March 2019

Finding the right discrimination Lawyer

Today in this world, there are many people who are experiencing discrimination, despite what some might say. First of all know that discrimination can come in many forms, such as gender, race, religion, color, etc. Just because you are not facing color discrimination, doesn’t mean there are no such things.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are experiencing discrimination, a lawsuit might be in your best favor. You will need several things to find a good lawyer like Ravi Sattiraju who will help you out in the case of discrimination. There are many things that should be taken into consideration while you are looking for the best lawyer. Because finding the right lawyer is 90% of the struggle for winning your case. The rest 10% will be to tell the lawyer all the things that you know about the company or the person. Once you have done all of these things. You will surely get a lot of money in the claim once the case is finished.

Tip to find the right lawyer

Below are some of the tips you can make use of to find the right lawyer for your case.

  • Take a look at the education of the lawyer
  • Experience of the lawyer’s matter in all the cases. So, make sure you choose an experienced lawyer
  • Make a google search and check out the reviews and ratings of the same
  • See how they communicate, ask them a lot of questions, ask them any doubts or queries you have. Do not hesitate. You are paying them for the case. It is their duty to answer them all
  • Check their website, you will come to know about various things
  • Ask them if they are willing to take the case further in front of the jury if there is no settlement done. Although the settlement is seen in most cases it is always the best option to keep the path open.
  • Check the total amount of money they have claimed in discrimination cases. Ravi Sattiraju has claimed $2.8 Million in a single discrimination case. Therefore, you need to find such a lawyer that can claim a lot of your money
  • Ask your friends and family if they have been in any similar situation. Ask them about the lawyer they worked with.


These are some of the tips you should keep in mind while you are choosing a lawyer for a discrimination case. Once you have found the lawyer, make sure you tell them about every single little detail that you know. Tell them everything about how discrimination is seen and all the things that a company or the person did to you. In this way, you will get proper justice for what has happened to you.


Common Myths and Misunderstandings on Wills & Probate

Popular misconceptions of probate start with the fictional reading of the will to the gathered heirs after the funeral followed by a major feud. Let’s look at some of the common myths and misunderstandings on wills and probate.

I Don’t Need a Will

This is a common myth. If you’re over 18, you should have a will. The simplest wills state which people will get your stuff when you die. The will should name an executor to handle your estate. You could name a qualified family member or an attorney to handle your estate. If you think this doesn’t matter because all you have are debts, think of what happens when your family is besieged by debt collectors because you’re not paying your bills anymore. When you have a will that names someone to handle all of this, you’ve spared your family this unnecessary pain

Once You Write the Will, You’re Done

Any probate lawyer can tell you that old wills are a source of many legal fights. A common problem that invalidates the will is the addition of new heirs. The will written for a first marriage will be challenged by the spouse you married several years later. A will written to provide for minor children can be challenged by the adults. For example, your adult children may argue they should get a larger share because they cared for you in old age, and someone later diagnosed as special needs may need more than their siblings. Note that a will is not a power of attorney document. Everyone should have a medical power of attorney and financial power of attorney so that the people you want to make decisions for you when you’re incapacitated can do so. Your spouse will not automatically be able to handle medical decisions for you after a stroke or dementia diagnosis. Having to fight over who will be your guardian will drain your estate. It may also result in the courts appointing someone to make medical and financial decisions you don’t agree with, whether it is putting you in hospice when you’d rather fight for your life or paying for expensive experimental care when you’d rather be allowed to pass on peacefully.

My Will Already Covers Everything

A will may say that half of your money goes to your spouse with the rest going to your children. However, your beneficiary designations on financial accounts take precedence over your will. If you don’t update beneficiary designations after life changes like marriage, remarriage, divorce and the death of heirs, your bank accounts, your investment accounts like your IRA and life insurance could go to people you didn’t to get the money. This is why you must have a full estate Plam Then every legal document that needs to be updated is identified and changed while reflecting your overall plan

Someone Can Contest It at the Reading of the Will

Realistically, there isn’t a reading of the will to the heirs as one sees on TV. If someone doesn’t like the terms of your will or estate plan, complaining to your attorney is not enough to invalidate your will. They’d have to go to court and file the necessary paperwork. Legal fees are involved, as well. They’ll probably hire a probate lawyer, and the cost may end up coming out of your estate at the end. You can write a will so that it specifically excludes certain heirs, whether you want to deny any inheritance by illegitimate children or clearly state that one child will not be an heir to the estate. You can set up a trust that sets rules and restrictions on someone’s inheritance, such as requiring an heir to prove they are drug free and stay out of prison to inherit any money.

