June 2019

Create A Great Team: Now It Is Time To Retain This Talent At Your Company

The goal of every business whether it is a small business or large corporation is that of creating a great team. This team can lead to years of success without worry but retaining this team is going to be a challenge. Professionals that are competent are approached more than ever with offers as LinkedIn is a hotbed of recruiters trying to place top talent with their clients. The ability to constantly be on top of the job market is also a challenge as employers have to constantly offer competitive wages and perks to match. The following are some tips that will help you retain your incredibly built team at your company.

Create A Comfortable Yet Productive Working Environment

A massage chair offering holistic massage or few in the break room can allow people to take breaks where they can truly relax at work. Snacks or coffee in the break room can allow people to congregate to communicate fostering a feeling of camaraderie. Cubicles are not the ideal working environment as many people feel cut off from the rest of the staff. Not only can this hurt morale but it can also hinder communication which is paramount in running any business effectively.

Work From Home Days Or Permanently

The ultimate perk for many people which will keep them with the company forever is allowing them to work from home permanently. This privilege should only go to those that are trusted and that have made it clear that their production will not be impacted negatively by working from home. In fact, some people are more productive due to the distractions that they might have in the office. Set production goals and if the quality of work continues to be high a person should be considered for this perk. Most people will forego a raise simply to have the freedom that working from home offers.

Teambuilding Trips

Teambuilding trips can make the staff feel more like family than coworkers which is important. If the staff loves working with those around them and consider them as friends it will make it more difficult to leave for another opportunity. Most people understand that working in an environment where you are doing something you like with people you also enjoy then this is hard to match. Take these trips whether they are to Mexico or camping as this can be seen as a nice vacation on the company which everyone will appreciate.

Offer An Industry Competitive Compensation

The one thing that some companies do not do which loses them valued employees is compensate them in a competitive manner to the industry. This can lead people to go to another job with the same title where they are making far more money. Take a look at what other companies are offering similar employees to see whether you should be giving a specific employee a raise. Employees are going to look at what the industry average is whether you like it or not, so give them nothing to complain about.

Take care of those employees that take care of your company. Retaining these employees can offer success for years to come!

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