Democracy-Building Organizations Make a Difference

Non-government organizations, or NGOs, have relied on grant money to further their democracy-building activities for many years. Groups such as the National Endowment for Democracy and similar organizations have supplied a lot of the grant funding these NGOs need to continue their work. Democracy has been difficult for many countries to achieve, even with all the possibilities offered in modern society. When scholars, practitioners, and activists have the resources they need, there is much they can achieve.

Funding Political Parties

Many countries facing struggles reaching or maintaining democracy lack multiple political parties to give all of their citizens more influence in the legislative process. Starting new political parties often helps give the disenfranchised more of a voice in their government. With more opportunities for citizens to engage with politicians who are representing their interests, voters are more likely to participate in the political process.

Starting Trade Unions

For many countries, lack of organized labor that can bring about changes in working conditions negatively impacts workers’ ability to provide for their families and enjoy a good quality of life. Activists often note the irony of workers in many non-democratic companies producing goods that residents of democracies often take for granted. A union presence in many of these countries can pave the way for workers to enjoy fairer wages and a better quality of life.

Setting Up Business Organizations

National Endowment for Democracy business objectives and those of similar groups include initiatives to make it easier for poorer members of society to start businesses. Being able to start a business is often a lifesaver for citizens of undeveloped countries that offer few viable job opportunities. Businesses that women start also help increase the family income, allow widows or divorcees to support themselves, allow families to have fewer children who enjoy a better quality of life and help prevent teenage marriages that put new generations of young women in poverty.

Establishing a Free Press

One of the foundational parts of a democracy is having a free press, which helps support a free society. Many countries around the world do not totally support an independent media, which restricts the information that its citizens receive. Having an independent media that can accurately report on issues affecting a country’s government and its citizens makes a difference.

Why Diversity Matters


Freedom is a universal concept that transcends nationalities, religious and ethnic groups. Even though much of the funding for NGOs that support more democratic governments comes from the United States, it is not necessary to base every model on the US or any specific country. One of the biggest strengths of a democracy is its ability to adapt to local needs.

Transparency Always Matters

One of the biggest strengths that any group involved with democracy-building will have is transparency, bipartisan support when applicable, and accountability to the public. Any group entrusted with providing important grants should always be transparent in its dealings with others. When there is any degree of government funding involved, bipartisan support is essential to ensure continued success. A group should also treat itself as being accountable to the public by making records of its financial activities available to the public.

The work of democracy-building organizations has always been and continues to be important across the globe.

Reputation Management Companies and Why They Are Needed

The idea of PR is nothing new and wealthy individuals, public figures and celebrities have been using these kinds of services for many years to manage how they are perceived by the public. In the modern age however, reputation management companies are far more important than they have ever been and there is a wide range of individuals and businesses who are using their services to clean up their reputation online. The internet is relatively unpoliced which means that anything and everything can be put online about you, be it true or otherwise. These companies are greatly important and here are just a few reasons why people rely on them.

Guilt By Association

Many businesses will have various partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships which they’ll depend upon to further their business. When one of the parties is caught doing something unethical however, the internet will draw guilt by association, even if the business in question has done nothing wrong. In an instance like this, a reputation management company can work hard on erasing any connection between the two businesses so that an innocent business is not accused of things which they have nothing to do with.


If you have been accused of a crime and you are innocent, it is likely that once you have been accused at all, that your name and the connecting story can be easily found online. The negative is that even once innocence is proved, those accusatory stories will still be online. In order to fix this issue, you can contact a reputation management team who will put the wheels in motion to erase any evidence of this wrongful accusation. Having stories like this about you online can really damage your reputation and could even prevent you from getting jobs in the future.

Disgruntled Employee

In what seems like a daily occurrence, there are many disgruntled employees out there, or ex-employees, who have taken it upon themselves to besmirch the reputation of their employer. The way in which they do this is to leave terrible reviews and slanderous comments throughout the internet and social media, in an effort to damage business for their employer. Thankfully in cases like this, reputation management companies are on hand to undo the negative slander which this individual may have thrown at your business.