Creating a Trust Solves Everything

Many people create a trust to eliminate the need to go through the probate courts. This strategy often fails. A common mistake is setting up the trust and then failing to move assets into the trust. If you don’t title the house in the name of the trust, then the house has to go through probate. If you don’t add new assets to the trust, whether it is the second home you purchased or bank accounts you established years later, those assets must go through probate.

While we’ve addressed the most common myths and misconceptions about wills and probates, know that you should seek qualified legal advice if you have specific questions or problems.


How to Use Today’s Tech to Manage Employee Absences

Whether an employee has fallen ill or they’ve planned a family vacation, you can’t expect them to be in your office every weekday of the year. Absences are a normal part of the business world. Unfortunately, extended leave or abuse of a company’s paid leave policy can result in significant losses for your company. Thankfully, you can reduce your losses with an absence management software. Here’s how these tools will help you better manage your employees — and your budget.

Streamline Time-Off Requests

Submitting and approving time off requests can be a time-consuming process. Perhaps the biggest problem is that the onus for the request is largely placed on your human resources staff, rather than the employee. The employee simply submits a request to HR. HR must then go through their records to determine whether or not to approve the request based on the employee’s remaining allotted vacation time, other employee requests, and so on.


Finding and evaluating this information can be a major time waster. An absenteeism management software streamlines these efforts by automatically tracking vacations, sick leave, overtime, and more. Employees will see how much vacation time they have left when they log into their account and make a request, which can help reduce the number of unapproved requests.


An easy to navigate menu also makes it easier for HR to see who is taking time off (and when) to improve supervision and streamline the approvals process.

Eliminate Salary Errors

Absenteeism can also contribute to costly salary errors, such as mistakes that occur when the same data must be entered in multiple areas when preparing paychecks, or when an employee takes a sick day after using all of their sick leave hours but still gets paid for the missed time.


Software that is specifically designed to manage employee schedules and time off requests can be easily linked to your payroll platform. All information collected and stored by the scheduling program is automatically linked to payroll processing, ensuring that used vacation hours and unpaid time off are accurately processed.


This way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally paying an employee when they took what was supposed to be an unpaid absence.


Your human relations team already has several responsibilities that they need to worry about. Digging through records to determine if an employee has already used their paid vacation days for the year shouldn’t take them away from other tasks. By using HR software applications to manage your time-off portal, employees and management can avoid costly miscommunications.

Guide on How to Put Your Affairs in Order before Dying

Knowing that you have been given a death sentence by the doctor can be hard but you just have to take whatever life gives. Even if you die, you still have to think about other people whom you care about that will survive you. Putting all your affairs in order before you die can prevent complications and quarrelling in between family members.


Prepare a Will

It is essential that you write a will to dictate all your wishes. You can get an attorney to write the will or you can use a free will template. Movavi PDF Editor provides a free last will and testament template PDF which you can use to compose your will. In the last will and testament form, you can provide information about your name, address, executor’s name, and bequeathing of the inheritance. All the fields are fillable when you insert the cursor. You can also add e-signature that you have signed on your tablet.


Dictate the Beneficiaries

In the will, you can write down the name of the persons or charity organization that will receive your belongings. The will is not necessarily a document where you instruct how your money, assets, and estate will be divided. It can also used to give instruction on other things, for example, who you leave your cat to take care after you die, and who will be looking after your underage children.


Regularly Review Your Will and Beneficiaries Accounts

It is important to regularly review your will since you may change your mind every now then. If you change your mind, you can always ask the lawyer to edit it. All changes must comply with the local laws because they can be legally organized. You have to make sure your beneficiaries accounts are updated if you have life insurance and retirement accounts. The beneficiaries should be reviewed especially when the family situation changes. This is because the account transfer based on the beneficiary designations.


