January 2018

Why You Should Learn to Say No More Often

When it comes to being able to deliver projects on time and keep to pre-planned schedules, few skills are as important as time management. Regardless of whether you’re the CEO, a freelancer or an entry-level employee, being able to manage your time well can often be the difference between successful projects and unhappy clients.

One crucial aspect to effective time management is an ability to say ‘no’, whether that’s to family members, colleagues, clients or even your superiors. People who struggle with their time management are often those who say ‘yes’ too often, usually because they don’t want to turn down work or they’re eager to appear helpful and useful.

But saying ‘yes’ to anything requires a commitment – a responsibility to do what you said you would. This involves your time, focus and resources, and if you’re working to a tight schedule this can be difficult to deliver. If you want to be able to manage your time and projects more effectively, then you need to become comfortable with saying ‘no’, or at least saying ‘not at the moment’.

To get better at saying no, try pausing before you answer when someone makes a request. Whatever they’re asking you to do, take the time to consider how it will impact on your current schedule and responsibilities. If you feel you don’t have the time to fully commit, or you feel you won’t be able to do a good job, then communicate this to the person asking. Only say yes if you can truly commit your time and resources to the new task without affecting your current projects – not only will this make it easier to manage your time well, but it will show those asking things of you that you’re not the sort of person to agree if you can’t do the job to the best of your abilities. You’re showing that you respect them and your current projects enough to only agree when you can do the job well, and this will reflect well on you in the long run.

If time management is a problem for you, consider checking out this wonderful infographic from STL, showing you the most common time management mistakes and how you can avoid them in your own work.


How to Thrive In As an Expat – 3 Ways Sure to Help

As an expat living in a foreign country, it is crucial to understand the new culture of your adopted country while ensuring you don’t over stretch yourself. This will surely help you to finding the right balance adapting to the new environment and still being your real self.

Fitting to the new country has always been the major challenge expats used to have over the years. However, if you adopt the 3 following tips, you will not only enjoy your new country but you would even thrive!

  1. Learn the Language

There is no way you can run away from the cobweb of language barrier, whether you had the basic knowledge of the new language or you did not. It is must for you to channel some energy and time to learn the language as it will not only make you understand their values but also appreciate and respect them.  Of course, being a native English speaker does it good by helping you through your new non-English speaking environment. However, you will be better off if you can communicate in the local language as this will give you that edge as compared to the other expats in the country.

You will be highly appreciated for your effort in learning their language and you will be saved from their possible bad plots. Surely, language learning can really be a curse sometimes if you are a complete beginner but trust me; you will enjoy it well by attending few classes.  You are always free to choose your preferred method to get the basic knowledge of the language, improve on it and try becoming fluent. There are many ways way to do this, one of which is to watch videos course online.

  1. To Date Locally Using Tinder

Tinder still remains one of the best and most popular apps when it comes to meeting with people in your proximity. Therefore, as an expat you will not want to be left out of this fun of meeting new people being locals or the foreigners like yourself inhabiting your new environment.

Tinder is so great in that it is usually easy to operate, the app is designed for mobile users with a great layout and you can be sure that the clarity is good of a deal and it is a perfect fit when waiting for the bus. Guess what? You can even use Tinder at work if you have a VPN!

  1. Keep in Touch With Your Home Country

Being an expat does not make you a complete stranger to your home country and so, it is incumbent upon you to always stay in contact with your people at home because one day you will surely be going back there.

It is crucial also note that the new life in the new environment will surely take a toll on you in terms of how you see your home country now from the way it used to be before. Let it be said that your bi-cultural identity should not push you into rejecting the culture of your home country.

More importantly, never neglect staying in touch with friends and family in general, with the help of emails, WhatsApp, Skype and lots more; only then you will actualize this goal.


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