Reputation is Key

The biggest reason why reputation management companies are needed is because reputation, especially online, is more important than it has ever been, especially for businesses. There is so much fierce competition throughout most industries that it can be difficult to gain loyalty from customers and the best way to do so is through creating a trustworthy business and brand. Naturally if you have a poor online reputation, through no fault of your own, then you can end up losing the trust of these customers. Without reputation management companies, businesses will be susceptible to all form of online attacks.

Innovation Software Tools and How They Can Help Your Business To Grow

As a business owner it is vitally important that you are constantly looking for ways in which you can shape, improve and grow your business. One such way of doing this is through unlocking the ideas and the innovation which you already have within your work force. In order to promote and encourage this kind of innovation, there are a great many software solutions which will enable you to perfectly manage the ideas which come from within. If you are not yet convinced, here are just a few ways in which innovation software tools can greatly enhance your business.

Encourage Passion

It is highly unlikely that an employee will have a communication channel with you that will allow them to share any new ideas which they have about how the business should be run. For this reason, innovation management software is the perfect solution as all users of the software will have a platform where they can share ideas and innovative thoughts. As the owner you can review any new ideas daily and decide which ideas make the most sense. This opportunity for employees to join in with the running of the business can really help to feed their passion.

Problem Solving

If you are looking for ways to fix or solve  problem which the business has, you can put this problem to your work force through the software. The beauty of this kind of software is that you won’t just be putting out some kind of call to action, you can actually support the problem with graphs and specific details about where the problem lies. This is a great way of motivating innovation within your work force and you could find that the solution to the business problem comes from a source which you may not have been expecting.


Getting new ideas to market is often a slow process given the amount of meetings and fact finding which you must do beforehand. Using this software however flips that idea on its head and in a single day you can have all of the invested parties on board and discussing ways and means, though the software.

Best Practice Sharing

Businesses with multiple locations can easily share their best practices between all of your offices or locations through this smart software. Let’s say for example that you office in Bangkok has found a smart way of ordering that saves time and money, they can share this information, with supporting data, amongst the rest of your locations around the world, in a click of a button. It is always important that businesses are on the lookout for innovative ways of doing things be it on a local or global level and through the use of this software, you can do exactly that.

If you want to enhance and motivate innovative thinking within your business, share ideas quickly and ultimately manage the ideas coming from within, you need this software in your life.

What Can a Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer Do for You?

A personal bankruptcy lawyer is a legal expert who helps their clients through the process of bankruptcy. There are incredibly complex laws surrounding bankruptcy, which is why it is very difficult to arrange this without legal representation, although it is allowed. When you hire a lawyer, however, you will have a specialist who knows the local laws working on your side, filing all the relevant paperwork on time and in the right way, making sure you can benefit as much as possible.

What Is Bankruptcy?

The process of filing for bankruptcy is very complex. That said, it is still the best way to recover from getting into a situation of unmanageable finances. Different complex bankruptcy laws are in place, including stringent rules on how documents must be filed according to local and state laws. By enlisting the services of a personal lawyer, how knows the laws and bylaws, the filings can generally be set up properly, ensuring people can keep at least some assets and rebuild their credit rating in a way that is more likely to be in their favor.

In the United States, a Bankruptcy Code must be followed, which is relevant across the country. However, local bylaws and laws supplement the national Code. Different countries have their own laws, such as:

All of these laws set out the condition on which it is allowed for someone to file for bankruptcy, what they need to do about their outstanding debt, and what the consequences of bankruptcy are in relation to their credit rating and taxes. Additionally, it describes exactly how people’s assets have to be managed if their bankruptcy petition is accepted.

The Work of a Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy, or insolvency, is a legal announcement, which is why the courts have to manage it. A lawyer’s main responsibility will be to make sure their client’s needs and interests are safeguarded as much as possible. They are there to make sure the settlement will favor the client, rather than the creditors. They will fight the corner of their client, managing the relevant procedures and formalities, and appear in court on behalf of their client.

A personal bankruptcy lawyer has a lot of different responsibilities. One of the most important ones, however, is that of structuring the bankruptcy itself. There are usually many different ways in which this can be filed. For instance, they may liquidate their assets and thereby pay their bills, they may ask for their debt to be reorganized, they may have their debts combined, or they may ask for tax relief so that they can pay for their debts. The lawyer is there, as well, to educate the client on which options there are and which one is right for them, but also to give them advice on how to better manage their finances in the future so they can rebuild their lives.

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