Compile All Necessary Paperwork

The next step is to compile all your paperwork such as insurance policies, property deeds, birth and marriage certificates, tax certificates, savings and investments statements, and etc. You should keep them in a single place like a drawer or file so that you can easily find them. It will be best if you can let your executor and your family members know where the paperwork and will is kept. If your will cannot be found, everyone will ignore your will.


Pay Off Your Unsecured Debt

You should do your best to clear up all your unsecured debts that are not tied to your property. Examples of unsecured debts are credit cards, and loans. If your unsecured debt is cleared, it will reduce the time it take for your beneficiaries receive the inheritance.


Assign a Finance Manager in the Event of Serious Illness

You can get help from someone if you’ve grown worser from your illness and cannot manage your money. The person should be someone whom you can trust in financial matters. The person can help you to obtain the money that is needed to perform chores like health treatments and paying bills.


Put Your Digital Assets in Order

Besides the physical assets, you also should put in order your digital assets. You will have to assign someone to take over your social media accounts, websites, blogs and other online activities after you have passed away. The person should be experienced in managing online assets.


Make Preparations for Your Funeral


The final arrangements involve making preparation for your funeral. You must determine how the funeral services will be paid for. Usually, people will use pay-on-death bank account to pay for funeral expenses. Instead of including it in the will, you can inform a friend or estate administrator. This is because the will is usually not read immediately.


Why we need Lean 2.0

The Lean Startup by Eric Ries and other such works provided a great playbook for the last wave of internet startups. They detailed a clear methodology that founders could follow when developing reasonably simple technologies to address consumer needs. We have therefore seen a whole generation of startups executed using this highly effective approach. The lean methodology made launching a startup relatively simple for even a novice because it was possible to follow a series of simple well defined steps from validating the idea to scaling up, and like a well formatted Excel workbook, it was easy to follow.

The startup scene went through a transformational shift during 2016. We saw a move away from these relatively simple consumer apps to more substantial technologies such as AI and machine learning. These demand a more complex set of relationships to get them to market, often involving universities, education and health services, corporates and regulatory bodies.

However, the processes for creating startups have not adapted to reflect this. Peter Thiel’s, Zero-to-one and Steve Case’s, The Third Wave, do a good job of describing the changes we are encountering but don’t give much guidance for creating startups in this environment. Both point to the idea that we will be using deeper technologies to solve big problems and therefore suggest that lean methodologies will are too incremental in approach to deliver the complexity required. However, this is of little help if you are talking to investors about getting funding for your big idea.

This year, 2017, will see the mass adoption of technologies such as AI, AR/VR, Robotics, Blockchain and Genomics. Startups leveraging such technologies will no longer be able to slavishly follow the lean methodology. It is simply not designed to accommodate complex partnerships and development cycles needed in the next phase. Firstly, I would predict that universities will play a greater role in conducting the pure research needed to get these technologies to a point where they are commercially viable. Therefore Lean 2.0 will need to accommodate partnerships in a way that the original Lean is unable to do.

I think the key to this next stage of internet development is ‘Startup Culture’ itself. We have seen how startup founders have an amazing capacity to move mountains when they set out to do so. They are also prepared to take risk in a way that cannot happen in the corporate environment. I therefore feel that any new methodology needs to promote this ‘can do’ execution oriented approach but apply it to commercialising the deep research coming out of the academic sector.

Europe and London in particular is well placed to lead this next wave. We have strong universities that well connected and close to a vibrant startup scene. We need to think more about how startups will develop in a more technology driven environment and make sure that Governments encourage the right approach. We also need to adapt our own methodologies so as not to lose the agility that we have built up over the last few years.




4 Important Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

Digital marketing is no longer the way of the future; it has been a key player in the marketing world for several years and will remain to be that way. If your company has not started to utilize digital marketing trends yet, it is about time to get started.


Every single day new technologies are being introduced to help a company market itself. In addition to common marketing techniques like SEO and social media posts, new and advanced digital marketing strategies are coming into play.


Wondering about the new strategies for this year? Here are 4 game-changing digital marketing trends of 2019 that your business should start using.


