July 2019

Contractors Mortgages explained.

A contractor mortgage is nowhere near as difficult to obtain nowadays, and actually now is different from a mainstream mortgage application purely in terms of how the lender assesses your eligibility for the mortgage. This additional consideration is purely because the underwriters for the lenders have to be certain you can afford the loan repayments on an ongoing basis,not just in the short term.

Across the UK, and across many different industries contract work is becoming more normal, and many of these jobs are being taken on a self-employed basis. This means the “employee” is being paid a daily rate, and being left wholly and independently responsible for their tax and national insurance payments.  The most common industries where this applies are traditionally IT, Telecoms, engineering and construction, although this list is growing more extensive annually as more and more companies employ their staff in this fashion.

Contractors Mortgages have been designed to help out those people who do not have a long track record or history, and are especially helpful to (as the name implies) those working on a contractor basis.

It works in such a manner that the lender will consider giving a good mortgage rate with consideration on records from the past year only, and not three years like the contractors mortgages of the past.

Special considerations are put forward when it comes to contractors mortgages, which make it easier for self-employed people to apply and be accepted. This type of loan is very popular, and many people are enjoying the benefits of a house purchased via a contractors mortgage.

Is it a good type of mortgage to have? Actually, the rates and terms offered no longer differ greatly from those available to people in more mainstream employment. This is because as demand for this type of loan increased, so did the options and offers available from the lender – the more demand there is for a service, the greater variation there will be in the offers to try to attract those in the marketplace.

Greater demand always leads to an improvement in standards and availability of choice, and that’s certainly been the case within the UK mortgage market over the past few years. Now, simply by providing a little extra information and meeting some fairly simple extra criteria, people employed on a day rate basis for just one year can get a favourable rate on a good mortgage product.

With the right advice, you can overcome any issues around your mortgage application and find the right mortgage that’s available at the best rate for you. There are lenders with whom some requirements are not always essential, such as monthly payslips for example, whilst other lenders will work on the value of the contract rather than your net profit, or even include salary and dividends together when calculating eligibility. Lenders have now realised that contractors can be safe borrowers with a stable income, they just had to change their criteria and become more open to accepting different types of proof of income. So, in summary, getting a mortgage is totally possible if you are a contractor, and what’s more, you can get that mortgage at a great rate from a great lender too.



Landlord Vs Tenant: Who’s Responsible for HVAC Maintenance?

If you’ve just started renting a new apartment unit, you may be excited to see that you have an HVAC system with central air and heating. With many tenants renting older buildings, HVAC systems aren’t always a guarantee when entering a rental property, especially with how popular radiator heat still is in many units across the country. That being said, if you are so lucky to have an HVAC system in your rental, you may be wondering who is responsible for its maintenance. If it was your home, the question would be easy to answer; however, in a rental situation, many other aspects of home maintenance fall on the landlord’s shoulders, and not the tenants’. Here are a few common distributions of responsibility you may agree to with your landlord when renting a unit with HVAC.

Tenant has full responsibility

While not an ideal way to handle HVAC if you’re a tenant, some landlords require tenants to take full responsibility for their HVAC system. The good news is that this is typically just annual maintenance inspections, and there are plenty of affordable HVAC specialists to service your HVAC. No matter where you are renting, you should always be able to find a reliable option to take a look at your HVAC. From HVAC and plumbing services in Ottsville, PA to bigger cities like Chicago and Los Angeles, you’ll be grateful that your service is high quality, even if you’d rather the landlord was footing the bill.

Tenant has limited responsibility

Another option to consider when determining whether the tenant or landlord is responsible for HVAC maintenance is a limited responsibility agreement. These types of agreements are great for tenants who are okay with the ideological idea of paying for a portion of the HVAC, but don’t want to get blindsided by unexpected expenses related to it. In a limited responsibility agreement, the tenant and landlord set a maximum amount that the tenant is expected to pay towards maintenance and repairs. Similar to your health insurance’s deductible, once you hit that amount, you are not responsible for expenses over that limit. Some landlords will even split the cost of the HVAC’s average lifespan into monthly costs and just include that as a portion of expenses the tenant needs to cover, similar to your water bill and other utilities.

Sharing responsibility

One way that you may agree to handle HVAC maintenance with your landlord is to split the responsibility. In some cases, this means that you will pay for annual maintenance as the tenant, but if anything needs to be replaced, your landlord will be responsible for it. This arrangement works well because as a tenant you still have the safety net of your landlord if anything catastrophic happens to the HVAC. Otherwise, you are only paying a slight annual amount in order to enjoy the benefits of central air in your apartment.

Obviously, you may have a preference as to which of these arrangements exists between you and your landlord. Because of that, it’s a great idea to start the discussion with your landlord before you sign your lease. Doing so during the tenant background check portion of the application process is a great time to go about having such a conversation since it shows the landlord that you are truly interested in renting from them. With a few common agreements in mind, you’ll be able to have a productive conversation and come to a solution that benefits both parties.

Once you come up with a compromise that works best for both you and your landlord, make sure that you sign a document which clearly articulates the agreement you have settled on. This will protect you and your landlord should there ever be any discrepancies or disputes about who owes who money following a repair.

SEO: A Simple Way to Make Online Marketing More Engaging

If you are looking for the best marketplace where almost all goods or services can be found, the Internet provides it all. By typing in exactly what you need, or even in the form of a query, the search engine can provide all the relevant results until you find the best site for what you need. This platform is seen as very beneficial for e-commerce since marketing is made easy for businesses.

But customers’ appreciation varies depending on the type of online marketing strategy used. An example of this is the pop-up online advertisements that some online users find annoying instead of inviting. It’s a good thing that other methods exist to drive potential customers to the site for sales, like search engine optimization or SEO. This concept has created a new avenue for e-commerce and internet marketing that is very valuable in creating and promoting websites. Although it may sound simple, SEO plays a vital role for businesses because it improves the internet-user experience and gives fair play in the search results.

Informative rather than promotional

One of the features that SEO provides is that it does not only promote a product or service, but it gives information before leading users to the website. The SEO content does not directly discuss what is being offered but instead expresses in an informative way such as giving tips, ideas, and facts to help users understand first what they need to know about the goods or services they want to use. The value that SEO provides creates a natural link to customers and businesses without the hustle and bustle of hard-core marketing.

Responsive to specific online searches

To optimize a website to rank higher and get more traffic from search engines, SEO should be responsive to a particular online search to affect the online visibility of a website. And since there are online standards to meet, local SEO services should preserve the highest quality of materials used to maintain the credibility of the businesses on the online platform. And since search engine tools are designed with natural-language search capabilities, all relevant results will be provided to the user that can lead to the exact website they are looking for.

Simple terms are used

Aside from being informative, the terms used in SEO are simplified to make them easier to understand by the users. With this kind of handling, people who search online tend to click results that are presented in a way that they do not need to search for the meaning of highly technical words used in an article.

Can be easily digested by users

Online materials are of high value when users can understand their content quickly, and that is what SEO is intended to serve. This simple yet straightforward method engages people to share the information making the users themselves part of the optimization process because they share the helpful websites with other people too.

SEO is about understanding what online users want to know or discover. And providing them with what they need is what makes SEO an effective online marketing strategy.

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/mac-book-seo-marketing-1481029/