Career Choices For Those Who Love Money

Whenever it comes to choosing a career, whether you are still in education or the time has come to switch careers, it is always best that you elect one which will play to your strengths and your passions. Today we are going to take a look at those who have a stern interest in the financial markets, the people like Steve Pybrum who can crunch numbers for fun and who wish to dedicate their career to making money for themselves and for others. A career in finance can be incredibly rewarding in all aspects, personally, professionally and of course, financially. If you are the type of person who loves the markets and the power of the dollar then here are some career choices which you should be considering.


Tax Accountant


Death and taxes are said to be the only certain things in life and as such, each and every individual and company needs to ensure that they are in line with the requirements from the I.R.S. As a tax accountant your responsibility will be to know the laws of taxation inside and out and provide support to individuals and businesses to not only ensure that they are paying what they should, but also to help them avoid paying what they shouldn’t




Finances is not something that comes easily to everyone and as such there is always a large demand for accountants, people to look after company or private accounts and ensure that a business or individual is handling their money in the right way. As an accountant you will need to stay abreast with the world of finance in order to best serve your clients.


Financial Advisor


A financial advisor plays a key role in supporting business and individuals on how to handle their money, where they should invest it, how they should save it and how they should best spend it. As a financial advisor there will be a great deal of responsibility on your shoulders and you will be measured heavily on your results. In order to best offer advice you will need to have confidence, skill and a deep knowledge of the movements within the financial world.




Traders are the ultimate money men, they invest on markets from the stock exchange to the energy sector, seeking to make big wins for themselves and their clients. Working as a trader you will be paid a strong salary and also make additional bonuses in commissions. Traders need to be able to predict which way the market is moving and have the strength in their convictions to advise their clients where and when to invest, and when to sell. Traders need to live and breath the financial markets and have a firm understanding on what can impact the market and how the market may shift based on particular events, privately, politically, economically and globally. You will be investing a great deal of other people’s money and you will need to avoid too many losses in order to succeed.