Artificial intelligence


Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “artificial intelligence” over and over, but do you actually know what it is? To put it simply, artificial intelligence is basically just rapid-fire data analysis performed by computers. One example of this new marketing technology is gathering data to figure out who your target audience is. This data could be collected from a variety or sources, including social media and review sites.


Smart speakers


We all know who Alexa is thanks to Amazon’s virtual assistant device that was released in 2014. Some people start and end their day by chatting to Alexa. Nobody realized the magnitude of the voice-activated smart speaker at the time, but businesses are starting to take more advantage of it. No, we don’t mean that businesses around the world are investing in the Alexa system.


But they optimizing their websites for voice searches so more and more consumers are investing in smart speakers. This means they are incorporated phrases within their website that are commonly used when asking Alexa a question. By doing this, there is a better chance that Alexa will answer with your company in mind.




Chatbots started becoming popular last year, but they have continued to gain traction in 2019. A chatbot is a computer program that is designed to converse with human users, usually over the internet. We’re not talking about an in-depth conversation here.


Chatbots are mostly used to answer customer questions that happen over and over, such as “where is your office located?”. Chatbots are typically used as a mode for customer service and answering questions that are likely to happen. Not many companies have investing in this digital marketing trend yet, but it is expected to grow over the next few years.


Marketing through local influencers


If you run a smaller business that caters mostly to people in your local area, this one’s for you. We have all heard of Instagram influencers in 2019, but there is also someone called a local influencer. It is not always possible to have a famous Instagram influencer or celebrity promote your product, so you should try to get a local influence to promote for you.


This does not just mean people located in your geographic area. It can also mean hiring an influencer who is specific to your market. You can find people like this by trolling social media platforms. Once you’ve figured out a few solid influencers specific to your business, send them a message to see if they’d be interested in taking a picture or writing a blog post about your product.






4 Services Offered by Reputation Management Services

In today’s day and age, it is easy to develop a poor reputation because of a few negative comments on Facebook and Instagram. This statement is even more true for all of the businesses of the world. It is crucial for a business to keep a sterling reputation in order to sell as many products as possible. Selling products means turning a profit, paying employees, and growing in the future.


With so much going on in terms of the online world, it is possible for an amazing reputation to turn into a sour one all in the blink of any eye. For this reason, it is a smart idea for business owners to looking into reputation management services. A reputation management service can work wonders for your company.


Not only will it keep your reputation sterling, but it can also help you in other ways. If you’re wondering what hiring a service like this can do for you, here are the 4 services offered by most reputation management services in 2019.


Content Development and Management


A huge aspect of gaining web traffic is by having content that your consumers and followers actually care about. Whether you make regular blog posts or not, content development and management is crucial. Not only is creating the actual content important, but you need to make sure it is placed in an organized way throughout your site.


Creating thought-provoking and well written content can drive necessary traffic to your website. Without people visiting your site, how do you expect to sell whatever products or services you’re offering? This all relates to search engine optimization, which we will touch on next.


Search Engine Optimization Services


Without investing in SEO, you can’t expect your website to ever appear high on search engines. Research has shown that consumers turn to search engines like Google when they are interested in making a purchase. The first hit that shows up on their search is often the company they choose to go with. If your website ranks on the 7th page – or even low on the first page – this will affect your business.


A reputation management company will help you with your SEO practices. According to, “If there is negative information about your business in search results, your online reputation management company can strategize ways to use truthful, positive content to detract from any negative content by pushing the bad stuff off the first few pages of search results.”


Social Media Management


Just like creating content and managing SEO, having a social media presence in 2019 is crucial. Promoting your product on your Facebook and Instagram pages is one of the easiest marketing techniques known to man, especially if you have lots of followers and friends. A rep management service can help you respond to comments and make frequent updates to your social media pages.


Customer Review Management


Poor reviews can be the end-all to a business. This is also true when your company has no reviews at all. A reputation management service will try to encourage your customers to leave reviews, hopefully positive ones! If a negative review is made online, the company will do whatever it can to resolve the situation and cater to the dissatisfied customer.





The Main Differences Between a Professional and Executive Resume Writing Service

Chances are you have written a professional resume at some point in your life. The term “professional” sounds fancy, but all it means is that you are applying for a position in which you have a few years of experience. These resumes are created to show that you are competent in the field and have some prior experience that is relevant to the job in question.


Writing an executive resume, on the other hand, is much more in depth. Those in need of an

executive resume writing service are applying for a high-paying position as an executive within a company. These people are prepared to run an entire organization; they have some additional skills and qualifications that a professional does not.


When looking into hiring a resume writing service, this is something you need to keep in mind. Do you need expert help for creating a professional resume, or are you seeking an executive position? Keep reading to learn about the main difference between profession and executive resume writing services.


A professional writing service will be significantly cheaper


This goes without saying, but a service providing professional resumes won’t cost you as much. This makes complete sense since an executive position is typically one that earns a 6-digit salary. A professional usually doesn’t earn that high of a salary from the get-go.


A professional resume is also much less in-depth and requires much less work to perfect. It uses standard formatting and should not take too long to complete for an expert. For these reasons, professional resume services tend to be much cheaper. Receiving help with your executive resume can cost anywhere between $400 to $600.


There will be a longer turnaround time for an executive resume


An executive resume requires more work, so obviously it will take a but more time to complete.

Most resume writing services will give you the exact amount of time required ahead of time, so look for this before investing. You also need to remember that the first draft probably won’t be the final one. Reputable companies like Employment Boost guarantee a 2-5 day turnaround for the first draft of your exec resume.


Exec services typically offer a 90-day guarantee (or at least the best ones do)


Depending on the company you choose and the package you purchase, you might be given a guarantee that you’ll actually land a job within 3 months. This 90-day guarantee ensures that the hefty payment is not all for naught. Professional resume writing services typically do not offer a money-back guarantee.


An executive service typically offers and all-in-one package


Not only will you receive several drafts of your executive resume, you’ll also receive other perks when you purchase the package. Here are the add-ons that are typically tagged on: interview coaching, complimentary cover letter, complimentary executive review, LinkedIn profile update, free thank you letter for potential employers.


Most executive services offer a variety of packages that can be specifically suited to your needs. You can browse around for different resume writing services, but one of the best in the biz with high success rates is Employment Boost.









3 Things to Know About a Web EDI Service

For those of you who are unfamiliar with web EDI, it is fairly simple. EDI stands for electronic data interchange. This basically means the exchanging of data and information between companies around the world.


This electronic exchange of data can be performed in several ways, and one of them is web EDI. Still not getting it? Here are a few basic facts about web EDI services that will help you get a clearer picture.


In layperson’s terms, what exactly is web EDI?


Web-based electronic data interchange is exactly as it sounds; it is the use of an EDI system that can be accessed through a web browser. Typically you are required to pay a monthly fee (sometimes annual) in order to access this EDI service. Using this type of EDI service is perfect for first-time users because it is extremely easy to figure out.


Unlike other EDI software and types of services, a web-based one is less expensive and less complex. If you want to start out slow to figure out the ropes of EDI, it makes sense to invest in web EDI. Most of these services allow you to cancel at anytime, so there is essentially no risk to trying it out.


What are the potential advantages?


As we mentioned before, EDI is the exchange of data electronically anywhere in the world. It requires no paper products, it is fast and efficient, and there is less chance of errors on your important company documents. EDI also allows your employees to be more productive throughout the workday; they won’t be focused on sending documents and updating spreadsheets.


With a web EDI service, you won’t be paying much and it can significantly reduce costs throughout the company. You’ll have real-time updates for all of your data and there is no label software required. This means that you won’t have the high upfront cost of installing a software throughout your company since it is completely based on the web.


Are there any negative drawbacks to web EDI?


Yes, there are a few things that make web EDI not for everyone. First and foremost, the security for web-based EDI isn’t as solid as software installation. You have to remember that all web activity is stored on servers other than your own outside of your safe and secure firewalls. Of course all of your data is encrypted, but this is still something to think about. If security is your first priority, a web-based system might not be for you.


Another potential drawback is scheduling. Since it is based on the web, you won’t have much control over when your documents are actually sent. To be more cost efficient, web EDI programs will batch of the data received from all subscribers to the service and send it out at certain times of the day.


The service sends based on their own time frame, but this is expected since a web EDI is much cheaper than installing your own software. If you want to be able to send your documents where you want when you want, you might need to dish out a bit more cash on a different type of service.

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